Endurance Event 1: IndyPac Race Day and Results Thread

You forgot the link to your SimAir logbook Jeff, i would like to see the route you took, did you do a southern route?

eventTime: 2021-04-04T16:17:31.683Z
type: PARKED

Flight went pretty well, with just a few hickups. SimAir didn’t track first leg, but worked on 2nd and 3rd.
My AP went suicidal after taking off from YPIR after the refuel, but “luckily” my game also CTD right after so had to do a restart there and things worked again.

SimAir logbook: SimAir.io
Full flight also documented on Twitch
OldGrumpyGamer - Twitch

Here s my Logbook: SimAir.io Sadly the first leg wasn´t record properly?! But after restarting the sim at first Fuel Stop it worked. Great flight, but very dark sometimes :smiley:

SimAir.io the first not proper recorded “Leg”
SimAir.io and the “rest” of the flight. Luckely the sim didn´t crash

eventTime: 2021-04-04T17:52:46.646Z
07:52:46 Parked SimAir Time

type: PARKED

eventTime: 2021-04-04T19:41:38.218Z
type: PARKED

Hypertexthero Logbook (logging stopped about 30 minutes into the first part of the flight, and later after a crash landing due to a lost fuel gamble, and later after a hard PC freeze over the Great Australian Bight).

Full stream video part 1 and part 2 (after the hard PC freeze).

Thanks so much for organizing the event and for the raid, @SeedyL3205 !

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Real general aviation aircraft are much more reliable than Microsoft Flight Sim. TG!! I didn’t have a CTD, I had a total computer shut down @ 14,000 feet after over 2 hours in the air. Should I have restarted as close to that point as I could have rather then quitting as simair.io did record the flight to that point (even though it wasn’t a t&g)?

Landed YSSY @ 03:23 Zulu on the 5th of April.
Link to simair is
SimAir.io 21210

RavingHelmet landed YSSY @ 18:30:27 zulu on 2021-04-04

eventTime: 2021-04-04T19:41:37.386Z

type: PARKED


Great stream and cause
Apart from a CTD and a 15 minute fight with the auto-pilot all went well
Thank You

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Hi there,

Unfortunately had a crash during flight whilst having a power nap on the couch. This set me back around 250nm.

Final time (parking brakes on): eventTime: 2021-04-04T19:39:53.017Z


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eventTime: 2021-04-04T18:03:05.428Z

type: PARKED


eventTime: 2021-04-04T14:11:03.605Z

type: PARKED

YSSY finish
eventTime: 2021-04-04T16:49:54.756Z
type: PARKED

Elapsed: 16:49:54

Cessna 172 G1000

SimAir logbook

TONS of fun - thanks SeedyL for hosting, and to all community pilots that shared insight and thoughts through the night.

As with others, SimAir did not capture more than the first couple minutes of the first leg, departure out of YPPH. It does show departure (hah, I was 8 seconds late)
eventTime: 2021-04-04T00:00:08.823Z

As suggested, after that first leg, I restarted both MSFS and SimAir at every refuel stop. The remaining legs are captured.

Took a big gamble crossing the bight. Seemed to have paid off. I was tired of the headwinds, so researching winds (thanks to jeffcatnl for the inspiration and those that provided info through the night - windy.com and meteoblue.com), took a chance and took a strange angle over the water, trying to match the wind. Did my best at fuel calculations to match the wind angles but reach the land. Attached screenshot of wind data at the time, and the route I took. Landed on fumes in YELN (dicey, 2 go-around attempts with no runway lights at 230am local time). (if that subsequent post is aimed at me - I am still very much LEARNING this world of flying - actually had no idea at the time of planning that cross to YELN that there were no lights - never crossed my mind. And have now learned where to look that up. This is why I like these events - lessons learned each time)

Then a slightly south western approach to YSSY again to find good wind. I welcome any / all feedback as I try to learn some of these weather reading techniques!


eventTime: 2021-04-05T03:57:42.270Z
type: PARKED


SimAir did not log my first leg; I may have stared rolling a few seconds late. In addition, my Internet cut out for a minute during my second to last leg, and SimAir stopped tracking, listing it as YTEM-YTLG, even though I did not land at YTLG. The YSBK-YSSY leg is correct.

For future events like this since it is a race after all
Participants should have to fly according to their POH
Several aircraft in particular were seen flying well above their aircraft altitude limits
And the fact that people did not plan to land at airports that were lit at night is ridiculous
Last thing is people should not be penalized 2 hours or thereabouts depending on the length of their flight leg for a ctd or breaking their AC
Proposed is a penalty of 10 minutes added to their next fuel stop
Rules should not be allowed to be modified during the race

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What rules were modified during the race?

As far as the planning for lit airports, some people planned their airports but got their plans destroyed by either a flying error, ctd, or because they went through fuel faster or slower than calculated, and once you’re off your planned airport once or twice, it becomes more of a ‘just wing it’ situation.

And of course then there’s me, who didn’t plan any stops at all. This tactic worked better in the US race because way more airports were lit… this time it worked to ad-lib landings and push on fumes, but was trickier. Adds drama as well, it’s kind of fun to white-knuckle the whole thing.


eventTime: 2021-04-04T17:23:44.526Z

type: IN_FLIGHT - CTD 4nm from YSSY, right ahead of SeedyL, then the same thing happened to him.


From last save point:
eventTime: 2021-04-04T19:14:03.531Z

type: PARKED

F’s in the chat.

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As some folks have noted, simair bugged out on my first two legs, but I was able to get it to stay connected from YCDU to YSSY. I had no issues on the first two legs, but obviously no documentation to support. I’m not at risk of winning anything but will accept any penalty if determined to be necessary for missing legs of the flight on simair

Hi @MOPilot54,

The issues with SimAir were affecting everyone equally. I got in touch with the developer as soon as I was made aware of the tracking problems, and he was quick to get them resolved. Unfortunately, this meant almost everyone didn’t have their first stage logged correctly. I’m not going to penalize anyone for this since it occurred to us all. I trust you competed fairly, and you’re not claiming the first place time, so no additional scrutiny is necessary. Thanks again for taking part in the race!