Drzewiecki just released Seattle Landmarks

Let me say this is a great improvement over the already great base scenery. It includes modelled and detailed space needle and downtown, the port cranes, the great wheel, the Kenmore Air harbor, fixed 520 and I-90 bridges, neighboring Bellevue and so much more.

A well worth investment for any PNW lover in my opinion.



I’ve got to stop spending money on these scenery upgrades! Right after I buy this one…


Here are some pictures. This is very well done and worth the money.

Sodo looks great. The modelled derricks are so much better than the photogrammetry ones.

More SODO with T-Mobile Park (Go Mariners!) and Century Link Field (Go Seahawks!)

Nice rendering of the waterfront, with ferries and the ferris wheel. Smith Tower looks great too!

Seattle Center is very well done. The elevators in the Space Needle move!

The radio towers look much better!

Lake Union looking towards the University Of Washington.

University of Washington Hospital and Husky Stadium (Go Dawgs!) and along with the 520 bridge.

Looking down 520 towards Bellevue. So nice to see the bridge modelled and above water!

Nice detail with the docks of the waterfront homes on Lake Washington showing up.

Downtown Bellevue, Bellevue Square and the downtown park.

Microsoft campus. Did Asobo model this? I can’t remember…

One more shot of the oldest part of campus.

Bellevue, Seattle skylines and the I-90 floating bridge (which is actually floating!)


Truly remarkable indeed. Nighttime scenery is also worth exploring.

this looks good - presume it should come onto the msfs marketplace?

Do you think this area will be enhanced with the upcoming North America update?

I don’t know, it’s always a possibility coming from Microsoft. If that’s not the case, then this is the treatment the region definitely deserves.

They said it’s coming to the MP after processing. I am definitely getting this one too as their Moscow and DC sceneries are the best on the market. Unlike that Mexico City low-res hackjob.

i wont buy from sim market as i found their customer service to be dreadful.
hopefully it will appear in the marketplace

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I’m just curious. Does anyone know if products get updated in the contents manager section regardless of the place of purchase?

No. External purchases go into the Community folder, which is up to you to maintain.

glad someone posted pictures because I did not see any in the market place. The DC one was great so I will get this one too.

Yeah, you won’t regret the purchase. It’s that good.

Just a heads up, DD is officially on Orbx! Yay! :wink:

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They even went ahead and finished the western portion of the 520 bridge project which IRL is still under construction!

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I cant believe with the usa update they forgot all about Renton, the taxiway from end of runway to the BOEING Bulding is missing , you have to taxi through the water , no murals on the doors and no Aircraft in the waiting Pen

Bought this and it only renders in when I’m really really close to it. Tried it with photogrammetry on and off and it still does it. I’m massively disappointed :frowning:

It sounds like some LOD changes in the patch are responsible for this. Assuming that is the case, hopefully Asobo will provide a hotfix.

can somebody do a comparison with the default photogrammetry

I was hoping the issues with this scenery would be resolved with the latest update but unfortunately, they remain. I hope this is going to be addressed soon. Starting to get to be a long time waiting for a fix.