Dynamic head movement replacement

Hello, is there a way to eliminate the dynamic head movement in the cockpit?
Tryed to set zero value in flightisim.cfg and it doesn’t work.

Any solution is much appreciated.


Try this: go to options, general, camera, scroll down and turn CAMERA SHAKE to OFF

The Camera Shake option minimizes it, but does not completely eliminate it …
More info: Head bobbing
and: Completely turn off camera shake for better mouse operations

Thank you very much guys!!

Unfortunately, it does not turn completly off the camara shake. Still impossible to do a realistic flight…

Out of curiosity, what do you think happens to your viewpoint in a real plane when it bucks or experiences turbulence?

I give you that one. Except that real plane does not suffer from turbulence every time. In fact, most of the time, they’re very stable as they are designed to, and if you encounter turbulence, your whole body is moving. So, as a reflex, you move according to that shake and still manage to interact with the systems. Of course, you may miss a knob once… But when you grabbed it, you just use it whatever the shakes. Here, you can’t. The mouse pointer is not your hand, and the the viewpoint is not your body.
For example, such a feature does not exist in professional simulators. When it comes to turbulence, then the full flight simulators are used…
Anyway, from my point of you, everybody could be happy there. The most complicated job has been done by creating random shakes and a head bobbing. There just should be a way to turn that off for a fixed viewpoint and shakes relative to the wind and not auto-generated. This would be perfect for those who like the game and those who want a proper simulator.