Exploring the world in the Beechcraft Bonanza

Overdoing it, 16 hour flight from Hopedale CYHO through the northern most (civilian) airport in Canada to Illulissat Greenland BGJN

DAY8_26.PLN (2.7 KB)

8-26 Hopedale CYHO 9:04 AM
8-26 Iquluit CYFB 1:03 PM
8-26 Clyde River CYCY 3:55 PM
8-26 Pond inlet CYIO 5:31 PM
8-26 Grise Fiord CYGZ 7:45 PM
8-26 Qaanaaq BGQQ 9:18 PM
8-26 Illulissat BGJN 1:21 AM

Flight time 16:17 6 stops
(Some airports are not in the game but you can still land there)

Hopedale still as foggy as when I arrived

Entering Nunavut in the clouds

A barren landscape



More impressions of Nunavut


Clyde river

Approaching Pond inlet

Still Covid-19 free up here!

Onwards to Grise Fiord, going off the map in FS 2020

Found it!

Grise fiord landing, the hardest yet

How real pilots do it, very cool video!

Flying on to Greenland, icing is slowing me down

Approaching Quaanaaq

Flying to Illulissat in complete darkness

That landing was only possible with help of the 3D display, so dark!


Are you Brantford local, or did you just decide to start there? The reason I ask is that I am Brantford local. Would like to chat if you want.

Close, I lived in Brantford for a couple years after immigrating from the Netherlands, then moved to Paris in 2007. I still cycle through Brantford often, along the Grand River, either towards Waterford and on to Port Dover or towards Hamilton.

Leg 5, around Greenland to Iceland. The quality of FS 2020 is a bit lacking this far North, There is still plenty to enjoy but there are a lot of bugs in the height map as well.

DAY8_27.PLN (3.0 KB)

8-27 Illulissat BGJN 7:05 AM
8-27 Aasiaat BGAA 7:29 AM
8-27 Kangerlussuaq BGSF 8:15 AM

8-27 Kangerlussuaq BGSF 10:15 AM
8-27 Nuuk BGGH 11:36 AM
8-27 Paamiut BGPT 12:40 PM
8-27 Narsarsuaq BGBW 1:57 PM
8-27 Kulusuk BGKK 4:19 PM
8-27 Ísafjörður BIIS 6:43 PM

Filght time: 9:38 7 stops

Continuing on from Illulissat

Aasiaat on the way South

Pastel colored Greenland

Comiing in for a landing in Nuuk

So peaceful in Nuuk

Paamiut has a nice grass runway

Looks like a great place for fishing trips

Climbing over the mountains heading East

After Kulusuk, straight East to Iceland during sunset

Arrival at night in Ísafjörður

I thought this game was pretty before, then I arrived in Iceland!


Leg 6 is where I seriously got addicted to landing everywhere. This day I flew from Ísafjörður BIIS around the South of Iceland to Scatsta EGPM on the Shetland islands, 30 stops along the way.

DAY8_28.PLN (9.9 KB)

8-28 Ísafjörður BIIS 8:07 AM
8-28 Suðureyri BIIA 8:17 AM
8-28 Holt BIHT 8:26 AM
8-28 Ingjaldssanðr BIID 8:32 AM
8-28 Thingeyri BITE 8:42 AM
8-28 Olafsvik BIOL 8:54 AM
8-28 Bíldudalur BIBD 9:02 AM
8-28 Blönduós BIBL 9:39 AM
8-28 Alxander BIKR 9:51 AM
8-28 Varmahlid BIVH 9:57 AM
8-28 Hólmavík BIHK 10:24 AM
8-28 Stykkishólmur BIST 10:50 AM
8-28 Grundarfjörður BIGF 10:57 AM
8-28 Rif BIRF 11:06 AM
8-28 Dagverðará BIDA 11:15 AM
8-28 Kaldarmelar BIKA 11:33 AM
8-28 StóriKroppur BISR 11:48 AM
8-28 Tungubakkar BIMS 12:06 PM
8-28 Reykjavík BIRK 12:12 PM
8-28 Sandskeið BISS 12:28 PM
8-28 Selfoss BISF 12:36 PM
8-28 Vatnsnes BIVA 12:44 PM
8-28 Skálavatn BISV 1:09 PM
8-28 Fagurhólsmýri BIFM 1:33 PM
8-28 Hoefn BISL 1:39 PM
8-28 Steinasandur BISG 2:06 PM
8-28 Höfn BIHN 2:19 PM
8-28 Djúpivogur BIDV 2:37 PM
8-28 Egilsstadir BIEG 3:01 PM
8-28 Vagar EKVG 62.0641, -7.2708 4:48 PM

8-28 Vagar EKVG 10:09 PM
8-28 Scatsta EGPM 11:30 PM

Flight time: 10:02 30 stops.

Vakar EKVG isn’t in the game, hence the coordinates.

