Exploring the world in the Beechcraft Bonanza

Leg 169, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Botohilitano, Sumatra, Indonesia

DAY02_07.PLN (7.2 KB)

On to Indonesia, birthplace of my mother, basically my mother('s) land. She only lived there 5 years though, before they had to flee the country. Long journey by boat in the early 50’s. My grandmother is full Indonesian born and raised, grandfather Dutch from origin.

I’ve never been to Indonesia, but my parents visited the old place in 2013. I think I’ve located the house using street view, methodically stepping through the whole district. (address can’t be located, my parents had a local guide find the house for them) Street view is from 2019, 6 years later and if it’s the right place, it has either been turned into a cafe or a school. (2 candidates close together)

Anyway, that’s for tomorrow’s leg. Indonesia is big and I only got through a part of Sumatra in 8 hours! Beautiful country, would love to visit one day. Virtual tourism for now.

02-06 Sultan Addul Aziz Shah-Subang WMSA 6:07 PM
02-06 Sitiawan WMBA 6:42 PM Hidden under sat cloud, generic farm texture
02-06 Pulau Pangkor WMPA 6:49 PM
02-06 Kualanamu International WIMM 7:29 PM
02-06 Polonia WIMK 7:38 PM
02-06 Blangkejeren WACQ 8:18 PM
02-06 Lhok Sukon WITL 8:47 PM
02-06 Malikus Saleh WIMA 9:00 PM
02-06 Sultan Iskandarmuda WITT 9:42 PM
02-06 Maimum Saleh WITN 9:54 PM
02-06 Calang Airstrip WACA 10:40 PM
02-06 Cut Nyak Dien WITC 11:07 PM
02-06 Lasikin WIML 11:50 PM
02-07 Syekh Hamzah Fansyuri WAGO 12:32 AM
02-07 Parapat WAPW 1:08 AM Massive terrain errors
02-07 Silangit WIMN 1:22 AM
02-07 Pinang Sore WIMS 1:40 AM
02-07 Binaka WIMB 2:17 AM
02-07 Natal WANT 2:39 AM

Flight time 8:32 18 stops

First up, crossing the Perak river in Western Malaysia

Pulau Pangkor on the West coast of Malaysia

Kualanamu International Airport, landfall in North-East Sumatra, Indonesia

Kota Medan (Kota means city) with Maimin Palace down below

Meriam Punting historical landmark on the left. The story behind it: A long time ago, this cut off cannon gun was the incarnation of one of Malay Kingdom’s princes who protected his sister from the abduction of Aceh’s king

On the right inside Istana Maimum (Istana means Palace) built in the late 1800s

A peek in the state museum of North Sumatra

Binjai, formally Kota Binjai, an independent city in the North Sumatra province of Indonesia

Looks like my plane will get a good cleaning, near Paya Tusam

Flying by Gunung Bandahara (Gunung means mountain) 9,882ft high

Blangkejeren, Aceh province

Very pretty here

Lhoksukon along the North coast of Sumatra, Malacca strait

Bandara Malikussaleh, Lhokseumawe (Bandara means airport)

Padang Tingoeh (Padang means field)

On the way to Banda Aceh

Near Tanah kebun (meaning Soil Garden) hiking area

Banda Aceh, the capital and largest city in the province of Aceh, Indonesia

Ulee Lheue beach, sure looks inviting

Museum Tsunami Aceh, symbolic center honoring victims & survivors of the 2004 tsunami

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque built in 1879 on the left

Apung 1 on the right. Former power-supply ship washed inland by the 2004 tsunami turned museum

Sabang off the northern tip of Sumatra

At the tip of Weh Island is the Kilometer Zero Monument of Indonesia

Tugu Kilometer Nol Indonesia

Waduk Keuliling (Waduk = Reservoir) and Gunung Hulumasen (Gunung = Mountain) 7,533ft

Flying past the mountain

Calang on the Indian Ocean, West side of North Sumatra

Calang airstrip

Kuede Panga below

Cut Nyak Dien Airport next to the Krueng Mataa river

Simeulue Island in the Indian Ocean

Lasikin, South West side of the island

West Banyak Island

Ujung Bati

Balai Island

Syekh Hamzah Fansyuri airport

Near Boeloedoekoe


Near Air Terjun Simarpangpang

Coming up on Lake Toba, a huge caldera

Gunung Pusuk Buhit, 6,503ft

Parapat on the other side of the lake

Lake Toba and Parapat Free Beach

Tarutung, means “durian” in the Batak language, named after the durian trees that grow here

Bandara Dr. Ferdinand Lumban Tobing (Pinang Sore Airport in game)

Aek Maros river down below

Gunungsitoli, capital city of Nias Regency on Nias island of the west coast of Sumatra

It is also an independent municipality within the province, separate from any regency

Home to Museum Pusaka Nias showing traditional houses

Goa (Cave) Togindrawa Gunungsitoli, said to be the ancestral cave of the Nias people

Was used as an ancient residence. No lighting, bring your own flashlight!

Final stop today, Botohilitano at the south end of Nias Island

Great place for surfing, great waves

Pantai (Beach) Sorake Nias Selatan and a picture from Ono Niho Surf Charter

Much more to explore, more of Sumatra tomorrow.

Leg 170, Botohilitano to Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia

DAY02_08.PLN (5.5 KB)

I found it, the house my mother spend the first 5 years of her life in. It doesn’t look anything like it in game, but it is there in the right spot. The town wasn’t all that recognizable, clouds were preventing long distance views and up close there are too many big appartment blocks (not there) spoiling the view. Still very cool to find it and fly over my Grandfather’s old work place.

02-07 Natal WANT 6:03 PM
02-07 Lasondre WANA 6:26 PM
02-07 Minangkabau Intl WIEE 7:19 PM
02-07 Tabing WIET 7:24 PM
02-07 Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Simpang Tiga) WIBB 8:07 PM
02-07 Sultan Syarif Haroen Setia Neg WIBL 8:22 PM
02-07 Japura WIBJ 8:42 PM
02-07 Dabo WIDS 9:32 PM
02-07 Depati Amir WIKK 10:23 PM
02-07 Sultan M Badaruddin II WIPP 11:04 PM
02-07 Pendopo WIPQ 11:28 PM Lahat, Bandaragung M.2 3°47’15.3"S 103°32’55.6"E Train yard 3°47’05.1"S 103°33’04.2"E
02-08 Pagar Alam WIPM 12:18 AM
02-08 Silamparis WIPB 12:43 AM
02-08 Fatmawati Soekarno WIGG 1:17 AM

Flight time 7:14 13 stops

First up, Lasondre Airport on Tanahmasa Island

Sunrise over the Indian ocean

Minangkabau International Airport near Padang, back on Sumatra

Padang, capital of Indonesia’s West Sumatra province

Museum Adityawarman

Grand Mosque of West Sumatra and the view from Nurbaya bridge

Gunung (Mount) Sago, also known as Malintang 7,421ft

It takes a long hike through undisturbed forests to reach the top

Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Simpang Tiga) Airport at Pekanbaru

Home to Alam Mayang Nature Park and Tugu Zapin, cultural landmark on a big roundabout

Dabo Airport on Singkep Island

Bangka Belitung Islands

Depati Amir Airport serving Pangkal Pinang

Palembang, capital of Indonesia’s South Sumatra province and port city on the Musi River

Apparently the Dutch embassy is/was here as this is where my Mother gained Dutch citizenship.

Ampara bridge, iconic landmark lift bridge in Palembang

Bukit (Hill) Siguntang, small hill located at the northern bank of Musi River with statues on the right

Pendopo, getting close to my ancestral home, the weather trying to thwart my search efforts

Lahat, South Sumatra, location of my ancestral home

My grandfather (Dutch from origin) worked on the railway in Lahat where he met my grandmother

The old closed up train yard where my grandfather worked in the 40s

A little peak through google streetview, closed up, rusted, overgrown, but still there.

The old house, below left side of the intersection

Found using street view comparing to a picture taken in 2013 when my parents visited

It changed again since 2013, yet the same plant is still growing out the roof and there is still a sign in the front yard with “kerata api” on it which means train.

The street and the sign in front of the house

It took a long time to find with just a picture and district name. Time well spend, walking through the town in street view seeing where my mother first went to school. Very interesting to recognize features from my grandmother in the people on the street there.

