Endurance Event 1: IndyPac Race Day and Results Thread

Thanks for the warning on the tree, it would have been 885 miles back to the previous savepoint if I had hit it.

I don’t know if it existed, or was invisible, or not. I WAS coming in super low (i came in too fast and couldn’t bleed off speed fast, so i was gonna give it a narrow angle to protect my landing gears) so it’s entirely my fault for being careless. But I saw trees on either side of me, but i saw a GAP between them in front of me, like a little grassy area. Over that grassy area i hit ‘something’. But it was 12 hours in and i was tipsy so for all i know it could have been a normal tree and I was just blind, lol. We will never know.

Yeah, that was a smart move of Jeffcatnl, going south to catch those headwinds!

After the CBR race there was a similar discussion about the CTD’s. IMO there are ways to more fairly address it but the policing of any of the proposed solutions becomes a nightmare for the event runners. Until simair.io or another like reporting tool can feed into something that can spawn you back to the exact position, speed, fuel remaining and overcome the live weather bug, this isn’t feasible. In real life ■■■■ happens like blown engines, equipment failures, etc so, in an off way, this simulates that.

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ForderLearnToFly (Forder#1702)
eventTime: 2021-04-04T17:42:21.897Z
type: PARKED

Hi everyone,

We’ll be hosting a “Closing Ceremonies and Race Debrief” stream on my Twitch channel on Wednesday evening starting at 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 0000Z. Joining me and FactualGull will be @HowardElvis, @IngoPlane, and @BlueYonder9259 to crown the champion, share our thoughts about the race, and trade strategy tips for future events in the 2021 Endurance Series. Hope to see many of you there!

Hi SeedyL - why is this planned stream not on your shedule? I am an old man - forget things very often! :wink: Thx - See you at the debriefing!

Thanks @icebird4all, I just added it to the schedule. Also, I’m still waiting on your completion time, so please post it in this thread when you are able.

Seedy, this event got a mention on Obsidian Ants channel…however, he’s telling people there’s still time to submit a time. Skip to near the end.

Sorry SeedyL - you know i crashed before reaching my one and only fuel stop - to the rules - i must had go back to perth - didn’t do that - only finished the race to see Sydney! So i will also compete at the next races - but not in the rating! :wink:

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Whoa, that’s really cool OA mentioned our event! I know he reaches a huge audience, so hopefully this will attract more people to sign up for future events in the 2021 Endurance Race Series. He’s right that the deadline to submit your time is April 7 at 2359Z, but there are two catches there that might be misleading to people who haven’t actively been following the event:

  1. The clock started for everyone at 8am Perth time on Sunday April 4. We measure your completion time against that start time. It doesn’t matter when you personally started the race.
  2. The deadline to register was more than a week ago, and we’re not accepting any new entries at this time.

That said, if someone is registered but hasn’t yet finished (or even started) their run, there’s still time! Get it done everyone!

eventTime: 2021-04-04T15:37:20.900Z
type: PARKED


Here thanks to ObsidianAnt - sad to have missed it, didn’t know about it, but looked like fun!

Sorry you missed this race, @Wereferret, but there’s three more coming up later in 2021. The next event is the Paris-Dakar Rally on July 3. See this thread for all the details:

Hi Seedy, See PrimeDestro210
Web capture_7-4-2021_215828_simair.io Time below and event capture
Ciao Prime

Just for S and G’s I calculated the time lost due to my pilot error and napping.

Time at save point YREN eventTime: 2021-04-04T10:20:27.077Z
type: PARKED

Waited 10 mins prior to crash leg so +10m

Timing of successful leg
eventTime: 2021-04-04T13:56:18.163Z

eventTime: 2021-04-04T18:11:11.323Z
type: PARKED

Total time of successful legs:
10h20m + 10m + 4h15m = 14h45m

Lost time:
18h11m - 14h45m = 3h26m lost due to my nap lol

I did this to see where my general flight strategy placed me versus BlueYonder’s go deep into the Bight tactic. Good on you man. You got more than half an hour on my path without crash.

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A few reminders:

  1. The deadline to submit your result is today at 2359Z. If you’ve finished the race and haven’t posted your time in this thread yet or if you still have part of the race left to complete, make sure you do so before the deadline!
  2. As mentioned above, I’m hosting a race debrief and closing ceremonies stream tonight starting at 8pm ET / 5pm PT / 0000Z on my Twitch channel. There will be prizes! In addition to the grand prize for the race winner (Orbx Cityscape Sydney scenery pack for MSFS graciously donated by Microsoft) there will also be a few more bonus prizes compliments of the event organizers, me and FactualGull! @HowardElvis, @IngoPlane, and @BlueYonder9259 will be joining the stream to discuss our experiences with this race and talk about lessons learned for the next event in the series, the Paris-Dakar Rally on July 3.

Hello Seedy

My arrival time on this race was eventtime: 2021-04-04T17:35:04.268Z (parked in Syd)

  1. Stage Perth-Broken Hill 2. Stage Broken Hill-Sydney
    3 Tankstopps at Ballodonia Hotel, Penong, Broken Hill
    Thank you and FactualGull for the big event. Cant wait until July :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

Here’s the official time-tracking spreadsheet I’m using. I’ve been updating it as everyone submits their time to this thread, but please check it and confirm your time is logged in case I accidentally missed you.


Heyyy, I wasn’t the fastest but at least I was the fastest person NOT in an SR-22 :wink:

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Wow 55 Pilots made it to Sydney :slight_smile: Cool - Congrats to everyone

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