Departing from Ísafjörður

North-East of Iceland, beautiful

Near Alxander BIKR

The term airport is very broad, Varmahlid BIVH

Who put that in my way!

Skálavatn BISV joining the contest for most minimalist airport

South side of Iceland

All the way to the East

That was a breathtaking sight seeing tour! Leaving Iceland from Egilsstadir BIEG to the Faroe islands

Sunset over the North Sea

Beware, even though it wasn’t hard to find Vegar, it is unlit and impossible to find the runway at night. I ended up landing on a road nearby.


Leg 7, exploring Scotland then popping over to Ireland

DAY8_29.PLN (8.9 KB)

8-29 Scatsta EGPM 12:33 AM
8-29 Sanday EGES 1:06 AM
8-29 Eday EGED 1:13 AM
8-29 Stronsay EGER 1:16 AM
8-29 Kirkwall EGPA 1:23 AM
8-29 Flotta Isle EGZQ 1:32 AM
8-29 Wick EGPC 1:43 AM

8-29 Wick EGPC 8:01 AM
8-29 Dornoch EGZP 8:23 AM
8-29 Inverness EGPE 8:32 AM
8-29 Fort Augustus EGVZ 8:51 AM
8-29 Feshiebridge EGZL 9:07 AM
8-29 Dundee EGPN 9:32 AM
8-29 Leuchars EGQL 9:38 AM
8-29 Pilmuir farm EGRK 9:43 AM
8-29 Edingurgh EGPH 9:55 AM
8-29 Cumbernauld EGPG 10:07 AM
8-29 Glasgow EGPF 10:16 AM
8-29 North Connel EGEO 10:54 AM
8-29 Glenforsa EG13 11:04 AM
8-29 Coll EGEL 11:18 AM
8-29 Tiree EGPU 11:23 AM
8-29 Eglinton EGAE 11:58 AM

8-29 Eglinton EGAE 1:08 PM
8-29 Letterkenny EILT 1:18 PM
8-29 Donegal EIDL 1:31 PM
8-29 St Angelo EGAB 2:10 PM
8-29 Sligo EISG 2:27 PM
8-29 Crossmolina EICR 2:42 PM
8-29 Belmullet EIBT 2:58 PM

Flight time: 6:57 28 stops

Some clouds again today, entering Scotland from the North East


Loch Ness. Unfortunately no sightings of Nessie.

The Cairngorms were very impressive and fun to fly around

Dundee on the river Tay.




Balloch on the end of Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

The Trossachs national park

Stopping by in North Connel before heading to Ireland

First impression of Ireland


The Irish landscape is stunning


The cliffs at Gelncolumbkille, one of my favorite shots

On the way to Sligo


Completing the day at Belmullet aerodrome

Scotland was great, Ireland is amazing!


Leg 8, lap around Ireland then back to the UK.

DAY8_30.PLN (7.8 KB)

8-30 Belmullet EIBT 7:59 AM
8-30 Connemara EICA 8:36 AM
8-30 Galway EICM 8:46 AM
8-30 Erinhagh EIER 9:10 AM
8-30 Coonagh EICN 9:20 AM
8-30 Shannon EINN 9:30 AM
8-30 Abbeyfeale EIAE 9:42 AM
8-30 Kerry EIKY 9:50 AM
8-30 Cork EICK 10:36 AM
8-30 Waterford EIWF 11:03 AM
8-30 Ballyvaloo EICT 11:18 AM
8-30 Hacketstown EIHN 11:36 AM
8-30 Powerscourt EIPT 11:47 AM
8-30 Casement AB EIME 11:56 AM
8-30 Dublin EIDW 12:05 PM
8-30 Aughrim EGZG 12:27 PM
8-30 Belfast City EGAC 12:48 PM
8-30 Newtownards EGAD 12:53 PM
8-30 Isle of Man EGNS 1:15 PM
8-30 Mount Rule Farm EGZW 1:23 PM
8-30 Andreas Airfield EGZU 1:34 PM
8-30 Skelling Fram EGAP 2:07 PM
Crash to desktop
8-30 Skelling Fram EGAP 2:18 PM
8-30 Newcastle EGNT 2:39 PM
8-30 Egton EGXX 3:01 PM

Flight time: 7:51 23 stops

Starting leg 7 with some dreamy looking mountains

The landscape is mesmerizing around Burren

Coming up on mount Shannon

And there’s Shannon herself

Killarney is definitely a place I would like to visit for real

Traveling on through a pass at Carrauntoohil

Knockroe bog in Western Ireland.

Bonane looks intimidating

Heading back East over Gaugane Barra

The Wicklow mountains, time to climb

Heading back to the UK via the Isle of Man. Famous for the Isle of Man TT and also for this

FS 2020’s version of the Isle of Man, pretty place

Back into the UK via Lake district national park

Newcastle upon Tyne, it’s starting to get dark

Final place for today, Egton

Massive props to FS2020 for making Ireland look amazing!

