Drift to the Left

Anyone else have a problem with their planes drifting to the left when taking off down the runway? Happening on different planes, different airports, and in clear weather too. I have my game controller window open to monitor for involuntary inputs, but none can be seen. The tail does not seem to be showing rudders actuating either.

Once I’m in the air, it doesn’t seem to be affected anymore.

Hi, I had a similar problem, but all my aircraft were veering to the right instead of left, see All aircraft veer to right during taxiing, take-off and landing. I solved the problem by plugging in my rudder pedals straight into an USB port instead of my Thrustmaster TCA quadrant. However, after the recent update, this issue started again, and I could not fix it anymore by changing my rudder pedals into another USB port.

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This is the normal drift of a single engine aircraft on takeoff. It is the effect of the propeller when it spins. It calls Torque effect. Read: Left-Turning Tendencies Explained: Why Your Plane Pulls Left During Takeoff | Boldmethod

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Yeah it’s actually supposed to do that I think :smiley:

Thanks all. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed until recently.

I’m having this too but not only prop planes but also airliners… (787, a320, 737)

I’m using Alpha and Bravo controls with Logitech pro pedals, which I did give more dead zone incase there was drift in the pedals.

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This is right. But it seems largely overdone in MSFS2020. Furthermore it is also present with twin engine such as the BaronG58.

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