DX12 coming to game

Yesterdays ‘feedback snapshot’ released a bit info about upcoming changes to game, also shown there will be DirectX 12 implementing to game.


A careful read of the Sept 24 Development Update notice clearly states that a future itteration of the sim using the DX12 api is going to happen.

When it does [no timeline yet declared] it will represent a major upgrade to what is already [bugs aside] a wonderful and immersive product.

However beware:
To take advantage of all that future DX12 goodness, I would hold off on that - admittedly
tempting - 3080 GPU purchase for now.
Because, for sure, your’e going to need the extra 10GB of VRAM headroom that a yet to be released
3080 variant will have.

Unless, of course, you intend throwing a serious wad of cash at a 3090.


I wonder if that grainy reflection fix is tied to raytraced reflections coming with dx12 update…

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I hope they don’t limit it only for newest rtx cards because as the owner of gtx card, I want to have that reflection bug fixed as well.


So looking forward to this, DX12 is awesome when it comes to multi-threading, seeing as the CPU is currently the main bottleneck we should be seeing some serious performance improvement.

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It’s all but speculation, but it may come sooner than we think. Look at the development roadmap. I wonder what DR stands for - DirectX Rendering? :wink:
And it suggests some insider preview, so something insiders will have early access to? As rendering engine change is a major thing, I think this will need to be heavy tested, probably by some insider, early access version. Interesting, isn’t it?

I find it much more interesting that Patch 3 comes with the Japan update. Since the Japan update comes on 29.9., the patch also comes on 29.9. :+1:t2:


DR = Development Roadmap


Insider preview simply means you’ll have to login in to the site to view the full development roadmap update.

Yeah, that also bugged me. I thought Japan was already updated, but in the sim it didn’t seem so, nor exe file version got higher. It’s easy to miss this info that it will be out on the 29th.
Thanks for highlighting this :+1:

Yeah, that also makes sense :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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“In the future” :upside_down_face:

I’ll pull the trigger when the ti version is released. I’m running the 1080ti and at 6 years old this winter I’m flying the C-172 on Ultra and getting mid 20’s to mid 30’s on average. On high end setting I get a couple more FPS but I’m an eye candy man so Ultra wth my rig (i7 5930K) I’m happy but she’s starting to show her age. For other non-flight sim titles it’s still great.


In the future = give us about a year or two :slight_smile:


Why would you “for sure” need more than 10 GB of VRAM for DX12? Lots of DX12 games already out show that there’s no such need.
I’d hold off if planning to play at 4K or possibly 1440p ultrawide, but for 16:9 1440p (or lower) I wouldn’t expect issues.


Nothing new here, they already said multiple time that DX12 will be coming later.


Careful what you wish for, DX12 bring its own Pandora’s box of issues! Mostly around GPU memory management and driver related issues. Several AAA games (like Apex Legends, Battlefield, P3D) have their forums filled with many frustrated users with issues relating to DX12. But if anyone is well placed to make a good DX12 implementation, its Microsoft!


Yes you’re right, but I think it’s probably reassurance for some that it’s actually there in writing on the road map.

When, where, what improvements it will bring etc is all speculation for now but hopefully it will generate some positive support and discussion in the meantime👍

its one of the famous announcements of an announcement from asobo we’ve all come to know and love

the development roadmap is really just an advertising roadmap. there’s nothing about development in it. the new feedback snapshot tells us more.

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This sim is hardly gpu bound, to sum it up its the latency penalty between rendering and computation which slows this sim down. DirectX 12 will add more performance penalties to the already crummy code.