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This is excellent! Thank you for sharing! Really enjoying this so far and you inspire me to make my own adventures. Great job.

Leg 9, exploring the North of England and Wales, getting crazy with landings.

DAY8_31.PLN (14.0 KB)

8-31 Egton EGXX 6:53 AM
8-31 Fadmoor EG19 7:00 AM
8-31 Kirbymoorside EGHZ 7:04 AM
8-31 Wombleton EGHX 7:06 AM
8-31 Yorkshire Glidin Club EGAI 7:11 AM
8-31 Baxby-Husthwaite EGJI 7:14 AM
8-31 Bagby Thirsk EGNG 7:18 AM
8-31 Felixkirk EGUQ 7:21 AM
8-31 Topcliffe AB EGXZ 7:24 AM
8-31 Dishforth AB EGXD 7:28 AM
8-31 Leeming AB EGXE 7:34 AM
8-31 Warton EGNO 8:00 AM
8-31 Blackpool EGNH 8:04 AM
8-31 Woodvale AB EGOW 8:12 AM
8-31 Ince Blundell EGIC 8:14 AM
8-31 Liverpool EGGP 8:27 AM
8-31 Hawarden EGNR 8:34 AM
8-31 Lleweni Parc Glyndwr EGJD 8:42 AM
8-31 Caernarfon EGCK 8:59 AM
8-31 Llanbedr EGOD 9:10 AM
8-31 Talybont EGUI 9:17 AM
8-31 Aberporth EGFA 9:39 AM
8-31 Haverfordwest EGFE 9:59 AM
8-31 Pembrey EGFP 10:18 AM
8-31 Swansea EGFH 10:26 AM
8-31 Old Park Farm EGPY 10:34 AM
8-31 St Athan AB EGDX 10:41 AM
8-31 Cardiff EGFF 10:44 AM
8-31 Filton EGTG 10:55 AM

8-31 Filton EGTG 12:43 PM
8-31 Bristol EGGD 12:49 PM
8-31 Lower Withial Fram EGUS 1:02 PM
8-31 Bath Wilts & North Dorset EGME 1:08 PM
8-31 Glebe Farm EGYL 1:13 PM
8-31 Boscombe Down EGDM 1:23 PM
8-31 Netheravon Army EGDN 1:27 PM
8-31 Clench Common EGMR 1:32 PM
8-31 Manton Airfield EGJN 1:35 PM
8-31 Wroughton Airfield EGDT 1:39 PM
8-31 Fairford EGVA 1:51 PM
8-31 Calcot Airfield EGOA 1:55 PM
8-31 Upper Harford EGWT 1:59 PM
8-31 Long Marston EGBL 2:07 PM
8-31 Stratford-upon-Avon EGVV 2:10 PM
8-31 Birmingham EGBB 2:17 PM
8-31 Onecoat Morridge EGOZ 2:39 PM 1:56 44

Flight time: 5:58 44 stops

Starting of with the North York Moors

To continue on over Snowdonia

I love flying over mountains and through valleys


Fishguard, aptly named coastal town



Glastonbury, well know for its contemporary performing arts festival

Stonehenge, unfortunately sunk into the ground.

The magic roundabout of Swindon

I’ve worked with maps for most of my professional life including GPS navigation and this roundabout was one of the headscratchers, how to model traffic flow, map match correctly and provide clear instructions. It’s one big roundabout with 5 little roundabouts at every exit going in the opposite direction. I don’t think we ever got to figuring it out, you’re on your own, good luck.

Birmingham, it’s big

Last stop Onecoat Morridge, touch down before it got too dark to see the landing strip.

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Leg 10, exploring the South of England before heading to Normandy, France

DAY9_1.PLN (16.8 KB)

I went even more crazy here, so many places to land, some flights lasted less than 2 minutes!

