Edinburgh EGPH released

My local airport Edinburgh has just been released. My first airport from Pyreegue Dev Co. and really impressed with what they have delivered. Even better than the original Orbx release for XP11. Superb detailing. Available on Orbxdirect and Simmarket at the moment.


Hopefully it come to the marketplace which I’m sure it will. Looks too good not to buy!

Looks really great but the price is a bit steep for just and airport as no city landmarks are included it seems. My preferred limit is about 15 euro for an airport so I’ll wait for the when it’s on sale.

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Oh this is awesome! Pyreegue Dev Co is one of my favourite devs, their Ukrainian airport’s are great, Lviv is one of my favourites among all third-party airport’s! So if this one is as good, which it seems, then it’s definitely a must buy!

Got to say I’ve been waiting for a good EGPH… And after FilbertFlies review, I immediately went to buy it! Must say - the price I agree, a little steep, but…I know I’ll have many takeoffs and landings here so decided to just go for it!

It looks amazing, not just the terminals / taxiways, but also the control tower and all land-side areas. The main entrance to the terminal is awesome, and I love how they’ve modelled things like the multi-story car park even! So nice to see no blurry satellite ground images, but sharp and crisp roads and textures there. Even the internal modelling is good - had to laugh when I found a “Fat Face” store in there … showed a screenshot to my neighbour who works for them in their offices and she thought it was hilarious :laughing:

All in all a great little addon. Yes, steep in price so if you have the patience to wait for a sale, then all power to you. But even if not, I highly recommend it :slight_smile:


Just a quick update to this, she shared it on the internal company website and the company’s CEO and CFO saw it and loved it :rofl:


I’m surprised this release hasn’t had significantly more love on here to be honest, unless there is another thread I’ve missed somehow.

FWIW this has recently had an update to take it from the brilliant to the absolutely phenomenal.

If you haven’t got it and want something that is of the very best quality, matched by only a couple of other producers (pilot plus for example) then I can very highly recommend it.

There are a few add-ons out there that define just what being 10/10 is, and this is right up there with the best. My cr@ppy screenshot doesn’t begin to do it justice but shows two of the additions from the update, 3D scanned people and rain on the terminal windows. Properly good stuff!


I totally agree! For me it was almost perfect, but with the update that adds people inside the terminal, that makes it perfect to me! I also know some people will be very happy with the option to turn static planes on and off (personally I always keep them enabled).

I have a lot of third-party airport’s and I can confidently say that this one is the best out there. It will be my benchmark towards other products for sure. The attention to details is amazing and the quality is there all around the airport.

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Yup, the new update last night is superb. Not just because it is my local airport but this is genuinely one of my favourite airports in MSFS if not my favourite. Superb attention to detail.

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Funnily enough I was in the middle of making my own mod for the Orbix Edinburgh scenery that adds people to it. I totally agree that its a fantastically well done airport. Top marks to Orbix.

My mod adds a lot more people than this update does, including people outside the airport and in the control tower. I can still finish this mod off and release it if people might be interested in it?

BTW. I’m the creator of the Edinburgh photogrammetry scenery thats avialble at flightsim.to. I don’t know if anyone here uses it but I’ve got an update to it in the works, two updates actually. The first is just a new version of the current mod but with better working night lighting and traffic on the roads.

The second update is a whole new photogrammetry scenery pack which is all of Edinburgh, including Portobello all the way over to Corstorphine and it also includes all of Leith. Edinburgh zoo even has animated animals. The scenery is actually already created and looks amazing in the sim but it needs to go through Blender and be optimised, which is a pretty time consuming procedure. I’ll hopefully get it all done in the coming weeks though.


Looks great!! Will that be compatible with this official update? I’m pretty sure I’ve got (or had) your photogrammetry installed.

I’ll definitely look out for the new version of it!

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I’ll need to edit it a bit but it should be compatible. I just really created it for my own amusement because it frustrated me that such a great looking airport was devoid of life.

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Certainly interested in the revamped Edinburgh city. Would be good to see something that adds in what Asobo missed with the UK update. Might be worth waiting to see what Orbx UK North is like first though.
Also this airport was developed by Pyreegue Dev and not Orbx.

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Hopefully this will be made available for the Xbox as this is my local airport and it looks great.

Mobias, your work is worth it even if all it does is keep Edinburgh Castle on a solid foundation!!!


Hi there… Just wondering if these people are in the actual scenery or if you’ve added them? I have the Pyreegue Edinburgh scenery from OrbxDirect, it’s up to date (v1.1.1) and I don’t have any people…

Everything else seems OK just not these things… Any ideas?

They’re part of the scenery.

I don’t know what to suggest. Maybe it’s down to your graphics settings? :man_shrugging:t3:

Hi. Just installed the Orbx Edinburgh airport addon. Not too impressed so far.

Look at the screenshot I’ve attached. The screenshot is from MSFS running on my pc - you’ll notice the control tower is decidedly wonky - it seems that the Orbx tower is in the right place, but sitting a good bit below where it should be. I’m unsure what is causing this, could it maybe just be a graphics issue?

Looks like two sceneries conflicting, have you got a freeware Edinburgh airport installed as well?

I’m pretty sure not. I’ve been through all files in the MSFS folder but can’t see anything connected to Edinburgh. That said, I have to agree that it does look like a scenery conflict. I’ll keep poking around.