Exclude snow coverage for roads and water surfaces

When there is snow covering the ground, it is applied to roads and water surfaces as well.

Of course water can freeze, and I know that roads can be covered with snow as well.

But most of the time, this is not the case.
Roads get cleaned up, rivers, lakes, oceans dont freeze everytime time there is snow. It needs much lower temperatures for a long time before this happens.

For a better looking and more immersive experience, giving abbility for VFR flying by following major roads and and rivers, I suggest to exclude roads and water sufaces from snow cover.

And if it’s is not too much asked, coupld you also exclude Taxiways and Aprons on Airports as well, please? Or at least reduce the snow covarage enought to make ground markings visible again?

Major airports are very good in cleaning their surfaces in real life.

As all these categories have seperate identiefiers in the SDK, this should be possible, and hopefully not too hard to do…

I completely agree. It’s nice to see snow on top of buildings, but currently even some building walls in Helsinki scenery look like snow covered! That’s bit too much. White roads look very unrealistic. Just google for winter city aerial photos and you’ll see very little snow cover on roads. Same for runways.


pls be kind understand that you need for first look at Forum Topics about similar problems and vote inside one main Topic. Your topic is not helpful in this case and also brake votes to be effective to solve this non sense problem. Look pls here:

Date is more historical than yours and due your topic, votes are wasted to more places that make this problem not be solved as primary problem. thnx for understanding.

I recommend to all users comming here to not waste votes here, better visit my link to one more important Topic and vote there pls.

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I was looking if there is a topic about snow coner on water and roads.
Unfortunately the one about airports did not show up .
Probably because it didn’t match my main issue.

But I cake across that other thread later and no worries, no vote lost: I voted it as well .

Of course I wouldn’t mind if a forum moderator merges my thread into the one that is focusing on airport surfaces, as the issue is of course the same…


I agree this is a problem, especially for water and airports. Hopefully they will change the way how they determine snow coverage.

Currently on airports the coverage depends on how light or dark the tarmac is.


Flying around the alps looked like the end of the world as every road was totally covered. I’ve been to switzerland, they plow their roads.

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i am sure it will get sorted


Shameless plug I presume? This is not the third party addons section. We want fixes in the sim itself.


Just to bring this up before winter :wink:

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