Drone camera rolls left very slowly left with no user input

Place your bets for MSFS 2024 drone roll fix on initial release yes/no. :wink:

I’ll be happy if 2024 even has a semi-working Drone Camera on release !!

Placing bets on anything in 2024 is like playing the Lottery, the only difference being, at least with the Lottery, you know what to expect if you win.

MSFS 2024 is going to be WYSIWYG

or maybe more WYGIWAM

(What you get is what Asobo Makes)

There seems to be very little you, I or even the more respected 3PDs can do to shape that direction, so I see no point in even worrying about it till it releases, and we get to Rock & Roll with it !

Yeah I perplexed that this hasn’t been fixed yet, on the Xbox controller I have to click both shoulder buttons to reset it and even that doesn’t do a great job. Would really like this fixed.


I guess you are using the Xbox controller with your PC … correct?

I am asking because so far this bug was not present in the Xbox code.

Dear drone cam,

looking at the SU 14 beta notes …

… I sadly feel like fixing the countless bugs in the rendering engine will not be on the agenda.

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I switched to drone after parking up after a recent 90-minute flight to find it had fully inverted. I was quite impressed.

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