My grandparents suffered greatly during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia (1942-1945) then Dutch East Indies. No wonder they wanted to leave for the Netherlands after, plus Indonesia rightfully had enough of colonialism. Initially, most Indonesians welcomed the Japanese as liberators from their Dutch colonial masters. The sentiment changed, however, as between 4 and 10 million Indonesians were recruited as forced labourers, and about 4 million died during WWII. From bad to worse.

Thus after my grandmother and mother gained Dutch citizenship, they left on a boat to the Netherlands. There my grandfather became a dockworker while selling Indonesian specialties from their humble much smaller home in Rotterdam. The story goes they buried the family treasure in the backyard before leaving, starting over with little resources.

My grandfather made the most amazing Spekkoek (kue lapis legit or spekuk). I remember him sitting in front of a hot gas oven, carefully applying layer after layer with mixing bowls all over the kitchen preparing the batter. I used to make Roti Kukus growing up, easy recipe, delicious. My grandmother made amazing Indonesian dishes which my mother got into as well.

Time to move on, leaving Lahat behind for now

Pagar Alam Airport, nearest airport to Lahat

Bengkulu, the second largest city on the west coast of Sumatra Island after Padang

Thomas Par Monument on the left from when the East India Company during the 17th century.

Thomas Par was killed during a rebellion against his administration on 27 September 1807. The East India Company quashed the rebellion, and the following year, a monument was constructed to honor Parr. Though the monument was built as a memorial to Parr and his death, the people of Bengkulu have reinterpreted it as a testament to their willingness to defend their land rights and traditional customs.

Benteng (Fortress) Marlborough in the middle, former British fort once used by the French, Dutch, Japanese & Indonesian militaries.

And the British colonial cemetary on the right. From a local guide, pieces of history that tell us about bitter conditions and experiences linked to the British East India Company and deaths of hundreds of British Bencoolen inhabitants who were affected by the Bencoolen resistance movements and fatal diseases during the British colonial rule in Bencoolen (now known as Bengkulu).

Looking through the pictures there are also a lot of gravestones in Dutch. The Dutch occupied Indonesia for 3 and a half centuries, finally let go of it in 1949. Over a 15-year period after the Republic of Indonesia became an independent state, virtually the entire Dutch population, Indische Nederlanders (Dutch Indonesians), estimated at between 250,000 and 300,000, left the former Dutch East Indies, including my grandparents.

A brief intermission tomorrow, Cocos (Keeling) and Christmas island before continuing to Java, Indonesia.

That might be the longest post I’ve ever seen in my life. lol I’m doing the same thing; touring the world in BE58. But I forgot to take photos.

Ha, initially I was aiming for an 80 day around the world tour. I’m only halfway after double that. 360 days seems more likely. I should have reserved a couple posts at the start, no split option.

Goodluck on your journey, there is so much to see. Not always though as I’m currently flying from Cocos (Keeling) to Christmas island, nothing but water. That’s what auto pilot is for!

Leg 171, Bengkulu, Sumatra via Cocos (Keeling) and Christmas island to Purwokerto, Java, Indonesia

DAY02_09.PLN (6.5 KB)

A little detour to start with, technically visiting Australia in the Cocos (Keeling) islands and Christmas island. Then back to Indonesia to explore Java island.

Departure from Bengkulu at night

3 hour flight to Cocos (Keeling) on auto pilot

Very peaceful over the Indian Ocean

Cruising at 7,500 ft, 17 knot headwind unfortunately

First sliver of the sun spotted

There they are, Cocos (Keeling) islands

Home island comes out the best, no water masks around here though

Cocos (Keeling) Island Airport on West Island

It is a true tropical paradise

Great for scuba diving and snorkeling

On to Christmas island

More blue, and a bit more blue

Christmas island along Greta Beach

Captain William Mynors of the British East India Company named the island after sighting it on Christmas Day in 1643

Lily beach

Approaching the airport from the North

Christmas Island Airport

The view from Margaret Knoll Lookout and Great Beach

Wildlife around Christmas island featuring a lot of red crabs

Lily beach and The Grotto

Back to Indonesia, on the way to Java

Over stormy waters

The weather is clearing up a bit near the coast

Near Cigaru


Cicurug, West Java

Cicurug Aiport

Bogor, half of it

The center of Bogor in another gap between the clouds

And the last part, big city

Crossing the Cisadane river


Indonesia Convention Exhibition

Fun race course

Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Jakarta, Indonesia’s massive capital on the northwest coast of the island of Java

The center of Jakarta with the national monument on the right side

National monument on the left, built to commemorate Indonesian independence from the Netherlands

Selamat Datang Monument in the middle, completed 1962 as part of a city beatification project in preparation for the Asian Games IV. On the right, Monumen Patung Dirgantara, also known as Gatot Kaca Monument after the Javanese wayang figure.

Istiqlal Mosque, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia

Dharma Bhakti Temple, Buddhist shrine dating back to 1650

Wayang Museum in an old Dutch colonial building

Wayang is a traditional form of puppet theater play which originated here on Java

And a peek in the National Museum

Kalijati Airport, it’s coming down heavily now. There are flood warnings showing up on Google maps

Mount Tangkuban Parahu (6,837ft) somehow managing to fend off the clouds

Tangkuban Parahu is a stratovolcano, erupted as recently as 2019

Batujajar Airport

Batujajar on the Saguling Dam Reservoir

Bandung, capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, set amid volcanoes and tea plantations

Gedung State meaning State Building, grand Dutch colonial administration building dating to the 1920s

Curug (Waterfall) Batu Templek Bawah, popular waterfall on the North side of Bandung

Smart usage of available space, Taman Film on the left

And there is an awesome geological museum in Bandung with local finds

Mount Gunther barely peaking out the clouds in the distance

Mount Galunggung (7,113ft), another active stratovolcano

Galunggung is part of the Sunda Arc extending through Sumatra, Java and the Lesser Sunda Islands

Giant staircase makes climbing easier

Tunggul Wulung airport

And final stop today at Purwokerto

Continuing on East along Java tomorrow

Leg 172, Purwokerto, Java to Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

DAY02_10.PLN (5.5 KB)

Java is all kinds of epic, flying from one volcano to the next. Beware lot of screenshots ahead.

02-09 Purwokerto WAPM 6:45 PM Sunrise 5:53 PM
02-09 Achmad Yani WAHS 7:22 PM
02-09 Adisutjipto WAHH Yogyakarta 7:55 PM
02-09 Adi Soemarmo WAHQ 8:13 PM
02-09 Iswahyudi WARI 8:34 PM
02-09 Ngloram WARC 8:59 PM
02-09 Juanda WARR Surabaya 9:31 PM
02-09 Abdulrachman Saleh Aero WARA 9:54 PM
02-09 Noto Hadinegoro WARE 10:47 PM
02-09 Blimbingsari WADY 11:19 PM
02-09 Letkol Wisnu Airstrip WAYE 11:32 PM
02-10 Trunojoyo WART 12:14 AM
02-10 Pagerungan WA19 12:57 AM
02-10 Bali Intl WADD 1:56 AM

Flight time 7:11 13 stops

It started out not so promising, overcast, pouring rain at Purwokerto

Not much to see at take off

However the clouds were all pretty low, not long until Mount Bisma and Mount Sundoro became visible

Gunung Bisma 7,759ft

Dien Plateau created by volcanic eruptions, with Telaga (Lake) Merdada

Hutan Mati Karangtengah below, meaning Karangtengah Dead Forest

Telaga Warna, Dieng, scenic lake with high sulfur content that creates a changing rainbow of colors

Karangsari, Dieng Kulon, Batur, Banjarnegara, Central Java

Sikidang crater in the middle, emitting natural sulfuric gas

Mount Sundoro (10,289ft) and Mount Sumbing (11,060ft) in the distance

Semarang on the North shore, capital and largest city of Central Java

Achmad Yani Airport

Back to the other side, by Mount Ungaran (6,726ft)

Mount Merbabu (10,318ft) in the distance

Mount Merapi (9,613ft)

Gunung Merapi with Gunung Merbabu behind

The lost world, theme park on the left, lots of activities at the base of Mount Merapi

Merapi erupting in the middle (last eruption June 21, 2020) and view from the top

