Drone camera rolls left very slowly left with no user input

Cockpit view is definitely a different issue. This is specific to the drone camera.

Cant see any “Cam rolling” with a non connected xbox wireless gamepad.

Question – if I use my flight controls (hat switch on yoke) to control the view, how do I set the camera position without my flight controls? (Perhaps the recommendation is to use the mouse; does this behave the same as using the pan controls, or different? Should we test both?) Note my configuration uses pan up/down/left/right buttons, not axes like the Xbox controller, and I’ve had the drone roll bug for years. It’s never triggered before until after the first time I adjust the camera (which I’ve always done with the pan buttons, not the mouse) – so not moving the camera at all would not be expected to change the drone camera position. I don’t yet know whether moving with the mouse, but not the buttons, causes roll or not.

Ok, tested on the current (non-beta) release, can confirm bug with drone roll is still present when I leave spad.next disabled and no flight control input happens, only even plugging in the Alpha (for view controls in the sim only) after letting it run for a few minutes.

Fully on autopilot, with no flight control axis input at all, and drone position modified only with the pan buttons, the drone roll effect happens as expected. Couple degrees off after several minutes running.

As expected, no drone roll if the drone position is never modified.

If there is a specific reason to believe this bug was explicitly fixed in the beta I’d be happy to upgrade and test. Is it listed in the release notes?

I haven’t been looking for it specifically, but the last few times I used it after a long flight I can’t say I noticed it had tilted.

If you “reset” the drone cam … the bug will not show up.

The bug (always) requires that you point the drone cam (axis) either up or down. Depending on the deviation from the perfect level view axis you will either get a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Rotation speed seems related to the magnitude of the viewing angle.

Because of this visual feature it feels like a “classical” example of a 3D matrix “concatenation rounding error accumulation”

PS: And the bug only seems to affect the PC version.

PPS: If it is helpful for your tester I could try to find an old post somewhere in this thread where I tried to outline the “likely” mathematical cause of this bug


The thumb mini-axis on the X56 is bound to the cockpit & external freelook by default. Is is both easy to move by accident and (on my X56) very ‘noisy’ - it is constantly jittering and sending inputs even when not touched. To counter this you have to set a small dead zone (4% will do) in the sensitivity settings for both the axes otherwise the view will, as you say, slowly drift off from center.

Others also pointed out that they see strange drone cam behaviour.

However, this bug is not about such hardware issues.
This bug is about a pure software bug in the MSFS 3D view axis calculation code.


Yes, you will see I have posted above on this topic and am well aware it is not device-specific. My post was specifically a reply to @PrefacedCurve99 to offer them some assistance with their X56 issue.

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Thank you so much! I had it at 4% and increased the dead zone to 8%. I just flew for 1 hour with no drifting in POV.

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8% Offt. Noisy. I must say the X56 build quality leaves much to be desired. I’m getting ghost inputs off the throttle switches- not funny when that results in engines being turned off midair!

And drone camera roll is still very much a thing, regardless of what controllers or drivers I have in and running. Just in case anyone is wondering!

I’d like to add the following:
While it can roll out of alignment with no input, making pitch and yaw inputs to the drone (or dev) camera greatly increases the rate it goes out of alignment.

I know … I know … this bug has somehow become an obsession of mine.

I just watched the trailer for the “Local Legend #10” and I always check the level of the horizon … and beside two shots, which have a counter-clockwise tilt (at 01:05 and 01:30), almost all shots where I can see the horizon it is tiled clockwise. … which is what you get when the drone cam is pointed downwards.

I fear Asobo will have frozen any core developments (and possibly have for some time) as they work on msfs 2024. Our best hope is that the updated engine in that includes fixes for issues such as this. That is pure conjecture, but if they have been working on some kind of new engine I can see their view. Come on 2024!


How weird this HUGE issue in the game is not noticed that much or voted!

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You missed out a third group.

Those that see it but don’t care enough to let it either bother them, or vote. I see it as having the same level of impact as gyro drift. It’s inconvenient till I press “d”, or adjust it by hand.

Well, the gyro’s supposed to drift realistically. The drone camera’s not. :wink:

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Very true. :slight_smile:

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Looking at the 1.13.10 pre-release notes …


… it feels like our drone will roll on and on … until 2024?

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My drone still makes barrel rolls… it is very annoying.


I know … I know … nobody will be really surprised around here. But guess what:

SU13 still is doing that “roll thing”