Drone camera rolls left very slowly left with no user input

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Look at drone camera, slowly, imperceptibly it rolls left. After 10 minutes a ridiculous level of roll (15 - 20 degrees?). I have a PS4 controller hooked up to fly the drone camera but it rolls even when I disconnect it. Sit in cockpit view for 10 minutes, swap to drone camera and it has rolled further in the meantime (no controller attached)
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Yes … I see the same thing.
This is new since SU 5.

I used the drone a LOT in the last year and this extreme roll is “not normal”.
It seems to happen even faster when you move the drone (fast).
Say then I take my drone from Honolulu airport and zipp down east along the coast … by the time I reach Makapu’u the drone flies like a drunken sailor :slight_smile: … rolled to the left … big time.

And even the roll reset is “funky” now. I need to reset multiple times to really get the angle back to zero. On the first reset it tends to overcompensate to the right.

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so THATS whats been going on with the drone cam. I swear I was going crazy resetting it thinking I must have been rotating it somehow.

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Yeah, this annoying bug is still there…

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Mine rolls either right or left slowly over time.

After a 90 minute flight


You just need to fly further - after a 5 hour flight it will have righted itself again?! :slight_smile:
I’ve checked and I have no axes assigned to roll drone camera on anything else. I’m using a PS4 controller to control that - using buttons for roll, not a joystick axis that could creep without a dead zone set.
I flew the sim earlier today after the latest hot fixes (VFR because flying a commercial jet is no longer viable now with the drip drip of graphics loading in like a water torture: barely ahead of the aircraft - in Alaska anyhow - even after all “fixes” and at FL130) and I couldn’t get the camera to lock at all. I don’t know if that is me not flying an A320 for a change, me fiddling with settings or that they have broken it completely.
When viewed from the drone if I did a 180 in the plane it ended moving from a view of the tail forwards; to it coming directly nose straight at me, the drone did not stay locked on to its relative position to the aircraft. I swapped lock setting repeatedly and it seemed to make no difference.
Or maybe I’m losing the lock, I mean plot??! :frowning:

Yes, It’s really annoying

It is annoying. However, I just reset the drone view back to default, or I could use the 7 and 9 key to straighten out the view.

But it should be not doing that.


I hope they fix this, it’s so annoying. Please all report on Zendesk for visibility.

I went through a whole load of key bindings a few months ago and I found multiple instances where default drone and slew bindings were duplicated.
The default mappings were literally all over the place and using the same keys as the defaults for other functions.

I basically unmapped everything related to drone and slew and then slowly built these up again.

No rotation observed. (Although rotation is very sensitive on an analogue axis stick)

I do not think that this bug is related to command bindings (even if they can be the source of similar effects), because …

when I reset the drone cam, so that it looks straight forward (lets call the the “zero” orientation), then it will not show any visible roll during the next minutes.

However, when I point the drone cam downwards or sidewards … so when I deviate away from the “zero” orientation … then I can watch how it slowly starts rolling.

I did not yet try to check if the speed at which it is rolling is somehow proportional to the amount of deviation from “zero”. I might play with that next time.

Are you stationary when doing this test? (Parked on apron)

No … I am flying on autopilot …

Just thinking out loud…

I’m wondering if camera views have a relationship with motion, vehicle/pilot orientation and/or location.

All the above might change when flying.

Maybe it has to do with the curvature of the earth… as you move it stays flat… :man_shrugging: I noticed it too after SU5. I assigned roll buttons on my one controller because of it


Just LOL’d thinking what a FlatEarther would think of your answer. They banned me from their site ages ago :rofl:


So I just left my H135 parked at the airport … and took the drone cam for a “roll” … and it is rolling once it is moving (x and z axis).

When I take it up into the sky (change y but maintain x and z) and then take it for a “crazy spin” around the y axis … then it also shows some roll error (always to the left). But my feeling is that the roll error is way bigger when the cam moves.

Adjustment for the earth curvature (as @Red4Pushback jokingly? suggested) actually was also on my mind yesterday, because that most likely does require some adjustment (matrix transform) to the camera. But that would not fit with the “spin around the y-axis” observation.

Another reason against earth curvature is that … if I level out (reset) the cams orientation, so that roll=zero and it is looking perfectly straight at the horizon, then the roll error seems to be gone (or so small that even 10 minutes of flight will not roll it noticeably)

However … I do feel that the more I point the drone cam downwards … the faster it rolls to the left.

Glad I found this topic, I’ve been noticing this too and it’s driving me crazy! Definitely new with SU5

As people have suggested I have tried looking for axes assigned elsewhere and there aren’t any.
I’m using a PC. A keyboard! A mouse. A Thrustmaster airbus joystick and throttle quadrant . AND a PS4 controller to fly the drone. I suspect that it doesn’t like that latter - what hardware are you using. Maybe MS don’t like the controller because it is from a Playstation competitor to Xbox :slight_smile: