EGKK to EGCC - January 13, 2021 - NO CTD AGAIN!

Rainy and “bad” weather but beautiful color glow!

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Your title is confusing. I’m assuming you’re declaring victory over the dreaded, three-headed, CTD monster?

If so, that is great news! It sounds like you were getting CTDs before, so what did you do to get rid of them? We all want to know!!


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Please see my earlier post:

The only time this didn’t work for me was when I put Gatwick and Manchester custome airports into the COMMUNITY folder.

Since then i disabled some more things in my BIOS. Here’s the thing: I’m still getting great FPS performance!

Here are the things that I disabled in the bios since then:



  • Plus some other things that I can put here after I get back to my office.

Generally speaking, though, it’s making sure that you’re not overclocking and that these extra goodies that are typically found in high-end motherboards are disabled.

Anyway, that’s my two cents.

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In another thread, a simmer posted about working with Microsoft on a CTD problem, and after troubleshooting a while, they discovered that his crashes correlated with a portable heater turning on. It was on the same circuit as his flight computer, and after he unplugged it, he no longer got CTDs.

If you read many threads on CTDs, you see a lot of complaints about the sim running consistently for some period of time, then crashing. You see a lot of people claiming they don’t use overclocking, but when you get their motherboard specs, you see everyone buying these MBs that are designed specifically to support overclocking. And a lot of those boards with default settings automatically overclock memory and the CPU.

Why did this last update start causing all these CTDs? My theory is it added extra graphics features (VR, snow, glass cockpit optimizations, etc.), AND it came out as winter weather hit everyone. The combination of higher graphics, CPU, and memory load, plus the noisy power from portable heaters or central heat systems coming on creates the occasional equivalent of a system overclocked to the point of instability.

And I also believe in alien abductions and UFOs.

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