EGLL London Heathrow

Inibuilds have released what I think is a very good version of London Heathrow EGLL for MSFS. The night lighting could use some improvement, the stand guidance systems is in beta but works (from 13-3-22 onwards) and land side they have used satelite ground textures that can sometimes look a bit out of place. There is no internal terminal modelling either but this is a large scenery and performance has been prioritised over things like internal modelling.

The scenery airside looks really good though. There is plenty of clutter, over 10,000 car models, the aprons look very well used with random dirt and grime on them and accurate ground markings, the buildings are detailed enough to give a really good impression of the airport without sacrificing performance and PBR texturing is used too.

There are some reviews on YouTube and all the ones I have seen agree that this is the best version of EGLL available to date including the Asobo hand crafted version so worth checking out. Over time they will make improvement to the scenery too and are already responding to some of the cons raised by the community. If you like it, decide to buy it and have the Asobo hand crafted version, that will need to be disabled.

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Looking forward to seeing that. I must say I do not want internal stuff killing my computer, I only push back and fly then taxi in. So only need outside to look right.



Agreed. I purchased this and overall it looks really pretty good. Definitely needs some work on the night lighting but otherwise ok outside. Not that interested in inside modeling myself.

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I think internal modelling can be good if you can see it from the outside but things like shop fronts can just as easily be done with a simple texture on the inside of a flat surface rather than 3D modelling them. Its nice to have the modelled interiors on smaller airports I guess where resources allow but to be honest I tend to look around the terminals when I first get airports then never bother again. So yes, not sure that interior modelling is necessary or even a good idea on big airports if our limited rendering resources can be better used rendering external features.

As long as Ground doesn’t send a landing aircraft to “Gate T2” I’m happy to buy this! :slight_smile:

This airport was updated over the weekend and now includes a new Beta for the parking guidance system. Works with smaller planes such as the C172 as well as the big stuff.

What does the night lighting look like now around T5? Also pretty intrigued about the colour of lighting used at T4

Its emissive textures so its ok-ish, better than the dark building we had in the first issue. Nothing is going to do justice to T5 though in a simulator, not with current technology and hardware. Just look at what we get in PG with all glass sky scrapers in New York at night, not a patch on the real thing really.

How does it works or how can I check it. Today i departed from London ornit is just for arrivals? I installed the extra file.

Its only for arrivals as its an automated parking system. When you taxi to a gate having landed it should detect your approach automatically. Not sure if you can just taxi away then come back to test it, not sure what events trigger it, worth a go though perhaps.

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Thanks. Will try it tomorrow with a short flight.

Tried it today and must admire I see ni difference. Landed at Egll and habe to ask atc for a gate. Got it and the way, I am at the gate.

What should normally happen?

You should see rectangular displays at all the parking slots which light up identifying the aircraft and showing a distance to the parking spot.

You did download and install the latest version of the airport including the VDGS add=on I assume? If you did go to the inibuilds forum and ask for support.

Yeah downloaded and installed. Thanks for the information.

Works, thanks again.

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I downloaded and installed yesterday. But I have a problem with trees growing on the runway (9L). Any clues to why?

Best regards Jan

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Do you have Bing data enabled? It needs to be on.

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Anyone having issues with 09L ILS?

There certainly was an issue with the ILS not working for 09L/R, haven’t checked for a little while to see whether it’s been fixed but last time I tried to fly in on 09L there was no ILS

I have this scenery and have landed on 09L using ILS, no problem at all… That said, I do have Navigraph data installed, so maybe that makes the difference?