Dreamscenery / Illuminators Enhanced Lights Mod Packs

Has anyone tried any of their products? Seems like they could be pretty good for night lighting. Wondering if anyone has bought any of them and what they think.

Has anyone tried to mod the night lighting themselves? Easy, hard, or impossible to mod the night lighting due to encrypted files?? Would like to see about getting some updated night lighting if possible.

Thanks and happy flying!

Yes I bought about ten different ones from these guys all work great no conflicts on my end . Have been using them for months now . Great additions for the night !

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That’s great to hear, I think I’ll have to buy this one and check it out myself. Have you noticed any decrease to your FPS when installed?

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Yeah give it a shot and no I have not seen any decrease in FPS on my end 2070 super .


Awesome I also have a 2070S so should work great.

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Hi, does one of you have any idea who is behind “Dreamscenery”? Is there a website or other ways to contact them?


This thread may interest you. The manufacturer might be operating under different names, or white-labeling their products for resale.

Yes, thanks. I’ve already seen it, but unfortunately I couldn’t extract the appropriate answer to my question from it. :thinking:

Well, if you look up YouTube videos purporting to review some of their products, including this one - you find comments like this:

As a consumer, I would have to ask why is a manufacturer not using a consistent brand name? Which would lead to questions such as: Who would actually support me if I have a problem, and how could I contact them if I can’t even figure out who they are?

Just some considerations.


that is exactly my reasoning too. I’ll research more closely. thank you

I need your input on Dream Scenery’s Night Enhanced packages. Most of the reviews are only in single digits. I guess that indicates they aren’t very popular.

Thanks in advance.

yes when something gets 5 stars and 3 reviews I suspect they are from the developer his wife and brother in law. They are annoying in the sense that they flooded the marketplace and that isnt a good look


They make cities look like you see them in photos but it’s easy to forget those photos are almost always touched up to look more vibrant. In real life cities are pretty dark and dull and most people don’t really find that exciting so if you want your sim cities to look more like the movies than real life these add-ons will do that it looks like. Can’t speak to performance or anything cause I don’t have them but can’t see how they would affect FPS all that much


Those who purchase the content are the only ones who are allowed to rate the content in the marketplace, just like Amazon.com. If I go ahead and purchase all the night enhanced packages, it will cost me around $ 500. I wish the prices were a bit more reasonable, like $2.99 or $3.99, instead of $10.99.

I was looking at the night enhancements but wondering before I buy if they might look rather ‘over the top’ with too much lighting? Does anyone fly over some of the cities they have done at night? From videos of Los Angeles night arrivals I guess some cities do? What’s your views?

I went ahead and purchased a handful of them. They look vibrant and full of life from a distance. When you get close to the ground, you hear sirens and car alarms… I have NYC, Chicago, Washington, Toronto, Las Vegas and San Francisco. I won’t be purchasing anymore because they cost $10.99 each.

Here is Chicago

Do they look realistic in your opinion?

No they don’t look realistic. When I uninstall the content, cities like Chicago become too dark, that is also unrealistic. I think the developers should make the enhanced night packages slightly dimmer.


I agree, it seems to be all or nothing. Well, I’ve bit the bullet and bought Los Angeles. It’s no good me buying one of the British or European cities because we don’t have anywhere near as many lights in our cities as the big American cities like LA. So I thought I’d give just this one a go.
Well it is the city of Tinsel and Hollywood with “Lights, cameras and action”!!

One of my biggest gripes in MSFS is the traffic on the roads that don’t really show up at night like they do in XP11. That would really make the cities come to life, both at night and day times.


Does anybody know who Dreamscenery are? It shouldnt be this hard to find someone that publishs stuff on the xbox marketplace.

Thank you if you can help.