Yogyakarta, often called Jogja, on the South side of Central Java

Not much to see today in game

Prambanen Temple, one of many on the East side of Jogja

Central Museum of the Air Force Dirgantara Mandala

Kampoeng Cyber Yogyakarta, traditional village settled in 1867, now a ‘cyber’ village

Taman Sari, 18th-century former royal garden with a storied bathing complex

Java is the home of Gamalan music, which can be enjoyed at numerous open-air pavilions in Yogyakarta’s 18th-century royal complex, or kraton, encompassing the still-inhabited Sultan’s Palace

Moving on to Adi Soemarmo, still raining

Back above the clouds, Mount Lawu (10,712ft)

And down to the ground again, Iswahyundi Airport with a little obstruction on the runway

Ngloram Airport on the North side, better weather on this side of the mountains

Surabaya, port city on East Java

The Sanggar Agung Temple, Buddhist temple complex by the ocean

Surabaya Submarine Monument, museum inside a decommissioned Russian war submarine

Gunung Arjuna (10,955ft) with its twin Arjuno-Welirang

It’s a whole range with Cangar Hot Spring in the middle

South side of Gunung Arjuna with Arjuno-Welirang behind

Flying over Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Gunung Semeru (12,060ft) has been in almost continuous eruption since 1967

It is known for its regular ash explosions that typically occur at intervals of 10-30 minutes

Mount Bromo (7,641ft)

Mount Bromo with Mount Semeru behind

Gn. Batok, part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Lake Ranu Kumbolo in front of Mount Semeru

A closer look at Gunung Semeru

Stunning mountain to fly around

Mount Argopuro (10,131ft)

Air Terjun (Waterfall) Tancak down below

Plaza Rengganis on the East side of Mount Argopuro and Tancak waterfall

Looking for Noto Hadinegoro Airport

Fpund it, in the rain again

Mount Raung (10,932ft) most recent eruption July 2020

Gunung Ijen (9,183ft) near the East coast on East Java

Kawah Bulan Sabit Nature Preserve

Flying over Temoegoeroeh

Blimbingsari Airport on the East coast of Java, just South of Banyuwangi

Crossing the Bali Sea to Bali

West Bali National Park

Banjuwedang, North-West Bali, Mount Merbuk (4,547ft) in the distance

Sumenep on Madura island, a brief detour on the North side of Bali

Paliat Island in the Java Sea

Paperungan Airport on a non existant island (no vector map)

Gunung Batur (5,633ft) and Danau (Lake) Batur

Mount Agung (9,944ft) last erupted June 13, 1919

Bali’s highest point

View of Mount Batur and Mount Agung erupting

Gianyar on the South side of Bali

Denpasar, capital city and main hub of the Indonesian province of Bali

Bali International Airport

Bajra Sandhi Monument, monument to the struggles of the Balinese people throughout history

Bali Musuem on the right with outdoor exhibits

As well as indoor art & history exhibits

Werdhi Budaya (Cultural) Art Center on the left and Patung (Statue of) Titi Banda on the right

Bali is home to Balinese dancers, here showcased in Samsara

As well as the origin of Tari (Dance) Kecak aka Ramayana monkey chant

Still popular today, 5555 dancers in 2018

More Indonesian islands tomorrow, in fact I’m already in the air for over an hour. This post took a lot longer than anticipated. So much to see!

Why don’t you have SVENZ as your tail number? Now you will have to re-do the entire trip and take new photos with you new tail number :slight_smile:

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Leg 173, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia via Timor-Leste to Benlelang, Alor Island, Indonesia

DAY02_11.PLN (7.4 KB)

Following the volcanic range to the East including Mount Tambora, known for the largest eruption during the Holocene period (10,000 years to present)

02-10 Bali Intl WADD 6:03 PM
02-10 Selaparang WADA 6:25 PM
02-10 Lombok Intl WADL 6:35 PM
02-10 Lunyuk WAPU 7:13 PM Unmarked runway
02-10 Sumbawa Besar WADS 7:36 PM
02-10 Mohammad Salahuddin WADB 8:19 PM
02-10 Tambolaka WATK 9:06 PM
02-10 Mau Hau WATU 9:31 PM
02-10 Tardamu WATS 10:09 PM
02-10 David Constantijn Saudale WATR 10:38 PM
02-10 El Tari WATT 11:00 PM
02-10 Oecussi WPOC 11:37 PM
02-10 Haliwen WRKA 11:52 PM
02-11 Maliana WPMN 12:08 AM
02-11 Pres Nicolau Lobato International WPDL 12:25 AM Dili Capital
02-11 Cakung WPEC 12:46 AM
02-11 Jos Orno Imsula JIO 1:22 AM
02-11 Kisar WATQ 1:43 AM
02-11 Atauro WPAT 2:20 AM
02-11 Mali WATM 2:52 AM

Flight time 8:49 19 stops

Rainy departure from Bali International Airport

Waving Denpasar goodbye

Heading for Lombok Island

Selaparang on the West side of Lombok

Lombok is dominated by Mount Rinjani (12,224ft)

Lake Segara Anak inside the crater (which translates to “immediately child”)

Gunung Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia (after Mount Kerinci on Sumatra)

More active than Kerinci though, most recent eruption September 27 2016 (Kerinci 1970)

Danau (Lake) Taliwang on Sumbawa island

Olet Sangenges mountain peak (5,499ft)

A much older volcano, not active anymore

View of Olet Sangenges and the Agal Waterfall halfway down the mountain

Sumbawa Besar on the North side of the island

Ngali island, one of the islands dotted around Sumbawa in the Flores Sea

On the way to Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora is 9,350ft hight, not the highest, still quite a climb

Tambora is responsible for the largest every recorded eruption when it blew its top off in 1815

The eruption ejected 160–213 cubic kilometres of material into the atmosphere

Most recent eruption was in 1967

Episodes of increased seismic activity have occurred in 2011, 2012, and 2013, still active

The scale is impressive, the crater is its own world

Saneo to the East near Doro Oromboha (inactive)

Near Bima (behind on the right), the largest city on the island of Sumbawa

Komodo island

Loh Liang - Komodo National Park

Home to the Komodo dragon, a species that has been around for 4 million years

Padar island’s pink beach

Caused by the Foraminifera, a microorganism that produces the pink/red color pigment on the coral reef

Flying over Rinca and Kode Pulau Motang Island (the small one)

Waingapu, the largest town on the island of Sumba

Tardamu Airport at Boddo on Sawu island

David Constantijn Saudale Airport on Rote Island

Sotimori, North-East side of Rote island

Gunung Fatuleu, popular climbing rock sticking out the landscape on South Timor

Nuaf Nefomasi (7,963ft) in the distance

The mountain sits in Cagar Alam Gunung Mutis nature preserve

Noenoe Heno, Timor-Leste

Lifau - Pante Macassar on the North Coast of East Timor

Lifau Monument, documenting the arrival of the Portugese

On August 18, 1515, Portuguese Dominicans landed on Timor and founded the Lifau settlement on the site in 1556 to secure the sandalwood trade.

Foho Tatamailau (9,797ft) highest mountain on Timor

And a pilgrimage site dedicated to Virgin Mary

Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste on the North coast

President Nicolau Lobato International Airport and Tais Market, looks rather warm there

The large Cristo Rei de Dili statue, on a hilltop East of the city

Beatiful beaches as everywhere around here

Archives & Museum of East Timorese Resistance

After the Portugese lost control of Timor in 1975, Indonesia swooped in to occupy Timor. In a case of the abused becoming the abusers, for 24 years the Indonesian government subjected the people of East Timor to routine and systematic torture, sexual slavery, extrajudicial executions, massacres, and deliberate starvation. East Timor finally gained independence in 2002. Investigation into the East Timor genocide is still ongoing.

