Even my wife laughed at the end of this video

Go to about 8:42 of this F-15/MSFS video for a good laugh. Watch it until the end:

Well, you flew by the Washington Monument (restricted airspace) , the you edited out your landing clearance, – I assume it was for the longer runway 19 (7163 ft), but you landed on a much shorter runway 15 ( 5204 ft ) – you could have done with that extra 2000 ft … so I join your wife and all your buddies at Andrews AFB, with a ROFL !!!

There go my taxes up in 2021 !! - Thanks !!

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Wasn’t even his own video, and you are right about the clearance. It was for rwy 19, and pilot landed on rwy 15. I just can’t find anything funny in this video… Am I missing something…?


Did you watch the end of the video?

Not sure I can find what’s so funny about this?

Botching a landing in an F-15 mod next to the pentagon?

At the end of the runway, the plane does not come to a stop and the water is getting closer. I assume the video goes on for 10 seconds longer and the splash was not shown. But that’s actually good to see and is probably supposed to be the joke. But if you have to explain a joke, it’s no longer funny.

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Yes… Would have been funny about 35 years ago… maybe…

I think everyone understood the idea behind the end of this video… But still… :-1:

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Never mind… Have a nice day!

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