Dreadful performance

What CPU are you using but that is likely the cause to the slow down on the ground even if it not above 50% usage see what core/thread is maxed out.

frame rate drop while landing

I often get a pause for ~1 second during landing. Feels like it’s going to crash, then continues as normal.

Asobo really needs to prioritize this and stop working on non-essential features like VR. I took a break for a week and came back. Performance is still absolutely awful. Stuttering like crazy on a high-end system. Might have to go back to Cyberpunk- it runs very smoothly.


I would imagine CDPR would be delighted to hear this at the moment given the reported issues, albeit admittedly mainly with the Console Versions.



I have made my thought’s known about my horrid experience with MSFS, not just the terrible performance but the purchase and download experience was one of the worst Ive ever had with any product. I have been a flight simmer for over 20 years. Flying mostly the best military aircraft available, but also other high end add ons. I have a very fluid virtually stutter free experience with P3D v5, X-Plane 11.5 and DCS all on med to high settings and with many addons. I have come to the realization that my aged system will never run MSFS without severe stutters and lags. They are so bad that I practically get sick trying to use the game. It doesnt matter what settings I use, low, high, 1080, 2k, 4k, data, no data etc. I cant question others who say they are having a fluid flight experience with MSFS, maybe their expectations are not as high as mine or their systems happen to be just the right setup by the luck of the draw, but I am really doubting that most people are having a fluid experience. Im also perplexed at how the devs seem to keep ignoring the elephant in the room continuing to release update after update with all these new “gaming” features while the game is not even playable for many of us. And some 3rd party devs are ignoring the other sims, racing frantically to get aircraft into MSFS. I get it… they think this will be the cash cow of the future. I truly hope that this game will develop into a sim with optimized great performance, thats what I was hoping, but Im not holding my breath. I dont make New Years Resolutions, but before the clock struck midnight on Dec 31, I deleted MSFS. Maybe I will try it again at some point. All the best in 2021!
(i76950x 4.3OC, 1080 8gb, 32gb ram, 1TB SSD, 30hz 4k)


I could not agree more!

And rest assured, it is not at all a problem of your aged system.
Even with my high-end rig I have the very same problems. Specs below.

This sim is an utter disaster!

Mainboard: ASUS Maximus X Hero Intel Z 370
CPU: Intel Core i7-8086K @ 4.0 GHz
Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3000
Graphics Card: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 10GB
Monitor ASUS PA 329 32" @ 4K
1 SSD Samsung 860 PRO 256 GB
1 SSD Samsung 860 PRO 4 TB
Windows 10 - 64 V. 2004

CH Pro combatstick, throttle and pedals


I get that even after upgrading CPU, I think this is what most ppl experience. It’s probably just loading the scenery at higher level including all the airport stuff. I don’t like it though, sometimes it can take longer.

I’ve generally taken glitches in my stride and tried to be positive. That’s since Alpha 1. But now I’m fuming and angry and have every right to be so.
i9 10850, RTX 3070, 32gb, 1tb ssd. Was getting 35-45 fps at EGLL on default Ultra settings. Butter smooth.
But yesterday it all changed (and no, NOTHING and I mean nothing changed on my rig). Now I’m lucky to get 10fps and it’s unplayable. I reinstalled (took 14 hours to download on a 1gb fiber connection) but still the same.
Hardware benchmarks are normal. Everything up-to-date. As I said, nothing changed on my side.
Reported it to Zendesk but with nearly 1,500 issues in this thread alone, what chance of getting any help?
MSFS is the epitome of a love hate relationship and for this still to be happening is inexcusable.
What angers me more is the hype by Asobo about their snow while core user problems like this go unaddressed. Shameful.
Thank you.


Weirdly today I started having terrible frame rate issues.
Literally spent 6 hours trying to get to the bottom of it but failed miserably.
Nothing changed between me going to bed last night and having smooth motion and this morning/ all day where using the exact same settings and aircraft resulted in an absolute slide show! (19FPS on VR and really stuttery)

Developer mode mostly reported RD thread as the limiting factor.