Passing Sau at the mouth of the Rib Laclo River

Bandara (Airport) Perintis Moa Maluku Barat Daya on Moa Island

Also marked as Jos Orno Imsula Airport, Bandar Udara Moa and Leti Airport

Kisar Island (and Kisar Airport)

Atauro Island

Dola Koyakoya (5,988ft)

Located on Alor island

Alor Island Airport, final stop today

I sure would like to get out and walk to the beach over there

More of Indonesia to explore tomorrow, heading for Sulawesi and Borneo

Leg 174, Benlelang, Alor Island to Kasiguncu, Sulawesi, Indonesia

DAY02_12.PLN (6.4 KB)

More volcanoes while heading North to Sulawesi

02-11 Mali WATM 5:37 PM
02-11 Wunopito WATW 6:12 PM
02-11 Gewayantana WATL 6:27 PM
02-11 Wai Oti WATC 6:51 PM
02-11 H Hasan Aroeboesman WATE 7:14 PM
02-11 Bajawa WATB 7:35 PM
02-11 Mutiara II WATO 8:11 PM
02-11 Selayar / Aroepala WAWH 9:02 PM
02-11 Hasanuddin WAAA 9:43 PM
02-11 Bua WAFD 10:40 PM
02-11 Pongtiku WAFT 10:59 PM
Restart, 40GB memory comitted down to 2fps 11:29 PM ground to a halt, takes forever to exit
02-11 Last known position 11:40 PM
02-11 Tampa Padang WAFJ 11:47 PM
02-12 Seko WAFN 12:13 AM Heavy fog
02-12 Malili WAND 12:50 AM
02-12 Soroako WAWS 1:01 AM
02-12 Bubung WAMW 1:49 AM
02-12 Kasiguncu WAFP 2:42 AM

Flight time 8:54 16 stops

First up, Pantar island with Pura Island in the distance

Pantar island is home to Mount Sirung (2,828ft) an easy hike to the top

Danau (Lake) Allibagis in the crater next to mount Sirung

Lembata island

Gunung api - ile Ape (5,741ft) on Lembata island

Wunipito Airport at Eropaun on the north-west coast of the island

Ile Boleng (5,443ft) on the south-east side of Adonara Island

Gewayantana Airport next to Riangkami with Gunung ille Mandiri (4,869ft)

Flying past Ile Mandiri

Mount Egon (5,587ft) on Flores island

Activity of Gunung Egon on 15 April 2008 forced thousands of people to evacuate

Gunung Kelimutu (5,377ft) with tri colored lakes a bit further west on Flores island

Located in Taman Nasional (National park) Kelimutu

Near Watoemere

H Hasan Aroeboesman Airport in Ende

Pantai Batu Biru below

Which means Blue Stone Beach

Puncak Gunung (The peak of mount) Abu Lobo (5,650ft)

Gunung Inerie (7,365ft)

Not active anymore, very pretty and the highest volcano on the island (Flores)

Poco Mandasawu (7,775ft)

Flying over Redjang

With the Lingko Spider Web Rice Fields nearby

Near Raren

Badjo, on the north-west side end of Flores

H. Aroepala Airport at Padang on Selayar Island

Pantai (Beach) Punagaan on the other side of the long thin island

Moncong Lompobatang (9,429ft) in the distance

Makassar, also known as Ujung Padang, South Salawesi, Salawesi Island

Fort Rotterdam, 17th-century Dutch colonial Fort Rotterdam now housing Museum Negeri La Galigo

40,000 Victims Monument Life

Dedicated to the South Sulawesi residents that were slaughtered between 1946-1947 in an insurgent crushing operation by Dutch special troops led by Westerling.

Mandala Monument of West Irian Liberation

A reminder of the success of the Indonesian liberation of Papua New Guinea in 1962.Although Indonesia had proclaimed independence nearly 20 years, the Dutch still possessed the western part of New Guinea aka West Irian and Papua.

Flying by Balai Taman Nasional (National Park Office) Bantimurung Bulusaraung

Approaching Mount Latimojong

Gunung Latimojong is 11,411ft high

Behind it lies Mount Rantekombola (11,335ft)

Long way back down as well to my comfy 3,000 ft cruising altitude

Pongtiku Airport near Makale and Rimboeng

Tanete Gandangdewata (9,964ft) ahead

Mamoedjoe aka Mmudju on the west side of Sulawesi

Gong Perdamaian Nusantara - Mamuju located in the middle on the water in the picture above

Tampa Padang Airport, West Sulawesi

Buyu Balease (9,895ft)

A group documented their full hike through pictures on Google maps

Thanks for sharing, video clips and all

Malili Approach, turn left before the apartment block

Morowali Airport / Maleo Airport missing, missing in the game

I landed on the uneven concrete slab that’s there, nothing around

Batui down below

Budung Airport

Luwuk, Central Sulawesi

Where you can visit Bukit Teletubbies, the Teletubby hills

Buyu Lumut in the middle of Malawesi

Final stop today Kasiguncu airport

Tomorrow to Borneo

Leg 175, Kasiguncu, Sulawesi, Indonesia to Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

DAY02_13.PLN (9.1 KB)

Borneo is not captured all that well, lot of clouds interfering on the sat images, but it does offer some really fun and challenging landing strips. Short, tough to spot, obstacles in the way, fun.

02-12 Kasiguncu WAFP 5:48 PM Left screen dead
02-12 Mutiara WAFF 6:09 PM Switching planes in dev mode fixed the instruments
02-12 Tanjung Bara WRLJ 7:05 PM
02-12 Sanggata/Sangkim ah WRLA 7:13 PM
02-12 Bontang WRLC 7:23 PM
02-12 Tanjung Santan WALT 7:35 PM
02-12 Muara Badak Pujangan WALQ 7:44 PM
02-12 Temindung WALS 7:55 PM
02-12 Sepinggan WALL 8:16 PM
02-12 Tanahgrogot WATX 8:40 PM
02-12 Warukin WAON 9:08 PM
02-12 Gusti Sjamsir Alam WAOK 9:46 PM
02-12 Batu Licin WAOC 9:54 PM
02-12 Mekar Putih WAOH 10:12 PM
02-12 Syamsudin Noor WAOO 10:55 PM Bad performance, 30GB ram in use, tree leak?
02-12 Tjilik Riwut WAGG 11:32 PM
02-13 Tumbang Samba WAPQ 12:04 AM
02-13 Madya Raya Airstrip WAKX 12:45 AM
Restart, memory use is up to 35GB, 5fps, purge the memory leak, down to 21GB after reload
02-13 Madya Raya Airstrip WAKX 12:54 AM
02-13 Tanjung Maju Airstrip WALB 1:24 AM
02-13 Supadio WIOO 1:53 AM
02-13 Serukam WACC 2:23 AM
02-13 Bentiang Airstrip WABE 2:43 AM
02-13 Engkadik Airstrip WABN 2:53 AM
02-13 Lokok Airstrip WMKU 3:02 AM 3 attempts, very short
02-13 Kuching International WBGG 3:22 AM

Flight time 9:25 24 stops

This is a first for me, left screen is broken on departure, black with Xs everywhere

I switched planes back and forth at the next airport (using dev mode) which fixed it. Pretty hard to fly in bad weather with only the gps screen working.

Near Sejahtera

Coming in for a landing at Mutiara SIS Al Jufri Airport, Palu, West Sulawesi

I crossed over Makassar strait to Borneo with its Mangrove forests on the coast

Something the sim can’t render at all, Bontang Mangrove National Park

Near Badjou, unknown river

Tanagrogot airport

Not finished, construction stalled due to corruption

I landed there anyway, no mud in fs2020!

Near Roemping

PT Pamapersada Nusantara Coal Mine

It’s huge, coal is a major export on Borneo

There are a lot of mining operations like this one on Borneo

It has become a big problem

But things made a turn for the better

Gunung Besar (4,797ft) ahead

Another group documented their expedition to the top of Mount Besar

If I were 25 years younger, count me in

PT Pama Indo Mining, another mining operation along the way

Tapianbalai, south-east end of Borneo on East Laut Island

Waduk Riam Kanan (Right Riam Reservoir)

Huge reservoir

Created by Bendungan Riam Kanan (Right Riam Dam)

View from Bukit (Hill) Matang Kaladan

Tumbang Samba Airport

Getting more challenging now, Madya Raya Airstrip, mind the buildings

So many trees, over West Kalimantan

A treenami is after me!

Gunung Saran (5,767ft) in the distance

Tanjung Maju Airstrip

Is it real, I think so

Pontianak, capital of West Kalimantan on the Sungai Landak (hedgehog river)

Tugu Digulis Kalimantan Barat (Monument of Eleven Digulists) on the left. A memorial to the struggle of eleven Sarekat Islam figures who were exiled to West Irian in fear of their movement triggering a rebellion against the Dutch East Indies government in Kalimantan

Keraton Kadriyah Pontianak Kalbar on the right, Sultan’s palace built in the 1770s

The river front and Tugu Khatulistiwa aka the equator monument

The equator monument is not on the equator any more. Land masses are affected by plate tectonics, and Earth’s equator itself moves due to the precession of the equinoxes and nutation. The equator has moved slightly southwards and there is another line outside the monument, that shows the recorded position in 2005. The position of the equator in 2010 is even further south and now is in a river.

