Small bugs that we'd love to see fixed in SU8

The list of bugs to be fixed in SU8 is probably already closed. Nevertheless, I think it would be useful to have a topic containing links to threads for minor but particularly bothering bugs. Perhaps with additional votes/buzz, we could bring them to the attention of Asobo and tempt them to fix them yet in SU8 :thinking:

My list:

  1. snow on the roads
    Exclude snow coverage for roads and water surfaces
    Get rid of the snow on runways, taxiways, aprons and roads
  2. rain/icing on windshields in VR
    Rain, Icing Inside Cockpit in VR (right-eye only)
  3. misc. graphical issues
    Multiple (not yet reported?) graphical issues since SU5 and SU7
  4. wipers
    Functional Windshield Wipers

Thanks for your votes, further suggestions and for keeping this thread clean! :wink:


Disappearing players in large groups. SU5 completely broke multiplayer. They did improve it more recently but they never fixed it properly


They said in the q&a that wipers are happening but not this year.

One of the only things that’s been solidly announced for SU8 is the turnaround bug being fixed. To me this indicates that SU8 will be a very Garmin-focused update, and that we’ll see the g1000Nxi finally become default, and WT will release a beta of a revamped g3000 that includes a ground-up rewrite of the nav system as found in the Nxi. That’s how they’re going to fx the turnaround bug, by replacing their original, seemingly deeply flawed Garmin implementations with WT’s. Will be interesting to see if the G3X gets updated too…

Only other things in the Dev update where SU8 is specifically mentioned are CTD fixes and addressing excessive lightning, which is odd because I don’t think I’ve really seen any lightning since before SU7. Hopefully this means we’re getting some more general weather tweaks; maybe some refinement of the way they do METAR bubbles around airports. Not holding my breath for wind gusts in live weather, but that’d be pretty fantastic if it happens.

Oh, and upon a closer read apparently they’re doing something with live traffic.

Significantly reduce or eliminate shimmering issue in VR mode.


Make VR controllers useable ( see VTOL VR or even X plane)

Stop the mouse from failing/ freezing on Xbox,bleedin’ annoying!

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Continuing the discussion from Small bugs that we'd love to see fixed in SU8:

  • Wipers should be functional
  • Stairs should be used anywhere on the airport
  • Maybe passengers boarding on stairways?
  • Rivers should follow the riverbeds, not the slopes of the hills
  • More camera savings (10 not enough)
  • Snow should not cover the roads, and the runways should not be covered this much.
  • Trains… Are we going to see them ever?
  • Helicopters are already on the way… why not add some dust and snow that lowers visibility during hover

Most of these are feature requests, not bug fixes, except the snow on runways issue.

The wishlist subforum is here: Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


How about aircraft flying low levels (in pairs) zig zagging all across airport skies (AI and Realtime). Or aircraft tipped over just spinning in circles on the spot. And sometimes my aircraft hits an invisible hole on taxiway and flips over- tilt game over. Or aircraft constantly telling me to pull-up while I’m configured for landing. Or all of a sudden, a scary landing thud while in cruise. Lots of bugs needing attention!


I’m hoping that the bug list gets trimmed down significantly with SU8. Although just based on how well that’s worked historically, I’m keeping expectations low and hoping I’m wrong.

However, I’m more concerned about the likelihood of there being whole crop of new bugs in this update that won’t get caught and rolled out in the final build.

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Fix the weird road traffic. Semi Transparent cars that morph into each other and disappear randomly. Really spoils immersion.


Fix the vibration on the Xbox controller on the PC MS store version.

And fix the auto set best mixture function.

Anytime my mouse is over or working in VFR MAP (i.e. on a secondary screen), the game ignores all of my joystick inputs. I had this bug since day 1 of the 1st alpha release when I was a beta tester, I submitted a Zendesk ticket, and it was never fixed. Same problem until this day.

Would love for them to fix this issue.

“IF ‘road’ THEN remove snow”

There Asobo, you can DM me for details about where to send the check.


I hope for a g1000nxi CTD fix, too … Currently the only way to prevent accidently turning the knob
is completly ignoring the MFD

Fix the auto-capitalisation of callsign on the World Map ATC setup.

And when ‘Show reg code’ is set to off, actually have it so it’s not displayed on the plane; as in - do what it says.

EDIT: Not fixed in Beta release

One day they will fix the Isle of Man and I shall be delerious/drunk (delete as applicable)

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NOt a chance in you know where they’re going to add new bugs to their fix list… I am certain the bugs they’re working on for SU8 have been listed for months if not a year.

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Not surprising when they run a triage system. I am already resigned to the IOM being their very last fix because quite simply it doesn’t cause CTD’s or stop people from flying.

And quite frankly I wouldn’t want it any other way, the important stuff must come first.

I think they can’t fix critical issues.

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