Eurofighter Typhoon: Literally a flying missile

So I’ve bought the Eurofighter Typhoon yesterday. It’s an incredible aircraft. So maneuverable though it will get away from you very easily.

It can reach Mach 2.1. Yes, you read that right.

I will say I’m impressed that it can go from Cairo to Tel Aviv in 20 minutes.

The physics on mine are a little whack however. I had to reverse the axis of my elevators on my flight stick because when I would pull up, it would go straight into the ground.

The autopilot is incredible especially for a fighter. Plus it has an integrated ILS for bad weather.

I think it’s a huge step forward and very impressive but theres always room for improvement.

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Sadly I think you might be alone in thinking much of that

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It’s a very frustrating aircraft - I’ve overstressed it far too easily, too many times - even including the landing gear when rolling down the run way on take-off.
There are also issues with quick-view displays.

The issue with the physics should give you a clue that literally none of it is representative of the actual aircraft.

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Well if you think a £15/$19 dollar plane has to be perfect then I think you are going to be very disappointed.

As to the physics - that was why I said the flight dynamics need work - or don’t you know what that is perhaps?

Why do people have to only think in extremes? I never said it was perfect or even remotely near that. It has some issues and they can be fixed and the dev is listening - it’s price reflects the quality as it is - what is the problem? Or is this just more whinging cos that’s what people do these days? Or do you just expect brilliance for pennies?

I often wonder when I see all the complaints on internet forums - a lot of it hostile, insulting and frequently over minor issues - how good those people are at their own jobs or professions (f they have any at all) and how they would respond to such criticism. Yeah, they will probably tell us all how good they are and that they would be very receptive - but I think most sensible people wouldn’t be convinced.


I don’t expect perfection but slapping the EFIS screens from like 4 different stock aircraft into a panel and a flight model that bears 0 semblance of reality is not what I’d expect for $20.


You’re talking about the Typhoon (which is $40, I believe) - I have been talking about the Beech 99, which someone said was as bad as the Typhoon.

The Typhoon is $20. In all fairness I think there was an immeasurable more amount of time spent on the Beech 99. The Typhoon is fun for faking supersonic flight but that’s about it - I probably wouldn’t spend more than $10 for the aircraft in its current state.

Since you asked…

I bought this aircraft without checking the forums as it was “offered” in the official shop and was supposed to be nice and somehow realistic … MISTAKE !!
The flight model is just crazy and the panel … awful, is not enough to describe this 5 minute panel ! it’s a joke :frowning: we had more beautiful panels with FS6 in th eighties