Oddly on Google maps the equator is further North instead. The monument is located at 0°01’16.0"S, about 2.3km South of the equator of Google maps.

Serukam Airstrip

Another fun airstrip

Although it looks like it is no longer in use, certainly no runway there

Bentiang Airstrip, mind the tree

Lokok Airstrip, the hardest one to spot and land at

Very short and well hidden

Luckily sloping uphill to stop more quickly

Last stop of the day, Kuching International Airport, Sarawak, Malaysia

Home to Darul Hana Bridge and Fort Margherita, 1879 fortress now home to The Brooke Gallery

East tomorrow, to Brunei, then heading down under.

Leg 176, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia via Brunei to Tandjungredeb, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

DAY02_14.PLN (12.4 KB)

Challenging weather at many tough to locate airstrips, lots of fun.

Borneo is much bigger than I thought it was. Growing up on the 52nd parallel with the Mercator projection used on all maps in school, everything around the equator is about 1.62 times further apart than in Northern Europe. It doesn’t help that the middle of that ‘standard’ map (like the one I use at the OP) is at 27 degrees North, giving a false sense of where the equator is.

Modern maps use a globe projection of course, Yet after using maps on computers for two decades, it still feels like Europe is too small on correctly projected maps. In reality, Indonesia stretches wider than Europe, while Borneo easily swallows up the entire UK. In fact, Indonesia stretches wider than Canada

02-13 Kuching International WBGG 4:11 PM Sunrise 5:51 PM
02-13 Pangsuma WIOP 5:04 PM virtual vision landing
02-13 Long Apung WRLP 5:55 PM
02-13 Data Dian WADT 6:11 PM
02-13 Long Banga WALZ 6:44 PM 2 attempts, short runway
02-13 Long Layu WANB 7:01 PM 2 attempts, hard to spot in the rain
02-13 Buduk Kabul Airstrip WAKH 7:13 PM
02-13 Long Bawan WRLB 7:19 PM
02-13 Bakalalan WBGQ 7:30 PM 2 attempts, storm moved in
02-13 Long Seridan WBGI 7:41 PM Sarawak Chamber largest cave chamber 4°4′18.82″N, 114°52′36.56″E
02-13 Mulu WBMU 8:03 PM
02-13 Marudi WBGM 8:17 PM
02-13 Miri WBGR 8:29 PM
02-13 Lutong WMLU 8:37 PM
02-13 Anduki/Seria WBAK 8:51 PM
02-13 Brunei International WBSB 9:14 PM Bandar Seri Begawan Capital
02-13 Limbang WBGJ 9:20 PM
02-13 Labuan WBKL 9:41 PM
02-13 Kuala Penyu WBKU 9:54 PM
02-13 Keningua WBKG 10:12 PM
02-13 Kota Kinabalu WBKK 10:28 PM
02-13 Kota Belud WBKB 10:54 PM
02-13 Kudat WBKT 11:13 PM Slippery runway, pouring
02-13 Sandakan WBKS 11:52 PM
02-14 Jeroco WMLA 12:10 AM
02-14 Lahad Datu WBKD 12:22 AM
02-14 Semporna WBKA 12:40 AM
02-14 Tawau WBKW 12:55 AM
02-14 Kelabakan WACN 1:20 AM 3 attempts, hard to spot, half overgrown, heavy rain
02-14 Nunukan WRLF 1:33 AM
02-14 Bunyu WALV 1:51 AM
02-14 Juwata WAQQ 2:02 AM
02-14 Tanjung Harapan WAQD 2:17 AM
02-14 Banaina WALP 2:26 AM
02-14 Kalimarau WAQT 2:33 AM

Flight time 10:22 34 stops

I left early today, dawn approaching at Betung Kerihun National Park

Sunrise at Pulaunjibung

Approaching Long Apung

Data Dian Airport

Kayan Mentarang National Park

Tropical rain forest in the rain

Pretty place, be well prepared when visiting

Approaching Long Banga

Long Banga Airport, hard to find in this weather, had to declare a go around, short as well

Buduk Kabul Airstrip, tricky landing, dip then an uphill slope

Ba’kelalan Airport next to the Sungai (river) Kelalan

It’s really coming down here

Long Seridan Airport, lightning all around

Which is close to Sarawak chamber in Gunung Mulu National Park

I wouldn’t expect to find the cave entrance in good weather either, but it is close to here

Sarawak chamber is the largest known cave chamber in the world by area

Coming in for a landing in Miri, a Malaysian city on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo

Canada Hill caught my attention with the historical Oil Well No. 1 “The grand old lady”

It is believed Canada Hill got its name from a Canadian who used to live in the area

Anduki-Seria Airport

Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei, a tiny nation on the north side of the island of Borneo

Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Institiute of Tahfiz in front

Bandar Seri Begawan is located on the Brunei river

Mercu Dirgahayu 60 on the left, birthday monument to the Sultan

Kampong Ayer on the right. The river front has lots of houses on poles in the water

Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque and Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Mahkota Jubli Emas Park

Labuan, officially the Federal Territory of Labuan, an island just off the coast

Home to Surrender point, right in the middle of the picture above, on the beach

WWII memorial marking the site of Japan’s surrender to Australian forces in 1945

Labuan Airport

Kuala Penyu

Bongawan below the huge cloud

Flying over Crocker Range National Park

Gunung Kinabalu (13,435ft) ahead

Located in Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site

Kinabalu is the highest peak in Borneo

Sandakan barely visible, located in Sabah, on the northeast coast of Borneo

Home to Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary and Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center

There is also the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center and Sandakan Crocodile Farm

Sandakan Memorial Park (right) on the site of a former Japanese POW camp

Agnes Keith house (left) where the American author wrote her three autobiographical accounts of life in North Borneo before, during, and after the Second World War

Three came home tells of the author’s time in a Japanese POW and civilian internee camps in North Borneo and Sarawak, which was turned into a movie in 1950

Lahud Datu

Timbun Mata island in the “unavailable” bay… near the Celebes Sea

Sempora airport, still thunder and lightning

Nunukan Airport, mind the apartment block at the start of the runway

There are no tall buildings around Nunakan, nothing to suggest tall buildings on Bing maps either. No clue why the AI keeps peppering the towns with these huge buildings.

Bunyu Island

Tarakan Island

And approaching my final stop today, Kalimarau Airport

Tomorrow, south towards Australia. Or more realistically to the Banda Arc.

I always enjoy keeping track of you trip and photos.

Specially now that I’m grounded. I left home last Friday and won’t be back until this coming Friday.

So a full week of no flying for me. And I didn’t really have time to fly last Thursday since I was too busy preparing for my trip.

Currently visiting family.

Thanks! Enjoy your time with your family, it’s hard to come by nowadays.

Without the pandemic this trip would not have been possible, certainly not at this level of detail. It’s now a race between vaccines and my plane getting back to Canada! The current lock downs, and winter time have only increased my flying times. I wonder how long I can keep up this pace.

I’ll finish this trip regardless, but most likely not at the current 10 hour a day pace. Currently I’m roughly 13 time zones away from home, 1 hour over halfway through the trip. Oceania will mess quite a bit with my rough per timezone exploration strategy. I’ll be visiting Hawaii before looping back to the Philipines and Japan.

Rough plan for now, Australia → New Zealand → South Pacific → Hawaii → Papua → Phillipines → Japan → Alaska. Then down to Antarctica and back up the other side to complete the tour via the Caribbean.

Leg 177, Tandjungredeb, East Kalimantan to Wahai, Seram Island, Indonesia

DAY02_15.PLN (7.4 KB)

Increasing the pace a bit while visiting some of the many islands dotted around the Molucca, Halmahera and Ceram Sea. Holding short of Papua for now, which I’ll return to much later.