Really not happy about this, it’s not my configuration that changed in any way.

I have a relatively good system (i7 9700k @5Ghz, 32GB DDR4 @3k, M.2 & SSD, 3080 using an oculus CV1), I just don’t get the inconsistency in between sessions. It has to be something on the server side that affects the client at performance or that latest unwanted unneeded update?

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I reinstalled this thing 3 times (14 hours each time on a 1gb fiber connection but let’s ignore that for now!). Reinstalled W10 twice. Updated my BIOS once. The result:- 10fps and unflyable stutters with a 172 or 747. What more can I say except that, “You are not alone.”

Not disagreeing with you at all, but why do you think your performance changed? Something other than new Airac data in the update?

Sometimes I get 45ish fps at EGNM and at other times 29ish with the same settings. Maybe the issue is at my end? Asobo servers? Still can’t work it out really hence my interest in your comment :slightly_smiling_face:

For now, after a week of jumping through countless hoops and hours wasted, I’m up again and for now, OK. What worries me most is that I don’t know what went wrong. And the total absence of anything from ASOBO or MS to fix it or to help lower stress levels for their users.
Tomorrow, I have no idea if it will work and if my plan to make some videos, will come to anything. That is not a fair situation for users to be in.


Today FPS is back up in the 45-50 range after yesterday’s 19-25 in 1080p
I rolled back my driver to 457.30 and reset all option in the NCP to default!
Then I selected prefer max performance in power management and texture filtering to high performance gave me 5 extra FPS.

Speed and height I’ve populated areas make a difference in the stutters to me, also in the TBM 930 with the G3000 mod the amount of text displayed on the MFD will lose you >10 FPS! All the waypoints seem to be the killer there.
Disabling the PFD map insert can give me 3 FPS back

For VR I can now again get 30 FPS (solid) using 2.0 SS and asw clock 30.
33ms frame time is now very stable.

With regards to the larger stutters it’s the CoherentGT draw that is showing as the culprit in dev mode?
Edit 2:
Flight sim crashed with a faulting module name of CoherentUIGT.dll

So I googled the module name and found this https://coherent-labs.com/Documentation/cpp-gt/d9/df1/performance_guide.html

Way above my pay grade to understand this…

Normally a crash is the result of the Flightsimulator.exe

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the performance is pretty bad even with my latest pc build.
5600x + rtx3080 + 32G doesn’t even hold 60fps at 1080p@ultra, i suffered a weird fps drop when flying, anyone can check it for me? this is the video:
microsoft flight simulator 2020 weird fps drop with rtx 3080 + ryzen 5600x at 1080p

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EXACTLY my feelings.


I couldn’t agree more with everything being said. I have the exact same love/hate relationship with the sim. I haven’t been able to bring myself to fly consistently for months. Also disappointed in Asobo for continuing to release new features while so many of us are struggling.


@SPEEDBIRDlhr That’s exactly what I’m going through. When I installed it the first time after multiple attempts on the night of the release. It was working well. After the first update/patch was installed it was downhill from there. Gamers with higher hardware specifications are getting the same issue.

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Mainboard: Msi Pro Carbon Intel Z390
Power: Corsair AX 1200w
cooling: Corsair Hydro H150i PRO RGB 360mm
CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K @ 4.7 Turbo
Memory: 32GB Corsair vengeance LPX 3000mhz @xmp
Graphics Card: MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
Monitor: Asus predator 35" 2560x1080p 144hz
2x V- nand Samsung 970 evoPlus 500 Gb + 1tb storage
Windows 10 Pro 64Bit 20H2
500/500 internett

Stuttering, lag, pixelated clouds, slow ui, you name it! Dont know what to do anymore. Today ive reinstalled the sim and nvidia drivers but no improvement.
Right now, i`m lost! :frowning:
I have tried different settings to…
The last update killed my performance

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