Engines Shutting Down

Hello All

Wondered if anyone could help, every time I press ESC to go to the controls menu when I go back to the flight all the engines turn off. This happens in any aircraft I have also tried changing the key assignment in case there was something allocated that would make this happen, but after the key change it still shuts down the engines every time i go into the menu.

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted something about this not long ago, might help to vote that topic for visibility:

Or maybe it’s something like this?


I had this and eventually narrowed it down to a slider control that i have on my Warthog Throttle, which was mapped to fuel mixture. The issue is that the sim doesn’t synchronise controls at the start of the flight, so if i had absentmindedly left the slider in the 0% mix position, the aircraft would start and fly fine until i either moved it or pressed ESC and then resumed.

Moving it wouldn’t be such a problem, as you would probably be aware of it dropping to zero and would then correct the setting. However, resuming after an ESC appears to synchronise the controls and a zero setting on the mixture will tend to kill the engine(s), sometimes even where the aircraft doesn’t have a mixture control, like the CJ4.

Maybe check your controls/bindings before starting a flight.

Edit: Oh, perhaps i should have followed the link :stuck_out_tongue:


It worked!

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