Events flight tracker...general question

so im not entirely sure where to put this, Mods please move it if needed.

the events flight tracker, will not stay on my aircraft while tracking me, after about say 3-8 minutes, it defaults back to the original location where it always opens up at.

any particular reason for this?

Do you keep the browser constantly active? I had to move mine to another screen. If it’s behind msfs it loses me when I go back to it after a while. Alternatively I use an iPad to run the website tracker.

yes, its on a second screen, actively showing

Oh. Next flight I’ll see if I get it. So to be clear you have the option to track your aircraft? It’s not one i usually use as I like to move the map around but will try in my flight tonight.

yeah i always turn on Follow Me, but after a few minutes it reloads the page and goes back to the default view.

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meanwhile, have you seen this…

ok. No help I’m afraid, but it worked for me for an hour; then it lost it :man_shrugging:t2:

seems to be random, i did it again and it tracked me for a good 45 minutes, then poof.