02-14 Kalimarau WAQT 3:45 PM
02-14 Sangkulirang WAUY 4:10 PM Virtual vision landing
02-14 Sultan Bantilan WAMI 5:01 PM
02-14 Buol WAMY 5:15 PM
02-14 Jalaluddin WAMG 5:47 PM
02-14 Ratulangi WAMM 6:35 PM
02-14 Naha WAMH 7:26 PM
02-14 Melangguane WAMN 7:53 PM
02-14 Pitu WAEW 8:44 PM
02-14 Gamar Malamo WAEG 9:02 PM
02-14 Kobok WA98 9:21 PM
02-14 Jailolo/Kuripasai WAMD 8:27 PM
02-14 Babullah WAEE 8:38 PM
02-14 Weda Bay WAXM 8:55 PM
02-14 Oesman Sadik WAEL 10:31 PM
02-14 Dofa WADO 11:23 PM
02-15 Namrole WAPG 12:12 AM
02-15 Pattimura WAPP 12:42 AM
02-15 Amahai WAPA 1:05 AM
02-15 Wahai;Seram Island WAPV 1:25 AM

Flight time 9:40 19 stops

Departure from Kalimaru about 2 hours before sunrise

Approaching Sulawesi after a short stop in Benoa Baroe, East Kalimantan

Sultan Bantilan Airport, just enough light for an unassisted landing

Climbing up Bukii Dako (7,083ft)

Sunrise just over the other side of the mountain

Lightning is still accompanying me throughout Indonesia

Beautiful morning on the way to Gorontalo

Near Nanomi

Dipping down into a local rain shower near Lonu

Huidu Tentolomatinan (7,201ft) on my right, marking the border between Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo

Near Tolau

Jalaluddin Airport

This is a first, lightning strike through a mountain!

Near Toemba on the way to North Sulawesi

Manado on the Celebes Sea with Gunung Klabat (6,545ft) in the background

Colorful city, Soekarno bridge on the right

Yesus Memberkati (■■■■■■ Blessing) Statue, Asia’s largest ■■■■■■ statue can be found here

Siau Island with Gunung Karangetang (5,853ft)

Mount Karangetang is a stratovolcano, last erupted 2020 (ongoing)

Timelapse of the eruption

Shangihe Island, cutting it close

Near Tahuna

Naha Airport, north-east side of the Shangihe Island

Salebabu Island, part of the Karakaralong islands between the Philippine and Molucca Sea

Morotai Island and the smaller Bau island below between the Molucca and Halmahera Sea

Mamuya, North Maluka

Jailolo/Kuripasai Airport

Gunung Gamalama (5,627ft) last erupted 2014

Sultan Babullah Airport on Ternate Island

Labuha and Oesman Sadik Airport

Garunggarung on Mandioli Island in the Molucca Sea

Dofa Airport, north-west side of Mangoli Island

Mount Kapalatmada (7,966ft)

Located on Pulau (Island) Buru

Namrole Airport on the south side of Buru island

Ambon Island further east

Pattimura International Airport Ambon on Teluk Ambon (Ambon Bay)

Pintu Kota Beach And Fort Nieuw Victora can be found here

First built by the Portuguese in the 1500’s and then captured by the United Dutch East India Company in 1605. The fort was the first permanent settlement of the VOC in the East Indies. It was rebuild as Fort Nieuw Victory after it got severely damaged in an earthquake in 1754. It’s still a military base so there is no public access and even photography of the outside of the fort is forbidden.

Kampong Pelouw on Haruku Island

Amahai on the south coast of the Indonesian island of Seram

Gunung Binaiya (9,931ft) highest point on Seram island

Does not look like it wants any visitors today

Final stop today in Wahai, north side of Seram island

I’m about 5 hours away from Australia, should reach it this evening. I’ll be back to explore Papua in a few months.

Leg 178, Wahai, Seram Island, Indonesia to Keep River National Park, Northern Territory 0852, Australia

DAY02_16.PLN (9.5 KB)

Heading down under with a couple more Indonesian islands along the way to Darwin

02-15 Wahai;Seram Island WAPV 4:20 PM
02-15 Bula WAPB 4:42 PM
02-15 Bandanaira WAPC 5:17 PM
02-15 Dumatubin WAPL 6:14 PM
02-15 Karel Sadsuitubun WAPF 6:20 PM
02-15 Rar Gwamar WAPD 6:52 PM
02-15 Nangasuri WAPK 7:03 PM
02-15 Aru WA1B 7:20 PM
02-15 Larat WAPO 8:19 PM
02-15 Mathilda Batlayeri WAPS 8:41 PM
02-15 Saumlaki/Olilit WAPI 8:48 PM
02-15 Minjilang YMIJ 9:59 PM
Plane animations broken, cockpit broken, G1000 broken, restart
02-15 Minjilang YMIJ 10:08 PM
02-15 Croker I YCKI 10:12 PM
02-15 Smith Point YSMP 10:24 PM
02-15 Vashon head YVSH 10:33 PM
02-15 Cape Don YCPD 10:43 PM
02-15 Leanyer YLEN 11:04 PM
02-15 Pickertaramoor Airstrip YPCM 11:14 PM
02-15 Bathurst I YBTI 11:25 PM
02-15 Darwin International YPDN 11:44 PM
02-16 Larrakeya YLAD 12:08 AM
02-16 Larrakeya YLAY 12:30 AM
02-16 Palumpa YPUA 12:44 AM
02-16 Kununurra YKUD 12:59 AM
02-16 Legune YLGU 1:15 AM
02-16 Kunurra YKUC 1:26 AM

Flight time 8:57 25 stops

First sign of the sun at Seliha

Flying over Seram island in between the Ceram and Banda Sea

Approaching Bula

Bula Airport

Banda Neira, small island south of Seram island

Pretty place

Home to Fort Nassau (left), the first Dutch fort built on Banda in 1609

And Fort Belgica built in the 17th century to replace a 16th century Portugese fort in its spot. It swapped to British hands a few times but despite its name it was built and owned by the Dutch East Indies.

Banda islands with Banda Neira the smaller of the set

Kai Kecil Island

Terrain quality isn’t that great around here, looks lovely on the ground

The Arafura Sea

Rar Gwamar Airport on Warmar island

Dobo on the north side of the island

Bandar Udara Benjina Nangasuri

Near Rebi on Trangan island

Ngoerita island through the gap in the clouds

Larat Island

Lara Airport

One more look back at Yemdena island while heading to Australia

Arriving in Australia at Croker island

Still on the Arafura Sea, near Minjilang (behind me)

Croker I Airport

Smith Point Airport

Which is in Garig Gunak Barlu National Park

Leanyer Airport on Melville Island

Coming in to land at Bathurst I Airport on Bathurst island part of the Tiwi Islands with Melville island

Nightcliff, northern suburb of the city of Darwin

Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory and a former frontier outpost

Home to Darwin Aviation Museum

And Charles Darwin National Park

Ecologically diverse wildlands with a large wetland area & historic World War II sites

Crossing the Finnis river

Palumpa, Nganmarriyanga NT 0822

The weather got really bad, near Fossil Head

Calling it a day at Kunurra, located at the eastern extremity of Kimberley

I’ll be in Australia for the rest of the week, lots to see here

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Leg 179, Keep River National Park, Northern Territory 0852 to Tanami, Northern Territory 0872, Australia

DAY02_17.PLN (11.2 KB)

This time I expected a big country, I didn’t expect so much emptiness in the Northern Territory. I have to be careful not to overwrite my screenshots. I already did at least once since everything is named the same! Maybe a flaw in Google maps, it’s also very hard to find any on the ground pictures. Plenty air strips, not a lot of people around.

Kununurra departure

Over Mirima National Park

Coming up on the Forest river

River through a forest, the Forest river

Oombulgurri Airport ahead, very easy to spot landing strips here

Faraway Bay

Long Island, no medium on this one, or maybe there is

Borda island

Approaching Mitchell Plateau, north-west Australia

Over Drysdale River

Gibb, not that far from Mount Elizabeth which shows as a red question mark on Google maps

I didn’t spot a mountain peak either. “The best steak on the gibb” is the only comment.