9-1 Onecoat Morridge EGOZ 7:14 AM
9-1 Calton Moor EGOO 7:19 AM
9-1 Darley Moor EGMY 7:34 AM
9-1 Holly Meadow Farm EGEK 7:37 AM
9-1 Park Hall EGXO 7:44 AM
9-1 Nottingham EGBN 7:51 AM
9-1 Seyerston EGXY 7:56 AM
9-1 Houghton EGLX 8:01 AM
9-1 Barkston Heath EGYE 8:04 AM
9-1 Decoy Farm EGGX 8:10 AM
9-1 Wingland EGUE 8:19 AM
9-1 RAF Sculthorpe EGUP 8:29 AM
9-1 Little Snoring EGIK 8:33 AM
9-1 Manor Farm EGWX 8:36 AM
9-1 Weybourne EGUA 8:40 AM
9-1 Cromer/Northrepps EGCU 8:45 AM
9-1 Ludham EGVX 8:53 AM
9-1 Beccles EGSM 9:03 AM
9-1 MoD Woodbridge EGVG 9:15 AM
9-1 Great Oakley EGLI 9:25 AM
9-1 Clacton EGSQ 9:29 AM
9-1 Tillingham EGVW 9:37 AM
9-1 Barling Airfield EGIE 9:42 AM
9-1 Southend EGMC 9:45 AM
9-1 Stoke Airfield EGVK 9:51 AM
9-1 Thurrock EGMT 9:57 AM
9-1 Damyns Hall EGML 10:01 AM
9-1 London City EGLC 10:05 AM
9-1 Heathrow EGLL 10:40 AM
9-1 Rochester EGTO 11:12 AM
9-1 Farthing Corner/Stoneeacre EGMF 11:16 AM
9-1 Eastchurch EGOL 11:24 AM
9-1 Maypole EGHB 11:31 AM
9-1 Manston EGMH 11:36 AM
9-1 Channel Gliding club EGDH 11:43 AM
9-1 Chalksole Green EGZM 11:45 AM
9-1 Lydd EGMD 12:03 PM
9-1 Shorham EGKA 12:24 PM
9-1 Bognor Regis EGKC 12:31 PM
9-1 Lee-On-Solent EGHF 12:42 PM
9-1 Binstead Airfield EGRB 12:46 PM
9-1 Bembridge EGHJ 12:49 PM
9-1 Sandown EGHN 12:58 PM
9-1 Bournemouth EGHH 1:14 PM
9-1 Dorset Gliding Club EGBH 1:24 PM
9-1 Exeter EGTE 1:50 PM
9-1 Salcombe EGZY 2:09 PM
9-1 Plymouth EGHD 2:20 PM
9-1 St Mawgan AB EGHQ 2:35 PM
9-1 Predannack navy EGDO 2:57 PM
9-1 Culdrose navy EGDR 3:01 PM
9-1 Tempest airstrip EGRJ 3:06 PM
9-1 St Just EGHC 3:13 PM
9-1 St Mary’s EGHE 3:27 PM
9-1 Guipavas LFRB 4:19 PM

Flight time: 8:05 54 stops

The most landings on a single day so far and I’m not aiming to beat that record. I think I have the fast landing technique down to a tee in the Bonanza :smiley: So satisfying to swoop in, touch down at minimum speed at the very start of the runway, engine idling all the way down. Then plenty room left to start up again and continue on. Those parking brakes are really strong! They flip the Shock Ultra over if you don’t modulate braking.

First Alton towers, the biggest amusement park in the UK


Harwich where the ferries arrive, I didn’t see any. Boats don’t seem to be working.

Detour visiting London before heading back to the coast

Brand’s hatch, one of my favorite circuits

Dover where the channel tunnel comes up

Brighton with the Brighton Palace Pier

Coming in for a landing at Sandown on the Isle of Wight


Portland, the castle doesn’t show very well unfortunately

Leaving the UK from the Isles of Scilly

To arrive in the dark in Brest, Brittany, France

Update for London. After world update 3 came out I have gone back to London to check out all the glorious new details.

London Tower Bridge

St. Pauls Cathedral

London Blackfriars


London Bridge and The Shard

London Eye

London is currently over 40 GB of photogrammetry data. My laptop can only keep up at half to quarter sim rate. If I go faster than 40 knots the scenery starts to degrade and I have to slow down again or pause. Great scenery for a hot air balloon ride though!


Leg 11 Guipavas, Brest to Les Mureaux, Paris, France along the West coast

DAY9_2.PLN (7.7 KB)

9-2 Guipavas LFRB 7:49 AM
9-2 Pluguffan LFRQ 8:05 AM
9-2 Quiberon LFEQ 8:32 AM
9-2 Belle Ile LFEA 8:39 AM
9-2 La Baule-Escoublac LFRE 9:02 AM
9-2 Nantes/Atlantique LFRS 9:18 AM
9-2 Ancenis LFFI 9:28 AM
9-2 Saint Sulpice des Landes LFSS 9:43 AM
9-2 St Jacques LFRN 9:51 AM
9-2 Trelivan LFEB 10:06 AM
9-2 Pleurtuit-St Malo LFRD 10:11 AM
9-2 Le Val St Pere LFRW 10:37 AM
9-2 Granville LFRF 10:45 AM
9-2 Lessay LFOM 10:55 AM
9-2 Jersey EGJJ 11:09 AM
9-2 Guernsey EGJB 11:21 AM
9-2 Alderney EGJA 11:33 AM
9-2 Maupertus LFRC 11:46 AM

9-2 Maupertus LFRC 1:15 PM
9-2 Carpiquet LFRK 1:36 PM
9-2 St Gatien LFRG 1:49 PM
9-2 Octeville LFOH 1:54 PM
9-2 Rouen/Vallee de Seine LFOP 2:23 PM
9-2 Cherence LFFC 2:37 PM
9-2 Les Mureaux LFXU 2:43 PM

Flight time: 5:29 23 stops

Island hopping is always fun, L’Ile de Croix is up first

Followed by Quiberon

You can’t miss the stunning Mont Saint-Michel (at high tide apparently)

