[Eindhoven Airport] includes Custom buildings || Version 0.5 is now available (16-10-2020)

Like the EHEH scenery a lot too.

Tiel is my home town. What a small world.


Yep, very small world indeed :smiley:

Thank you for testing!

The main drop in frames is likely caused by the fences from the terminal to the airplanes.
Once I have the new license up and running I will be looking at optimizing this a bit and also will be looking into the LOD system.

Right now there is no LOD in place, which is why it drops even at miles away.

My apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you very much for the donation!!
Hope you like the airport :smiley:

Thanks for the tip!
I’ve uploaded it there right away as well:

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Unfortunately I’ve been requested to remove the donation button from the forum.
Hopefully one day they will reply my partnership inquiry so I can upload it on the actual FS2020 marketplace and offer it for a few euro :slight_smile:

For now, Flightsim.to will be the place to go for updates on this airport :slight_smile:
Ofcourse I will also keep everyone posted here on the forums!


Well, i am glad that i made a donation just in time!!
Kind regards, Bouwe

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Just bought the airport for 4,99 on flightsim.to :wink: .

Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for the support!

Have fun flying around Eindhoven!


Thanks man! I have also used 3dsmax extensively in the past, but now after several years I am trying my hand at 3d modeling again and I find Blender very easy to learn, a lot of the concepts are very much the same. So do give it a serious try. I won’t be looking back.

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btw what r those 2 DC10 without color doing there?

guess that’s the military part … but does the Koniglikke Luchtmacht still uses old stuff like that?

and the south western corner looks like this to me:

Many thanks for Eindhoven. Together with the freeware city pack it really gives a nice experience!


Yep: https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/materieel/vliegtuigen-en-helikopters/mcdonnell-douglas-kdc-10

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I’m not sure if they are still there at the moment, but I do remember seeing them at Eindhoven Airport last year.
Since I find them rather iconic, thought it would be nice to add them :slight_smile:

And thanks for the report on the baseplate, I’ll make sure to drop him further into the ground (i use it to check if my stuff is in the correct “ish” place)


Thanks everyone for the support, looks like we’re at 935 downloads already!

Also welcome to Yolopizza who just landed at Eheh in this Wizair livery :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Once again thank you for the support.
A new version is currently in the works, while not being a major update, version 0.4 will fix some minor issues.

  • taxi signs will be on the sides of the runway to help you find the right exit.

  • Eindhoven Airport Spottersplek has been added for those that want some great pictures of arriving and departing airplanes

  • Taxi lighting has been fixed/added to help you navigate from and to the runway.
    Previously this was using the auto generated lighting, causing them to be either missing or obstructing the apron.

Will keep you all posted!



link ? :wink:

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still work in progress, not released yet.
probably tomorrow or monday :wink:

ahh ok … me too fast :wheelchair:

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Nice looking update

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