Dumb question - what does "set elevator trim" command do?

Hi all, dumb question. I’ve got “elevator trim up” and “elevator trim down” mapped to joystick buttons. But I notice there is an assignable control “set elevator trim”. Any idea what this actually does? I was hoping (desperately) that it meant “set trim to whatever is needed to hold the current speed” - but it isn’t doing that at all. And pressing that button repeatedly, I don’t see the trim actually move at all.

Would be nice if these in-sim commands had simple text that said what they do.



p.s. here’s what I mean.

This might not be operating as intended at the moment, and I think is meant to be aircraft specific - but I believe you assume correctly that it should “set the trim to what is needed” judging by the simple “true” (1) or “false” (0) description of the command.

I’m not sure but could it be a trim axis? Like for a trim wheel?

“Set anything” under the bindings is to allow you to use the ‘+’ / ‘-’ method of adjustment.

An example would be as in FSX you could use the keyboard to change mixture on engine 2 only by…
press ‘m’ - press ‘2’ - press + or - as required to set the mixture. In your case, if you bind ‘t’ to the “set trim” command, you could then press ‘t’ - press + or - to adjust. Of course, for that to work you would also have to bind the “cockpit interaction - increase” and “cockpit interaction - decrease” to the + and minus keys first.

These settings are more used for interfacing custom cockpit controllers and are of less use for general control. They are especially handy when using rotary encoders.
I have mucked with some of them and the implementation is a bit hit and miss at this point. Maybe as the SDK moves forward more of them will become active or operate as expected.


Thank you very much! Still hoping for a “trim plane for current airspeed” option someday. In a real plane it’s easy, you turn the trim wheel until you don’t feel a pushing or pulling force on the yoke. Much harder in flight sims to guess…find out your wrong…guess again…


Solution: https://www.brunner-innovation.swiss/product/cls-e-ng-yoke/

If the price comes down by a factor of ten I’d be all over that. As it is, my suggestion of a “trim for current airspeed” command would seem to have a lot of utility for those without force feedback (which I assume is the vast majority)

But man that looks good!

I don’t understand sorry, although I admit the way they displayed the price in their site might be confusing to many.

This means 1,199.00 euros, which in US dollars should be somewhere around $2345. I am guessing you thought the price they were asking for was 119900 euros.