Mount Barnet Airport next to Barnett river and Kupungarri Community

Mount hart station

Over Kimbolton flying towards the Indian ocean

Molema Island

Cockatoo island


It can be more green here as well

One Mile Dinner Camp on the right, food with a view

Boab prison tree, named after a myth saying the tree’s trunk was used as a temporary holding cell

Mowanjum Art and Culture Center on the right, celebrating aboriginal culture

St George Ranges

Another Derby Aiport (unnamed on Google) in St Geoge Ranges

Nice area, definitely getting very dry now

Entering the Tanami desert

Lake Gregory Airport

Balgo Hill Airport

Tanami Airport

Tanami desert ground view

Tomorrow to the east coast, a lot more desert to cross to get there

Leg 180, Tanami, Northern Territory 0872 to Dunk Island, Great Barrier Reef, Austrlia

DAY02_18.PLN (9.9 KB)

East, to the Great Barrier Reef

02-17 Tanami YTMN 4:06 PM
02-17 Supplejack Down YSUJ 4:22 PM
02-17 Hooker Creek YHOO 4:49 PM
02-17 Cattle Creek YCAC 5:17 PM
02-17 Elliott YELL 6:01 PM
02-17 Ucharonidge YUCH 6:23 PM
02-17 Eva Downs YEVA 6:42 PM
02-17 Anthony Lagoon YANL 7:00 PM
02-17 Cresswell Downs YTET 7:13 PM Weird road patterns 17°54’59.7"S 136°17’26.4"E
02-17 Benmara YBNM 7:38 PM
02-17 Mount Isa YMOS 7:56 PM Uknown airstrip at 17°28’11.9"S 137°55’21.7"E
02-17 Westmoreland YWML 8:16 PM
02-17 Mornington I YMTI 8:46 PM
02-17 Bentinck Island YBTK 9:05 PM
02-17 Sweers Island Resort YSWE 9:12 PM
02-17 Karumba YKMB 9:43 PM
02-17 Lotus Vale YLOV 10:01 PM
02-17 Vanrook Station YVRS 10:17 PM
02-17 Highbury YHHY 10:49 PM
02-17 Gamboola YGAM 11:04 PM
02-17 Wrotham Park YWMP 11:15 PM
02-17 Maitland Downs YMDW 11:37 PM
02-17 Daintree YCBY 11:57 PM
02-18 Yalkulka YYAK 12:08 AM
02-18 Cairns International YBCS 12:28 AM Great Barrier Reef
02-18 Innisfail YIFL 12:48 AM
02-18 Dunk Island YDKI 1:04 AM

Flight time 8:58 26 stops

Supplejack Downs (cattle farm) early morning

Flying over Lajamanu NT 0852

Hooker Creek Airport at Lajamanu

Must get a lot of business needing 2 runways

Over Gurindji NT 0852

More color near Cattle Creek Airport

Cattle Creek Airport

Heading further east over Tanami East

A road through Pamayu

Elliott Airport at Lake Woods Conservation Covenant

Pictures from Lake Woods Conservation Covenant

On approach to Ucharonidge Station

Elliott Mungabroom road near Eva Downs Airport

Creswell Downs Aiport

Calvert road through Creswell NT 0852

Does anyone know why so many roads have all these run offs in the Northern Territory?

Between Creswell and Benmara

Over Nicholson Northern Territory 0862

Westmoreland Airport, Queensland 4830

Big storm brewing near the coast, flying to Gangalidda, Queensland 4825

And out over the Gulf of Carpentaria

Mornington I Airport on Mornington Island, Queensland

Sweers Island

Gamboola Airport

Bellevue, Queensland 4892

Maitland Downs Airport

Daintree, Queensland 4873

Beautiful and dangerous coast

Yalkulka Airport

Approaching Cairns

Cairns in tropical Far North Queensland

Cairns is considered the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway and Michaelmas and Upolu Cays National Park

Innisfail Airport, the storm has really picked up in intensity

Last stop for today at Dunk island in a heavy thunderstorm

No chance of visiting the Great Barrier Reef in this

Under better circumstances

I’ll be heading South along the coast tomorrow, towards Brisbane

Leg 181, Dunk Island, Great Barrier Reef to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

DAY02_19.PLN (14.5 KB)

I don’t know what’s up with the weather in Australia, visited the sunshine coast in the pouring rain. I was flying between the buildings at the Gold coast to get some decent visibility. Forecast for Saturday (they’re a day ahead compared to me) is cloudy and more rain.

It doesn’t make airport hopping any less fun. More actually, dipping through the clouds, anxiously waiting for the ground to show up while hoping you guessed the approach somewhat right.

02-18 Dunk Island YDKI 4:00 PM
02-18 Ingham YIGM 4:26 PM
02-18 Palm Island YPAM 4:43 PM
02-18 Townsville International YBTL 5:01 PM
02-18 Bohle Plains YBOH 5:13 PM
02-18 Donnington Airpark YDOP 5:18 PM
02-18 Ayr YAYR 5:34 PM
02-18 Bowen YBWN 5:58 PM
02-18 Hideaway Bay YHAB 6:09 PM
02-18 Shute Harbour YSHR 6:23 PM
02-18 Hamilton I YBHM 6:34 PM
02-18 Lindeman Island YLIN 6:41 PM
02-18 Mackay YBMK 7:02 PM
02-18 Palmyra Airstrip YPYA 7:08 PM
02-18 Sarina YSAB 7:38 PM
02-18 Hollins Bay YHOY 7:54 PM
02-18 Williamson YWIS 8:04 PM
02-18 Rockhampton YBRK 8:28 PM
02-18 Emu Park YEMP 8:40 PM
02-18 Great Keppel Is YGKL 8:47 PM
02-18 Gladstone YGLA 9:07 PM
02-18 Agnes Water YAWT 9:26 PM
02-18 Bundaberg YBUD 9:47 PM
02-18 Pacific Haven YPAC 9:59 PM
02-18 Hervey Bay YHBA 10:09 PM
02-18 Urangan YURA 10:17 PM
02-18 Toby’s Gap Airstrip YRAI 10:27 PM
02-18 Cooloola Village Airpark YCXA 10:39 PM
02-18 Gympie YGYM 10:52 PM
02-18 Noosa YNSH 11:03 PM
02-18 Maroochydore/Sun shine Coast YBSU 11:12 PM
02-18 Caloundra YCDR 11:21 PM
02-18 Caboolture YCAU 11:31 PM
02-18 Tangalooma YTGA 11:44 PM
02-18 Kooringal Airstrip YWEI 11:54 PM
02-19 Brisbane Intl YBBN 12:03 AM
02-19 Archerfield YBAF 12:14 AM
02-19 Logan Reserve LGRS 12:23 AM
02-19 Heck Field YHEC 12:32 AM
02-19 Southport YSPT 12:41 AM Gold coast 27°57’6"S, 153°25’52"E
02-19 Gold Coast YBCG 1:02 AM PG Area

Flight time 9:02 40 stops

Dunk Island departure, still raining

Visiting Otter Reef, just to confirm water masks are still missing here

The data is on Bing maps (right), it’s just a matter of getting proper water masks down under

Palm Islands next to the Great Barrier Reef

Great Palm Island Airport

On a better day you can spot whales here

Magnetic island, named by captain Cook for its (later not reproduced) effect on his ship’s compass

Townsville in northeastern Queensland

Strand Park on the left and a shot of the coral reefs around Magnetic Island

Burdekin River surrounding Peters Island

Between Guthalungra and Camp Reef

Stone Island off the coast of Bowen

Hideaway Bay, population 205

Airlie, looks to be a port town for cruise ships

Hamilton Island

Whitehaven Beach in Whitsunday Islands National Park just North of here

Kelvin National Park back on the mainland

West Hill State Forest

Waverley Creek, rivers run dry, creeks are over 400 meters wide!

Williamson Airport

Milman, Queensland 4702


Emu Park on the Capricorn coast

Singing ship monument, makes music in the wind

The Keppels

A group of islands in the Coral Sea near the southern end of the Great Barrier reef

Big Woody island with Harvey Bay in the background

It’s getting gnarly again, Caloundra Airport

Kooringal Airstrip

Brisbane, capital of Queensland

Build around the Brisbane river and Moreton Bay

Story Bridge, opened 1940, named after John Douglas Story (1869-1966)

Brisbane city hall, build from 1917 to 1930

View Kangeroo Points Cliff Park, Wheel of Brisbane and Roma Street Parkland

Forest lake, one of the sprawling suburbs of Brisbane

The Spit Gold Coast, start of a sandy strip with a beach

Sea world along the beach

Southport Spit coming up on Macintosh Island

Right over Main Beach Tourist Park

Macintosh Island Park and Grand Mariner Residential Resort

Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel & Residences

Hotel Grand Chancellor

Burley Waters

And final stop today, Gold Coast Airport

Pretty good photogrammetry area. Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more for the next one at Newcastle.

