Download Taking Days on 1Gb Google Fiber?!?!

I installed Flight Sim 2020 on launch day. Downloaded installed in no time. The latest patch would not download for some strange reason. So, I uninstalled Flight SIm 2020. It has been downloading for literally 5 days and only at 45GB of 110GB. I am on 1Gb Google Fiber. I have 3TB of free space. I do have Obrix downloaded and installed multiple products. However, this is the only thing I have done to Flight Sim 2020.

What is going on that it is taking forever to download? This seems to be slower or as slow as 56K speeds or at least my first 768K DSL. There is nothing downloading in the background or anything running as far as killing the speed. I have ran SpeedTest and hitting 800Mb down. Has anyone see this?