ATC just ignore me…

Flying by the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial at Omaha beech

And dark again already, arriving at Les Mureaux


Leg 12 Les Mureaux, Paris to Terneuzen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

DAY9_3.PLN (9.9 KB)

9-3 Les Mureaux LFXU 5:07 AM
9-3 St Cyr-l’Ecole LFPZ 5:16 AM
9-3 Orly LFPO 5:26 AM
9-3 Le Bourget LFPB 5:57 AM
9-3 Charles-de-Gaulle LFPG 6:01 AM
9-3 Esbly LFPE 6:13 AM
9-3 Le Plessis-Belleville LFPP 6:20 AM
9-3 Persan-Beaumont LFPA 6:29 AM
9-3 Margny LFAD 6:42 AM
9-3 Courmelles LFJS 6:52 AM
9-3 Prunay LFQA 7:08 AM
9-3 Marville Montmedy LFYK 7:30 AM
9-3 Villette LFGS 7:34 AM
9-3 Luxembourg ELLX 7:45 AM
9-3 Spangdahlem AB ETAD 7:58 AM
9-3 Mendig Army EDRE 8:28 AM
9-3 Cologne-Bonn EDDK 8:43 AM

9-3 Cologne-Bonn EDDK 9:46 AM
9-3 Weilerswist ULM EDYV 9:54 AM
9-3 Duren-Hurtgenwald EDIR 10:03 AM
9-3 Spa-La Sauvenière EBSP 10:19 AM
9-3 Theux EBTX 10:23 AM
9-3 Liège EBLG 10:32 AM
9-3 Maastricht-Aachen EHBK 10:44 AM
9-3 Brussels National EBBR 11:12 AM
9-3 Brussels South EBCI 11:54 AM
9-3 Elesmes LFQJ 12:05 PM
9-3 Denain LFAV 12:16 PM
9-3 Lesquin LFQQ 12:28 PM
9-3 Calais-Dunkerque LFAC 1:01 PM
9-3 Ostend EBOS 1:16 PM
Crash to desktop
9-3 Ostend EBOS 1:41 PM
9-3 Axel glider airfield EHAX 1:59 PM

Flight time: 7:23 30 stops

Visiting my favorite race track today, but first Paris. The weather is a bit gloomy, Versailles

A familiar view yet the Jardins du Trocadéro are rather flat

The ‘glass’ pyramid at the Louvre museum is there (awesome museum)

Unfortunately Notre Dame has burned to the ground in FS 2020. The buildings that are modeled kind of stick out like a sore thumb, must be the weather :confused:

Euro Disney, lovely times visiting there as a kid

Parc Asterix with my favorite wooden rollercoaster!

Courcelles sur Vesle

There it is, my favorite race track in the world! Nürburgring Nordschleife.

I wish GT Sport would add rain to this track!

Passing through Adenau

And of course the Karussell

Back to Belgium along the Eifel

And on to Spa-Franchorcamps, another favorite

From a separate session earlier, flying the track in the Shock Ultra

Off to find Brussels, there it is

Big spiral to come in for a landing

Despite the gloomy weather, Brussels looks great!

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Parc du Cinquantenaire

The sloping lock of Ronquières

A true marvel of engineering

It also reminds me of my grandfather who liked to take his self made boat on tours to France from the Netherlands, all through connecting inland waterways.

Finally, the sun comes out in Charleroi

Calais, the other end of the Channel tunnel

And finally arriving in Terneuzen, the Netherlands.

Revisiting Paris after World Update 4, turned into a lovely PG Area

The Louvre

Musée d’Orsay across the Seine

Notre Dame

My favorite, Centre Pompidou

View from the Arc de Triomphe

And of course the Eiffel Tower

course the Eiffel Tower

Coming through


Leg 13 Terneuzen to Drachten, The Netherlands

DAY9_4.PLN (8.1 KB)

9-4 Axel glider airfield EHAX 6:29 AM
9-4 Midden-Zeeland EHMZ 6:37 AM
9-4 Haamstede EHBU 6:45 AM
9-4 Vliegveld Numansdorp EHND 6:58 AM
9-4 Weelde AB EBWE 7:22 AM
9-4 Aeroclub Nistelrode EHLO 7:35 AM
9-4 Maldens Vlak Glider Field EHBE 7:42 AM
9-4 Asperden EDLG 7:48 AM
9-4 Niederrhein EDLV 7:53 AM
9-4 Kamp-Lintfort EDLC 8:00 AM
9-4 Schwarze Heide EDLD 8:09 AM
9-4 Dorsten Airfield EDIQ 8:20 AM
9-4 Borkenberge EDLB 8:30 AM
9-4 Vreden EDLS 8:42 AM
9-4 Teuge EHTE 9:11 AM
9-4 Hilversum EHHV 9:43 AM
9-4 Schiphol EHAM 10:12 AM
9-4 Rotterdam EHRD 10:31 AM
9-4 Valkenburg Navy EHVB 10:44 AM
3-4 Langeveld Glider Field EHNO 10:52 AM
3-4 Glider Field Castricum EHCA 11:04 AM
3-4 Middenmeer aerodrome EHOP 11:25 AM

3-4 Middenmeer aerodrome EHOP 1:18 PM
3-4 Texel EHTX 1:34 PM
3-4 Ameland EHAL 1:51 PM
3-4 Drachten EHDR 2:08 PM

Flight time 5:46 24 stops

I was born and raised in the Netherlands so I know where to go here.

