Dual COMMs Support

EDIT: Microsoft has fixed this issue about 90-95%. There are still some stock airplanes whose radios do not work properly such as the C152. While the C152 can receive dual comms, it cannot only listen to COM1 or COM2. It’s like they’re both always on regardless of what the buttons indicate.

Currently, the radios don’t function properly in that there isn’t a way to monitor both COM1 and COM2 while on the PilotEdge live air traffic control network (X-Plane, FSX, FS2004 and P3D all work fine). This goes for G1000 aircraft, and airliners. A few of the steam gauge aircraft work, but you cannot transmit and receive simultaneously on separate radios. While the buttons exist on the cockpit panel, they don’t function correctly. This means there is no way to check an ATIS without asking to leave the frequency, nor can you monitor guard (121.5) while in flight.

It was actually functioning properly in several of the G1000 aircraft during one of the FS2020 silent updates about 5-6 weeks ago, but stopped working again soon after.

PilotEdge staff would be glad to work with you all on this issue.

I’d like this fixed too!


Yes please.


This is a requirement for anyone using the sim to practice real life pilot ops too, seems strange that it’s been overlooked!


The fact basic stuff like this doesn’t work is kind of… sad.


Hello Microsoft team, please get Pilotedge the help it needs. It’s my go to ATC especially since the build in one sucks.


This would be ideal to have two working radio systems!! Same goes for use on VATSIM and IVAO etc. Also is 8.33 KHz implemented natively?

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You bring up a good point about monitoring 121.5. I don’t think any crashes trigger the ELT. Having a functional ELT would allow organized (multiplayer?) search and rescue teams. Random failures can be enabled before each flight. But there is no way to contact ATC with a MAYDAY. These features are not needed in MSFS but they are necessary IRL when things break badly. (Fire engines are modeled in many of the larger airports. But if a plane crash lands or skids off the runway,is there a response from the fire department? No!)

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That’s a really important issue to be fixed!


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Please fix this bug. I am flabbergasted that this is not working.


I thought this does not work only for g1000, at least on Vatsim I recall using two radios, and monitoring the other on the 152.

I need to verify now when I get a chance on the computer.

PilotEdge has fully implemented the guard frequency. Have an emergency? Call ATC on guard. Lose radio range coverage? Call ATC on guard. It’s all available on the PilotEdge network.

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I would really like to see this fixed ASAP. While flying on the PE network it’s a total immersion killer to have to go look up the ATIS information by hand instead of just tuning COM2 to pickup the Arrival ATIS. Not to mention How easy it will be when flying through airspace with Bravos, Deltas, and Charlies all over the place. It would be a huge QOL improvement to have 3 other frequencies on standby.


This is a really basic functionality that exists in other sims, it would improve our experience as simmers from multiple angles. Please consider!


Agreed, thank you for the support!

VERY IMPORTANT to be able to monitor ATIS while remaining on RADAR frequency.

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Yes. This works in MSFS2020. For example the C152, you can press BOTH on the audio panel.

It does not work on the G1000 planes.

It works on several steam gauges, but that’s all. Needs to be fixed otherwise. Please up-vote this topic.

This is actually a simple logical issue.

The G1000 has no “BOTH” button, because it has separate MIC and audio buttons for both COM1 and COM2.

If you set COM_RECEIVE_BOTH via simconnect / fsuipc, the radios work fine in vPilot (vatsim) and likely PilotEdge client and IVAO equivalents too.

You can then just use the monitor buttons on the G1000 audio panel to select which radio to listen to (or both) and use the MIC buttons to select where you talk to (and of course the mic selector enables audio to that radio as well, so you cannot talk to COM1 and listen to COM2 or vice versa)

The G1000 should just enable the RECEIVE_BOTH simconnect variable when both audio buttons are active, so external apps that check it would be satisfied.

As an interim fix, when we wait on Asobo (and maybe if we can manage a patch to Working Title G1000) the pilot clients could implement this setting on their side, I think it should work.


i was wondering why i couldnt monitor ATIS. this really needs fixed!

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