Dreadful performance

To turn on FPS display in developer settings (Options → General → Developers → enable Developer mode → new menu bar appears → Options → Display FPS).
The horrible window that appears then shows you wish of the various different calculations and the GPU are taking up the time in each frame
If you search on this forum for the various words that appear like ‘limited by main thread’ you will find loads of advice on what those mean and how to tune your settings

OK, so experiment with your display settings. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to play in 4K with your setup, so 1920x1080 is sensible. Ultra is too high for your graphics card, I recommend searching the forum for the huge amount of advice on tuning so that you get to a playable compromise

That’s probably what you’re talking about…

What monitor are you using? That GPU is barely going to cut it and you should not be getting issues on the lowest settings.
The software is not well optimized atm and I’d imagine it will be worse on lower end hardware.

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On what type of drive do you have FS2020 installed. Might it be dedicated to just FS2020? What are your typical fps?

I have an 8700k with a 1080ti, 32gb ram (which the sim never fully-uses) and a SSD. I get decent performance until my settings go too high or I’m flying in a big addon airport or photogammetric area like London. Then I need to drop out of 4k and go to 1440. It’s a tradeoff I’m not thrilled about, but it is what it is.

My hope is that once I get a better GPU things will improve somewhat.

However, I have noticed some performance issues that I don’t think are related to the PC since the UK update. I suspect there’s some kind of glitch on the server side that’s causing random pauses and jitters. Not to be confused with stutters from scenery loading- that’s an issue too that’s gotten worse since the update as well imo.


I have a Ryzen 9 5900HS (Zephyrus G15 Laptop), which is one of the most powerful CPUs for Laptops on the market at the moment. MSFS still claims that the Game is Limited by it. The Task Manager and Amoury Crate show only 25-30 % CPU usage. Very strange

Does the BIOS on that laptop allow you to disable SMT? I got a noticeable FPS bump turning it off on the desktop 5900x. Flight Simulator isn’t utilizing all the cores on that processor, which is probably part of the reason you’re only seeing 25-30% usage.

No, that’s not possible. When I do a test flight over London, one core does all the jobs while the others are having a picknick at Hyde Park lol.


For some reason FPS has plummeted to 12-16 and stuttering like crazy, mainly during the approach phase. I can take off/cruise all fine at 25-35 FPS, but as soon as I commence descent it slows right down. Its only started doing this today, not flying in any new addon scenery either. Flying in India at the moment, on a world tour in the King Air. It’s really weird, never had this issue before. Just the normal “poor” performance from this thing, but this is a joke :rage:
RTX 3070
32GB Ram


Something to note, I started using AI Control to manage the radio. Today I turned that off, and my FPS issue has gone away. Steady 30-ish FPS in all phases of flight, interesting.

I’m thinking you’ll revisit this thread tomorrow with something like: “Scratch that, it’s happening again.”


That’s the general vibe of this sim :rofl:

I’m sorry to say I’m finally losing my patience with this sim. I have been very positive and supportive for the last 8 months but that is coming to an end. I have been around flight sims for 30 odd years so I’m well aware of the early growing pains but I’m losing my patience.

I was enjoying 60fps flight in almost all GA aircraft months ago and now many of those planes flying in the same areas have seen dramatic drops. I don’t even bother trying to fly tubes. My Steam play hours are twice that of my actual flight hours in game which shows I spend most of my time trying to get the sim to run properly instead of actually flying planes.

Now that DCS 2.7 update has dropped with those gorgeous clouds that I can fly through at 100+ FPS, why would I waste anymore time here? The wow of flying over my house is long gone.

I have a 2080ti, 9700k, 32g and an SSD. I know there are people now with higher end machines but most people have lower ones. I can’t imagine how they are enjoying this. I’m now considering changing my review on Steam from a positive to negative. Performance needs to be their top priority! I will no longer buy anything for this sim until performance improves dramatically and stays there for more then one patch. Instead due to the great work DCS have done with 2.7, I dropped 100 dollars on their products.



Completely agree with you!

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I have noticed that many reasons people seem to have vastly different performance issues is due to where they fly. I spent a good part of yesterday morning again trying to fix my fps issues. I re-installed the latest Nvidia driver, turned on GPU scheduling which I was advised needs to be on after the latest Win10 update. I thought I had fixed the problem. I was flying over Iceland getting a whopping 80fps. I was ecstatic! I then switched over to Niagara Falls Ontario and I dropped all the way to 30fps. This is a mostly rural area. I tried the mountains in Alaska and was getting a smooth 60-70 fps and then switched to a very similar mountainous environment in Vietnam and was back down to 30fps. All of this was while flying a bush plane with no glass panels. VERY frustrating.

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I have the same problem

Total Slideshow 3pfs at 4,500 43nm north of VYKU airport, if other people could see if they also have it please!

It manages to get even worse if you fly West of the ridge, also memory usage increases to over 23 gigs (Usual is 12gb or so), (8700K RTX 3090 32GB)

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I’ve been having issues since the last hotfix. Doesn’t matter if I am flying over New York City or Madagascar. I get stutters even in default planes like the SR22.

Before the hotfix it was fine.

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10 fps with a turboprop on Paris Airport, this game goes worse and worse. Becomes "Low fps and melted buildings simulator "