Even the livery pack is a disappointment

Big warning for the livery pack. Windows are Pink, Livery is pixelated. A goodie is the bredok3d text on the engines. But the desperation of the Xbox users will lead to a lot of poor souls like me.


Maybe a few screenshots would make it clearer that you’re not just a negative person. :grin:


Trust me the cockpit being pink from the outside is true I’ve seen screenshots on the discord. Why would someone make that up when it’s easy to see?

Perhaps this is me, but I payed for this and this leads to some expectations. At least it should be OK I think.

Maybe it’s a technical problem and result of impossible testing and Bredok is not to blame? Maybe you can’t see that during development before going live with the livery.

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Somehow I doubt, Carsten Spohr is ok with this.

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Just like my dc6? Yeah… perhaps its my own fault and I shouldnt be so critical. :joy:

I dont care who should blamed, I pay and get something broken. Im out for now, this is enough. Bye for now.



I’m happy enough with this on Xbox, windows look ok to me.


Is this somebody actually selling the intellectual property of other companies on the Microsoft official marketplace?

I wonder how international copywrite law stands with this?

Surprised that Microsoft would let this happen and a little more surprised that the moderation team have not closed this topic.

I’m kinda hoping this is some genius workaround somehow, this is certainly a situation to keep an eye on. Plenty people want liveries and someone’s had the balls to tempt fate by giving it to them. Let’s see how this unfolds, this is one of many livery packs it seems.

Presumably there is also some liability for the platform that the sale takes place on?

No doubt. The fact that this was even approved by someone as ok to go to market (assuming of course), processed and released into the wild, just like that has set a very interesting precedent no?

If you have pink windows, try this trick . Go outside the plane . Zoom in slowly to the window and zoom out . See if that helps.

Looking at your photos, I agree. I don’t think they look bad at all. I’d even call the Lufthansa one good, although I’ll say it quietly for fear of reprisal from anyone expecting/demanding perfection.

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It’s very well known that there are apparently unforseen subtle differences between the testing environment and the ‘wild’ environment (DC-6 proves this) so it’s possible that the pink window issue is an example of this.

You misunderstood, I was meaning in context to the legal copyrighting ramifications of releasing such things.

Ah okay. My mistake, apologies.

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I’d think the only legal issue would be profiting from a copyrighted company design, if they were offered for free then I don’t think it would matter. Really only a concern if a airline happened to complain about it but I’m sure most will like the free advertising. We already have aircraft for sale which come with official liveries so it’s really no different than those.

On a different note I’m having lots of CTD’s since installing this livery pack on my Series X.

I’m probably going to get crushed for this but I downloaded it and I’m OK with the purchase. You wanna know why? It was $5 USD! Cmon guys what did your really expect for that price…

You wanna complain about something then start making your voices heard regarding the DC-6 debacle (I’ve posted so many times regarding that it feels like I’m going overboard about it). But stuff like this is just silly.


Totally agree with you.