Dune Expansion Pack Announcement

With all the fuss and questions about „the new sequel MSFS 2024“ seems lime the Dune expansion pack announcement went unheard:



I saw it but was rather uninterested. I am more of an Aircraft Flight Simulation user than a Flight Simulator Gamer. This seems more aimed toward the Gamer club.


No official details on this expansion yet, apart from that video.

c’mon - it’s meant to be fun. That looks like fun to me. Lighten up fellers

it’s a trailer - the details will follow on in due time. Scheduled to release this year. Fun


It’s not fun. It’s supposed to be a simulator representing real flight. If you want fun, I suggest a different product.



And there’s always the issue of developer distraction. The more I see frivolous stuff like this, the more I understand why we still can’t get simple fixes like eliminating that infernal white cursor dot.


I was expecting this to be a surprise free ‘aircraft’ like the Halo one. Personally i have no interest in them. Realising it was a DLC along the lines of the Top Gun DLC had me pretty miffed.

The Top Gun one was decent but it had pretty plausible foundations. This is just fictitious Sci-Fi & personally, i feel like it’s a little bit of a waste for them to spend time on this instead of a different addon. I’m guessing Warner Bros threw some worthwhile money at Asobo & if that goes towards the sim then i guess it helps in the long run.

I just don’t see myself or anyone i know downloading this.


And they promised us seasons (with fall foliage) in September of 2020. Where is that? Instead we get movie advertisements disguised as gamerboy aircraft.


I don’t think anyone who doesn’t want to fly the Dune craft will be forced to so.


y’all are like ‘hey look at me - I’m outraged!!’

the sky isn’t falling though. This is MS/Asobo making use of their new sim / game engine - putting the profits through to the entire program. Just as it was meant to be.

This is an additional content - not a requirement. As to ‘developer distraction’ ?? sounds more like extrapolation to me. I expect a ton of new simulations to run on this essential MS/Asobo world model platform. Trains, Ships, Sci-Fi, you name it. Bring it on. It’s ok - none of it will kill you or Flight Sim. It’s all augmentation. Take a breath - get a grip


If it’s not fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Also, in that case I’d suggest a different hobby would be a better use of time and money.


With all due respect, who are you to determine what fun is and isn’t in the sim? This idea that MSFS should just be for real-world pilots who want to practice circuits at their locals is archaic — not to mention elitist — thinking. No one has a monopoly on ‘fun’ within the sim.

If you feel it’s not for you, don’t download it. But something’s gotta pay for all the updates we get and it doesn’t hurt to appeal to arcade gamers every now and then. Getting the MSFS message out there is far more important for the longevity of the sim than elitists decreeing that anyone considered below their intelligence/perception level shouldn’t be entitled to play.

For the record, I have no interest in this either — but I don’t reserve the right to speak for every other user…


I’m interested to see how much folding your wings in affects the flight model. With other things like this, eg osprey rotor tilt the transition is too abrupt but with this you’d expect it to be abrupt as it’s a quick change.


That thing looks like a Giant Mosquito Hawk with 4 wings instead of 2. In real life, I bet that thing would shake itself apart while desperately trying to flap its’ wings fast enough to actually fly ! It is cute though and there has to be someone that will actually like it.

no big loss there if you ask me. I’m not a complete purist and love ridiculous things like the Fantomas Citroen DS or the Scrapyard Monster, but developing Sci Fi stuff for MSFS? … that time could be better spent fixing something else like bringing some of the default aircraft up to snuff or give them some visual love with opening doors and windows and improved flight models …


Sure, but Warner Bros won’t pay them zillions for that which can then boost the overall sim dev programme…at least until MSFS 2024 rocks up…


This is a great way to get new simmers, some of those who will try it out, will be as hooked as we are!


yeah the money angle is valid of course. Well … guess I’ll simply ignore it then :grin:

I kinda like the movie tie ins, especially if they’re free with game pass. It gets people introduced to the sim, which can convert into people who switch over to more ‘traditional’ simmers.

Heck, my journey went from X-Box Fighter Jet pest to starting cold/dark and flying routes on private jets. Growing the community is good for the community.


From the Xbox Wire post:

Become a Dune Ornithopter Pilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Free Expansion Coming November 3

Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Steam, Cloud – Available for members of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

The planet of Arrakis comes to life in Microsoft Flight SimulatorDune Expansion! We are delighted to announce our partnership with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures to bring the renowned Dune film franchise to life in the Microsoft Flight Simulator – Dune Expansion .*See ‘Dune: Part Two’ only in theaters worldwide and experience Microsoft Flight Simulator – Dune Expansion on November 3, 2023.

We worked closely with the team at Legendary, Warner Bros., and a key member of the Dune design team to create an incredibly detailed Atreides Ornithopter. Every system and control of the cockpit has been authentically recreated and the unique aspects of the flight model have been captured. Master the complex controls of one of the most dynamic aircraft ever conceived as you pilot your ornithopter through awe-inspiring locations across the mysterious desert planet of Arrakis.

For more details about the Microsoft Flight SimulatorDune Expansion, tune into Xbox Games Showcase Extended, streaming live on official Xbox channels on June 13, 2023. For the latest information on the “Dune: Part Two”, please follow @dunemovie.