First to Kaatsheuvel to visit the Efteling

The fairy tale forest was a childhood favorite

I flew over to Germany to visit the movie park there. The Ruhr industrial area is quite striking

Movie park Germany with The Neverending Story ride, one of my favorite books

Apeldoorn, the town I grew up in, showing Paleis het Loo down there

There is not a lot of wildlife left in the Netherlands so got to make sure they can safely cross the road

Wild crossing at Hoge Veluwe national park.

I was born in Amsterdam and went back there to University

Unfortunately the more you know a place, the less good it looks in FS 2020

I lived on the 12th floor of the student apartment building right below my plane on the water

It’s right below the approach to Schiphol airport. The whole building would shake when a heavy out bound cargo plane came over.

Back to the West coast past Reeuwijk

Berkenwoude, the effort to keep the land dry. Large parts of the Netherlands are below sea level

Wassenaar, some nature left next to the beach

Tulip fields supplying the Keukenhof (down right)

The beach at Nordwijkerhout, you can beach walk all along the coast

Circuit Zandvoort

More tulip fields in Noord-Holland

The Afsluitdijk which made the Flevopolder possible, claiming land from the sea

Terschelling, one of the wadden isles, a favorite destination for a short holiday

You can walk to the mainland at low tide, called Wadlopen (mudflat hiking)

Since it got dark I touched down in Drachten, Friesland.

Update: World update 4 is out so I took a couple screenshots of Amsterdam now it has PG data.

Amsterdam Central Station seen from Het IJ

Dam square

Rembrandtplein with The Stopera across De Amstel (river)

Muntplein at the end of the Kalverstraat

Leidsheplein with various great cinemas and theaters

Het Concertgebouw on Museumplein (Rijksmuseum in the other direction)

And one more view, De Koepelkerk on Singel

Lovely to see Amsterdam again in detail.


Leg 14 Drachten, The Netherlands to Göteborg, Sweden

DAY9_5.PLN (11.2 KB)

9-5 Drachten EHDR 6:57 AM
9-5 Glider field De Voorst EHVO 7:22 AM
9-5 Lelystad EHLE 7:35 AM
9-5 Glider Field Biddinghuizen EHBI 7:39 AM
9-5 Aero Club Salland EHDS 7:49 AM
9-5 Hoogeveen EHHO 7:57 AM
9-5 Eelde EHGG 8:12 AM
9-5 Borkum EDWR 8:30 AM
9-5 Juist EDWJ 8:36 AM
9-5 Norderney EDWY 8:40 AM
9-5 Baltrum EDWZ 8:43 AM
9-5 Langeoog EDWL 8:47 AM
9-5 Wangerooge EDWG 8:54 AM
9-5 Mariensiel EDWI 9:03 AM
9-5 Bremerhaven EDWB 9:12 AM
9-5 Duene EDXH 9:38 AM
9-5 St Peter-Ording EDXO 9:51 AM
9-5 Pellworm EDHP 9:58 AM
9-5 Wyk Auf Fohr EDXY 10:04 AM
9-5 Leck EDXK 10:12 AM
9-5 Sonderborg EKSB 10:25 AM
9-5 Aero EKAE 10:36 AM
9-5 Femo Airfield EKSK 10:52 AM
9-5 Koster Vig EKMN 11:03 AM
9-5 Maglarp ESMR 11:19 AM
9-5 Sturup ESMS 11:28 AM
9-5 Kastrup EKCH 11:45 AM
9-5 Hans Christian Andersen EKOD 12:27 PM
9-5 Gesten Glider Field EKVE 12:47 PM
9-5 Vandel AB EKVA 12:56 PM
9-5 Billund EKBI 1:03 PM
9-5 Stauning EKVJ 1:20 PM
9-5 Thisted EKTS 1:50 PM
9-5 Aalborg EKYT 2:08 PM
9-5 Saeby (Ottestrup) EKSA 2:23 PM
9-5 Save Goteborg ESGP 2:50 PM

Flight time: 7:53 35 stops

Continuing on from Drachten, heading South to Giethoorn, Venice of Holland.

Lelystad, a city build on land reclaimed from the Zuider zee, now called IJsselmeer.

The typical Dutch landscape, flat as a pancake

The famous motorsport circuit TT Assen, next to Assen.

