Drivable vehicles?

I searched the Internet for drivable vehicles for MSFS 2020 but I couldn’t find them. There are drivable vehicles for earlier versions of MSFS.

I would also like to have some, including ships as the coastlines and rivers are really beautiful in this sim.


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[Audi LMP-1 Ultra Car] at msfsadons Steers by rudder control.

I am sorry, but you missed the point here. MSFS stands for Microsoft FLIGHT Simualtor.


I’d quite like a driveable pushback truck so I can spend hours shunting airliners around, punctuated by endless cups of tea…


Tell that to the people who made vehicles and boats for FSX 14 years ago.


I’d quite like a rowing boat so I can go looking for Nessie on the Loch. An preferably a detachable sonar display which I can put on another monitor. Thankyou please.

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link? cant find

I just need a basic car mod, with semi-believable physics, for sightseeing and travelling from home to airport and vice-versa. Voted.


IKR! They need to get Farm Simulator😋

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It would be fun to fly into the city of your choice, pick up a courtesy car and tour the city on the ground. For now, you could take one of the smaller planes and taxi it around town :wink:

Over time when the close up graphics are improved I am pretty sure that other vehicles will be implemented…or a sister sim for ships, trains, offroad vehicles.

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Now that would be cool, flying over cities watching people play GTA 5

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Err…I’d give NY a miss…you’d be dodging trees growing and of the foot paths and roads…so don’t forget to take a chainsaw!

True and yet we have the sound of waves breaking on the beaches, birds singing, the sound of rivers and traffic, the sound of owls hooting at night. Clearly just flying was not the only thing the developers had in mind when they made FS.

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I need a scuba diving suit, so if i land my plane on the water i can dive in and enjoy the corals underneath the waves. But i think it would be nice to connect different sims into one sim so people with different intrests can enjoy in their own way, while we can turn off AI planes road vehicles, ships and leisure boats.


I tried your Audi, and it works great. The sim. however, needs some TLC at ground level for this to be enjoyable. It is like driving around in a post apocalyptic world.

Yeah, you can’t drive over or under bridges. Maybe it can be updated in the future.
I’d love to land on and fly under them anyway. :smiley: (in my more playful play-style of course)

I just discovered, you can fly under the bridges in Paris! Agree that cars are barely useable for now.