Downloader/updater is capturing gamepad button-presses when downloading in background (opening browser tabs)

The Issue:
When the updater is downloading a large update in the background, it is still capturing gamepad inputs.
Pressing A twice in rapid succession while another application has the foreground will cause the updater to open a new browser tab for whatever link is present in the notes displayed in the updater. ( for example)

When running another game while waiting for the download, this can result in background browser tabs being opened repeatedly until memory is low/exhausted.

Steps to reproduce:
This behavior can be reproduced by launching the game and tapping A on the gamepad twice while the launcher is downloading an update with a link in the update notes. Tested with a Microsoft xbox 360 wired controller. If anyone has different results with other gamepads/controllers, go ahead and share what happens in your situation.

Expected Behavior:
Controller inputs should have no effect when the launcher/updater window does not have the foreground.

It’s nice to play other games while those huge updates slowly trickle down the line, and this flaw interferes with the capacity to do so. I’d expect the capability to open patch note links with the gamepad when the launcher is backgrounded/minimized is a feature with little utility or demand by comparison (Does anyone love this feature and use it intentionally? Feel free to add your feedback).

Attempts to solve:
I’ve had no luck finding settings in the game that correct this behavior… if anyone has a work-around I’d be glad to hear it, though suggestions to unplug the controller will be ignored for failure at reading comprehension.

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