Leaving the Netherlands in the North East at Delfzijl

Exploring the rest of the Wadden sea islands, Spiekeroog

Femø off the coast of Denmark, standing out from the air as a big target

Legoland next to the airport in Billund

The west coast of Denmark near Vedersø Klit Båke

Stenbjerg, enjoying the endless beach

Unfortunately the Vigsø Battery did not show up on FS 2020 apart from a few random AI generated shacks on the beach. It is a bit further along the coast

Arrival in Göteborg, Sweden in the dark. One thing that stood out in Denmark was how many windmills there are. The landscape is littered with them.


Leg 15 Göteborg, Sweden to Ose, Norway

DAY9_6.PLN (8.0 KB)

9-6 Save Goteborg ESGP 6:50 AM
9-6 Landvetter ESGG 6:59 AM
9-6 Viared ESGE 7:08 AM
9-6 Timmele Airfield ESUC 7:18 AM
9-6 Smalandsstenar ESMY 7:47 AM
9-6 Kronoberg ESMX 8:06 AM
9-6 Kosta AB ESFQ 8:17 AM
9-6 Kalmar ESMQ 8:33 AM
9-6 Borglanda ESMB 8:39 AM
9-6 Olanda ESMZ 8:53 AM
9-6 Visby ESSV 9:18 AM
9-6 Bunge Private Airport ESVB 9:34 AM
9-6 Skavsta ESKN 10:19 AM
9-6 Arlanda ESSA 10:50 AM
9-6 Vaesteraas AB ESOW 11:13 AM
9-6 Arboga ESQO 11:25 AM
9-6 Orebro ESOE 11:46 AM
9-6 Karlskoga ESKK 11:59 AM
9-6 Karlstad ESOK 12:21 PM
9-6 Gardermoen ENGM 12:58 PM
9-6 Kjeller AB ENKJ 1:06 PM
9-6 Jarlsberg ENJB 1:39 PM
9-6 Torp ENTO 1:44 PM
9-6 Geiteryggen ENSN 1:57 PM
9-6 Ose Airfield ENBY 2:26 PM

Flight time: 7:37 24 stops

It looks to be a beautiful day for flying, leaving Göteborg

A few showers in Ulricehamn

Which brought out some nice rainbows near Anderstorp

Anderstorp also hosts another motorsport circuit

Double rainbow at Jankoping

Flying East to Öland, the second largest island in Sweden, here passing Strandtorp

Coming in for a landing at Visby

At the North end of Öland, Gotland GP E circuit, lined by windmills

Gotska Sandön, a beautiful island, a national park with amazing sand dunes.

Stockholm, the capital

Enjoying flying low over the lakes at Vasteras

Forests and lakes at Orebro, most of the landscape is like this

Gallerasen arena, another motorsport circuit

The land is getting a bit more dry around Finholt

On to Norway, arriving in Oslo

Very nice city in FS 2020

Sunset at Torp

And arriving at Ose just before dark

Nice landing on a small airfield in a valley, beautiful place

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Leg 16 Ose to Andøya Norway

DAY9_7.PLN (8.4 KB)

Flying through Norway at low altitude was truly fantastic. Navigating through the fjords and between the mountains. Highly recommended!

9-7 Ose Airfield ENBY 6:15 AM
9-7 Valle Airfield ENVE 6:21 AM
9-7 Os Vaksinen Ulven ENUL 7:34 AM
9-7 Flesland ENBR 7:44 AM
9-7 Rompene ENEI 7:58 AM
9-7 Bringeland ENBL 8:14 AM
9-7 Anda ENSD 8:27 AM
9-7 Hovden ENOV 8:40 AM
9-7 Vigra ENAL 8:52 AM
9-7 Aro ENML 9:05 AM
9-7 Kvernberget ENKB 9:20 AM
9-7 Flatval ENFA 9:39 AM
9-7 Orland AB ENOL 9:51 AM
9-7 Vaernes AB ENVA 10:10 AM
9-7 Frosta Airfield ENFR 10:16 AM
9-7 Henning (Nedre Langli) ENSC 10:30 AM
9-7 Snasa Airfield Gronora ENGS 10:41 AM
9-7 Hattfjelldal ENHT 11:23 AM
9-7 Hemavan ESUT 11:38 AM
9-7 Rossvoll ENRA 11:55 AM
9-7 Rognan ENRG 12:18 PM
Crash to desktop
9-7 Rognan ENRG 12:33 PM
9-7 Porjus Flygfalt ESJK 1:17 PM
9-7 Gallivare ESNG 1:33 PM
9-7 Kiruna ESNQ 1:52 PM
9-7 Evenes ENEV 2:33 PM
9-7 Andøya ENAN 2:56 PM

Flight time 8:26 25 stops

Heading into the mountains at Rysstad


Blasjo, Norway is very pretty






Nordre Vartdal

Choppy water at Kvernberget


Trondheim, there’s people living here too, hidden between nature’s spectacles



Jokkmokk heading back into Sweden

To visit the open pit mine in Aitik which is unfortunately completely flooded

I arrived at Andøya in the dark to take on the epic flight to Svalbard and visit the Northern most airport in the next leg.


