Ending a flight makes you jump out of your seat

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When you try to finish a flight by turning off avionics or battery, you jump back and forward which happens very fast.

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Try to shut down the aircraft by turning off everything after a flight.

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Latest stable version and including SU9 beta.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?

Yes, it has been there ever since the end of flight popup was “fixed”

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I have this issue too ever since they “fixed” the pop up shutdown screen. What I think is going on in the background is you end the flight and it calls the shutdown screen, but automatically closes it. It works ok in 2D, but in VR it resets to the default viewpoint. I’ve never had motion sickness issues with VR, but the jump you’re describing is the closest I’ve come.

Hope they fix this in SU9

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I‘m not sure I understand the problem.

When I end a flight (battery off switch, for example) I get my last view from inside the cockpit, but projected on a „screen“ in front of me. No jumping back and forth… Just that screen. I actually like that, because it means there is no abrupt end to the VR experience.

I use the Varjo Aero.

Probably this issue occurs depending on headset. I’ve been experiencing this for long time with Quest 2.

…very likely.

As I wrote: no issues with the Aero, and no issues either with the G2 (which I used before the Aero).

I experience this jumping with a Vive Pro.

Recently, I’ve been experiencing this with G2, WMR. When you end a flight (by turning off battery or avionics), instead of displaying the summary screen the camera tilts down and forwards and back. It moves quickly forward, freezes there for about a half second and than snaps back to the original position. No summary screen is displayed, no “credits” music. You just sit in the cockpit with everything off.

I have the same issue with the Aero

It‘s doing the exactly same thing as if you activated the display of the End-of-Flight-Logbook screen, except showing the screen. Just another badly integrated feature and another required fix… instead of doing it right when you already do it a second time it requires a third time… sigh…

Anyway, I experience this with the Reverb G2, too.

This is a bit annoying that even when disabling the feature to not finish the flight from pulling the mixture the sim interface screen does still do a “somersault.” Not sure if the modeled Cessna 172 Enhanced Version Analog is carbureted or fuel-injected, but it’s impossible to watch the RPM gauge give the “slight rise” upon pulling the mixture out (to see if idle mixture is set correctly, that is if the engine has a carburetor) b/c the screen does that somersaulty thing :slight_smile:

Take seat in co pilot position of for example the fbw. Shut down engines. Msfs moves you to the left seat. So annoying. The logbook fix they did. back in the das was a joke

Started having this issue when I disabled showing the logbook after a flight…

This happens to me too. At the start of the flight I usually change my view slightly to adjust the position of my head in vr; and yes, this modification is reset when ending the flight. Depending on the aircraft, it happens when cutting the mixture or when either battery or avionics master is switched off.

I do think this issue is a subset of engine-shutdown-breaks-immersion-in-vr, isn’t it?

Quite similar but this is related to camera position resetting itself somehow after turning of the engines and avionics.

It’s exactly the same bug as linked too above,