[Eindhoven Airport] includes Custom buildings || Version 0.5 is now available (16-10-2020)

Eindhoven Airport is now available for everyone to download!

While the plan was to finish the whole airport first and offer it as Payware using the marketplace for around €4,99
Unfortunately my license for 3ds Max expired, and as those are rather expensive I’m currently saving up.

So not to hook you all up with my problems, I still want to give you guys Eindhoven Airport as freeware version, though any donations are greatly appreciated and will be used towards a new 3ds Max Indie license!


  • This zip contains 2 folders, both are needed for this Airport.

  • Make sure to delete other EHEH / Eindhoven Airport folders from your Community folder as this could cause issues (sorry to the other developers!)

  • Eindhoven Airport currently includes arrival procedure for ILS 03 and 21 using both IPTAS and SOPVI as arrival route.

  • Custom buildings are used, I’ve spent a lot of hours on creating these buildings from scratch to make them look as close to the real buildings as possible.
    Please do not reuse or distribute these custom buildings in other packages or other forms.

  • Pictures of the airport filled with real airliners are made within the SDK, the actual gameplay experience will not have these (sorry)

  • There is still a lot of work to do, I’m well aware and will work on this whenever I have time.
    Do feel free to let me know if there is something missing however. (i’m aware of missing apron bits and lines as well as the taxi signs)

  • There is an apron texture issue at the start of runway 03, will fix that soon!


Current version: 28-09-2020, version 0.4

Previous version 23-09-2020, version 0.3

  • donation button has been removed by request of the mod team, download and donation button can still be found on Flightsim.to.



thx Mitchell :heart_eyes:

i would like to understand why u did not put the navdata under the airport folder, why does that has to be in a seperate folder under /community/ ?

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Thank you sir! people like you make this community great! I hope you can get the money you need. Meanwhile, let me recommend you with all my soul, give Blender a try.

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The navdata had to be outside of the data, which is fine, but when i made any changes to the scene (add new apron or scenery etc) it removed the data outside of
so to make it easy it easy I split it and saved it separately.

In addition, there are ways to still save it outside of (manually adding it again after you save it) but it seemed to cause some ATC issues where it didn’t recognize ILS as approach and always mentioned “cleared for visual approach”

so having it split into 2 packages worked for now :slight_smile:
I’m sure there is a way to create a separate file in the main package, but haven’t looked into that part

I’ve been working with 3ds max for over 9 years, so to me this is the easiest and best tool to use :slight_smile:
I don’t have any experience in Blender and don’t feel like doing the steep learning curve if I already have the knowledge for 3ds max, sorry! :blush:

Sure! np, sorry for intruding. Both programs are completely different worlds.
I tried to learn Gmax weeks ago, its the free and old version of Max, it was a pain for me and I ended up learning just what I needed to accomplish the task. I understand you.
Thanks again!

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No worries!
I think Gmax is at least 15 years old by now, it’s probably not really comparable to the current 3ds max version, but its definitely a steep learning curve.

Enjoy the Airport!

Wow, nice work, :slight_smile: thank u very much that u makes something like this for our Community

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Looks awesome! Lets hope you do the same with our other airports that look auto generated. cough Teuge… cough :upside_down_face:

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where will we find any updates ?

I think your work is really great, really great work, I donated a little something for your efforts for our community , it’s not much ( Take a look in your paypal ) - but small animals also make ■■■■ and hope you can quickly get the money together to buy the program and more To design the content for us, best regards Mitchell :slight_smile: and thanks for EHEH :slight_smile: derDonX

That’s really kind of you, thank you very much, I appreciate it!!
Even if I won’t be able to get the full amount, I will eventually have to buy it as I don’t want to abandon the project and keep everyone updated with the military zone as well as look into LOD systems for the lower end computers!

(i’ve got names disabled as those fill up my screen pretty much, too bad I’m not seeing you in the WizAir but see you in some russian airliner…)

@onkelyogi4210, ill let everyone know when there is an update (right now you’re on version 0.3)

Who ever is ingame right now in the propeller plane, that was a tight landing just a second ago (I’m parked at S3)

yea, this Player Carlosss :smiley: haha

Wow, I remember seeing the renders of the terminal building like what last month, you have come a long way in a pretty short time.

Congrats and good job. I donated a bit for your efforts.

Thank you very much iRoozy!! Hope you’ll enjoy the airport!
Will make sure to keep updating it.

For those interested; this is how it started:


nice work :+1::+1:

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Tried it just now, i got some significant frame drops when looking directly at the main hall, went from 45 looking away from it, to 20 when looking right at it. Even when i was miles away it still made my frames drop looking at it.

Great work OP. I strongly suggest you upload this to flightsim.to. That way we can follow updates to the mod easily and follow you as a creator if you release new mods.

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Hi Mitchell, (jettuh)
Wonderful job mate! I just made a donation for your license 3ds max. Check your paypal! Greetz bbdulcy (Bouwe from Tiel)