Leg 17 to the Northern most airport Svalbard ENSB and on to Russia

DAY9_8.PLN (1.6 KB)

9-7 Andøya ENAN 9:00 PM
9-7 Svalbard ENSB 78.2455044,15.4391032 1:05 AM 4:05 1

9-8 Svalbard ENSB 78.2455044,15.4391032 7:36 AM
9-8 Rogachyovo UISA 12:38 PM 4:56 1

Flight time: 9:01 2 stops

Two long dangerous flights to an unlisted airport off-map. I couldn’t figure out how to navigate to GPS coordinates so I had to go complete VFR since the in game map stops working above 75 degrees latitude. Fun challenge and very tight on fuel.

I set out before dawn and it didn’t take long to get into icing conditions

I could not out climb the clouds, barely maintaining 7,000 ft.

Luckily the clouds decided to give me a break or rather a gap to fly in between


Finally it cleared up some more when the sun started to come up

Melt that ice off my plane, thank you

Very peaceful now, starting to climb again, almost ice free.

Svalbard in sight, now the difficult task to locate the airport

The clouds make navigation more difficult, at least there are plenty gaps

Runway spotted down below!

Welcome to Svalbard 78.2 degrees North.

That was only half the challenge, now to get over to Nova Zembla, Russia. I started the game at the coordinates for the airport which spawns you in the air, thus I landed first, topped up the tanks to full and set off for real.

Leaving Svalbard behind

It looked to be a great flight so I decided to stay a bit further North to grab some more Nova Zembla land to fly over before getting to the airport.

Bad idea, trouble was brewing

I tried to climb higher yet the Bonanza doesn’t have the ability to go higher fast enough at 12K ft

I snagged a bit of cloud and instant trouble

That made me drop all the way down to 5K ft before she could hold level again, now sucking a lot more fuel.

The cloud spectacle made it worth it though

Unfortunately going slower meant it was already getting dark when reaching land

So much for sight seeing and now I’m in trouble fuel wise

Finally, a long glide saves the day and thanks to my slight detour I was on the right heading for a straight in landing. Look at that fuel display…

I barely had enough fuel left to taxi to a parking spot

One tank down to 3.00 gallons (empty as far as the game is concerned) the other 3.17 gallons left. Way way way too close!


Leg 18 Rogachyovo UISA, Nova Zembla to Bovanenkovo, Siberia, Russia

DAY9_9.PLN (2.3 KB)

9-8 Rogachyovo UISA 9:44 PM
9-8 Varanday ULDW 11:19 PM
9-9 Vorkuta UUYW 12:26 AM
9-9 Vorkuta USOE 12:32 AM
9-9 BovanenKovo USDB 2:02 AM

Flight time 4:42 4 stops.

Long legs over non existent terrain. Bing doesn’t have any data on this stretch, the low res sat image is replaced with generic no detail ground textures. The sun rise and cloud formations made up for it, however a Windows 10 update rebooted my laptop at night and all my unsaved pictures were gone in the morning. I use print screen and paste into paint shop to take screenshots. Now I save them straight away, also makes it easier to name them.

To compensate I reconstructed the leg on Google maps.

Leaving Rogachyovo in the morning

Varandey on the coast

Vorkuta, a coal mining town

It’s vey cool you can walk through this entire town in google street view

Bovanenkovo, a gas mining town

The Nenets of Siberia meet the gas miners

Not much to see along the way thanks to the bland terrain, but very cool to dive deeper into the culture.

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Leg 19 Bovanenkovo to Krasnoselkup, Siberia, Russia

DAY9_10.PLN (2.9 KB)

9-9 BovanenKovo USDB 8:02 AM
9-9 Alykel UOOO 10:38 AM
9-9 Valek UOOW 10:54 AM

9-9 Valek UOOW 9:21 PM
9-9 Snezhnogorsk UOIC 10:31 PM
9-9 Igarka UOII 10:59 PM
9-9 Svetlogorsk UOIG 11:24 PM
9-10 Krasnoselkup USDP 12:34 AM

Flight time: 6:05 6 stops

The detail level is still low but there is something to see now. Tadebyayakha

Not much to see of Reka Tename, pretty skies

Norilsk, dark again already

Continuing on from Norilsk at dawn, nice town

Putoranskiy Gosudarstvennyy Prirodnyy Zapovednik

Weird green tint on the sat images

This is what it really looks like

Landing at Snezhnogorsk, a path cleared in the forest.



Purplish mountain at Svetlogorsk

Stopping at Krasnoselkup, another isolated town along the Taz river


Another great journey and it’s been helpful to me. I’m headed west from Iceland in a diamond da62 and needed to find somewhere to stop off in Greenland

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