“Expected flow for those in the Sim Update 6 flight Beta test when it is released to everyone tomorrow“


Since it auto recognizes the build, will the WT NXI G1000 Mod just start working then for Xbox users when the update releases?

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You might want to ask here:

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“Expected flow for those in the Sim Update 6 flight Beta test when it is released to everyone tomorrow”

Does that mean EVERYONE is getting the beta build of Sim Update VI tomorrow??? Does everyone encompass ALL users or ALL beta testers?

Everyone is getting SU 6. Tomorrow is general release date.

Beta testers like myself need to follow these instructions or else risk having to redownload the entire sim.

And Xbox users in the flight already have the latest version and will have absolutely no change and no download tomorrow.

Saw some earlier thinking that nobody on Xbox has an update; it’s just those in the beta already with the GM version.

I’m confused as to what you mean. As a Series X user, will I not get SU6?

For me it sound like the build we received last week is already the SU6 build - we will see,…

I think this is the situation:

  • If you were not involved in the beta test, you will get SU6 as normal.

  • If you were involved in the beta test, you will already have it.

Either way, you will be running on SU6, whether you want to or not.


This is exactly correct @ElissaAdamNoah. Since the current beta build is the GM release build, those in the beta already have it installed hence no update. Everyone else will have the update as normal.

The thread post was intended for the beta audience so it did get confusing.


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Yes, it is for those in the flight.

@Jummivana Again please amend the post in the News section to make it clear it’s for Beta Testers ONLY, this is the second thread here and one at AVSim whereby people are unintentionally spreading misinformation and concern. Thank you.

I’m not sure how much clearer it can be, given the first sentence in the post reads

Expected flow for those in the Sim Update 6 flight Beta test when it is released to everyone tomorrow

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Two things;

  1. I don’t recall the word “beta” being there last night so perhaps Jayne has altered it already. Still a title in bold reading “THIS INFORMATION IS FOR BETA TESTERS ONLY” isn’t that difficult.
  2. Regardless it doesn’t take much for people to read differently, language barrier being a prime culprit.

The main issue is that these posts are open for everybody to view not solely the Beta Testers, that’s where a private forum would’ve been perfect (again a baffling decision not to include one for this beta).
As can clearly be seen, it doesn’t take much for misunderstandings to happen where it could’ve been so easily avoided.

Apologies for any confusion. I was looking for specifics related to the process for beta testers on series x moving into the general release.

Mainly, due to looking forward to having working g1000 WT nxi cockpits again.

I would deduce that since the release to all users is the version currently installed on my XSX, that the update to the WT would be pushed Out as an update to the mod rather than an update to the sim.

We should have a marketplace update for this but it’s not there yet. I’ve been wondering as well.

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