Leg 182, Gold Coast, Queensland to Gundaroo, New South Wales 2620, Australia

DAY02_20.PLN (10.5 KB)

More bad weather along the Eastern coast of Australia, which made for some interesting landings and surreal cloud landscapes higher up in the air.

02-19 Gold Coast YBCG 3:56 PM
02-19 Murwillumbah YMUR 4:00 PM
02-19 Tyagarah YTYH 4:12 PM
02-19 Ballina YBNA 4:23 PM
02-19 Evans Head YEVD 4:34 PM
02-19 Palmers Island/Yamba YPLI 4:48 PM 28 knot headwind
02-19 Lord Howe Island YLHI 6:59 PM
02-19 Port Macquarie YPMQ 8:56 PM
02-19 Dexfield Park YDFD 9:04 PM
02-19 Camden Haven YCMH 9:15 PM
02-19 Taree YTRE 9:26 PM
02-19 Old Bar Heritage YOBR 9:34 PM
02-19 Forster (Wallis Is) YFST 9:45 PM
02-19 Maitland YMND 10:09 PM
02-19 Raworth YRAO 10:19 PM Short ‘runway’
02-19 Williamtown Military YWLM 10:27 PM Newcastle 32°55"10"S, 151°47’52"E PG Area
02-19 Aeropelican YLMQ 10:50 PM
02-19 Warnervale YWVA 10:59 PM
02-19 Somersby Airstrip YSMB 11:07 PM
02-19 Kingsford Smith Intl YSSY 11:32 PM Sydney
02-19 Holsworthy Army Airfield YSHW 11:40 PM
02-19 Wedderburn YWBN 11:49 PM Wollongong 34°25’12"S, 150°54’24"E PG Area
02-20 Shellharbour YSHL 12:12 AM
02-20 Mittagong YMIG 12:23 AM
02-20 Bathurst YBTH 12:54 AM Mount Panorama 33°26’53.8"S 149°33’22.7"E
02-20 Eglinton YEGG 1:11 AM
02-20 Orange YORG 1:22 AM
02-20 Cowra YCWR 1:41 AM
02-20 Gundarooo YGDO 2:13 AM

Flight time 10:17 28 stops

At least it wasn’t raining on departure

Flying by the Rous river in a gloomy early morning

Murwillumbah Airport

Brunswick River at Brunswick Heads

Cape Byron, the most easterly point of mainland Australia

Cape Byron Lighthouse, build in 1901

Evans Head, New South Wales 2473 at the head of the Evans river

Home to the F111 Museum

Yamba Airport on Palmers island, the rain has come

Heading out over the Tasman Sea to Lord Howe’s Island

Better views at 7,500ft

Heading for trouble

I guess I shouldn’t be flying straight into this

Which way is up!

Almost time to descent into that seething mass below me

Lord Howe Island spotted at about 500ft

Lord Howe Island Airport

Normally a tropical paradise

Neds beach with a form of sea cucumber or jellyfish?

Heading back to the main land

Climbing out of the lower layers of the storm, cruising at 7,500ft

Quite the ride, I can still feel the plane getting tossed about

Port Macquarie at the mouth of the Hastings River in New South Wales

Home to a Koala hospital and a different interpretation of painted rocks

Old Bar Heritage Airstrip, build 1925

Maitland Airport, double socked

Newcastle, harbour city in New South Wales. Here looking at Nobbys lighthouse from 1858

Newcastle Ocean baths, 1920s ocean swimming pool with an art deco pavilion

Unfortunately photogrammetry gets flattened at the coast

The real things, pretty close

Queens wharf on Hunter river

■■■■■■ Church Cathedral opened 1902, but a church was present on the site since 1817

Merewether Ocean Bath featuring a winter swim club

Oh it gets down to 17c in winter, ocean temperature down to 66F. My kids jump in the pool when it’s still below 60F… 66F water is fine for a quick swim. Not bad here today, -6c, light snow.

Sydney, not the capital of Australia, but the most famous city of Australia

Of course the Sydney Opera House, build from 1959 to 1973

Left of the Opera the Man O’War Steps, build from 1810. For 150 years, Man O`War Steps served as a landing and embarkation point for men of the British and Australian Fleets in peace And war.
From these steps 2,215 officers and sailors of the Royal Australian Navy left to serve their country in the Great War 1914-1918, the Second World War 1939 - 1945, Korea, Malaya and Vietnam, never to return to enjoy the fruits of their labours in their native land.

I can’t resist a bit of dangerous flying

Under the harbour bridge, or rather what FS2020 made of it

The real Harbour bridge and a picture from the Museum of Contemporary Art

Australian Museum, founded in 1827, Australia’s oldest museum

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium hosting over 700 species of fish

And the Australian National Maritime Museum on the right

Coming in for a quick landing at Kingsford Smith International Airport, aka Sydney Airport

Flagstaff Point Lighthouse at Wollongong, build in 1936

“Five islands” just of Red Point

Red Point. Kinda puzzling why this has the PG treatment, but not Sydney

Port Kembla, still fun to check out the seaport

Wobbly trains and all

BlueScope Steel Springhill Works and Flat Products Metalworks

Looking back at this small photogrammetry strip from Barrack Point, Shellharbour

Time to head inland to my favorite place in Australia, flying by Kanagra Walls

To Bathurst. I wonder if my wife would like to move here.

For Mount Panorama!

Best track on Earth after the Nordschleife

Murray’s and Hell corner at the front here, The chase on the left after Conrod straight

Flying over The Esses into The Dipper

View from the other side, Skyline and and Sulman Park to the left

Love it, some of my favorite moments on the track at The Chase

Onwards to the capital, passing by Cadia Hill Gold Mine

A bit more dramatic in reality

Stopping at Gundaroo for now, just North of Canberra

I’ll be exploring the capital tomorrow, then heading out to the west towards Uluru

Leg 183, Gundaroo, New South Wales 2620 to Mount Ebenezer, Northern Territory 0872, Australia

DAY02_21.PLN (11.2 KB)

Canberra is a beautifully rendered photogrammetry area, very nice. Then a long long way to Uluru out into the outback. I got close, not quite there yet. There’s a lot of desert!

02-20 Gundaroo YGDO 3:39 PM
02-20 Canberra YSCB 3:46 PM Canberra 35°18’32"S, 149°7’28"E PG Area
02-20 Tumut YTMU 4:24 PM
02-20 Wagga Wagga YSWG 4:43 PM
02-20 Federation Hsd YFDN 4:53 PM
02-20 Narrandera YNAR 5:12 PM
02-20 Leeton YLEE 5:21 PM
02-20 Griffith YGTH 5:34 PM
02-20 Goolgowi YGGI 5:46 PM
02-20 Hillston YHLS 6:00 PM
02-20 Mungo Lodge YLMU 6:49 PM Mungo Man, Salt lakes 33°33’59.4"S 142°11’57.5"E
02-20 Scotia Sanctuary YSCA 7:26 PM
02-20 Tandou Lake YTAD 7:49 PM
02-20 Menindee YMED 8:01 PM
02-20 Koralta Station OZKL 8:20 PM
02-20 Wonnominta Stat YWMA 8:44 PM
02-20 Tibooburra YTIB 9:12 PM
02-20 Naryilco YNRL 9:34 PM
02-20 Orientos OXO 9:49 PM
02-20 Nappa Merrie YNAP 10:05 PM
02-20 Cardillo Downs YCOD 10:16 PM
02-20 Pandie Pandie Airport YPDI 10:45 PM
02-20 Birdsville YBDV 10:54 PM
02-21 Old Andado YOAD 12:09 AM
02-21 Andado YADO 12:16 AM
02-21 New Crown YNCS 12:29 AM
02-21 Finke YFNE 12:38 AM
02-21 Alice Springs YALB 12:51 AM
02-21 Impadna YIMP 1:07 AM
02-21 Erldunda YERL 1:16 AM
02-21 Mount Ebenezer YMBZ 1:34 AM

Flight time 9:55 30 stops

Gundaroo departure, lovely morning

Straight to Canberra Airport, to the capital of Australia

Canberra, the name probably derived from a local Aboriginal word for ‘meeting place’

Melbourne and Sydney both wanted to be the capital, thus in 1913 a place in between was chosen

Canberra Parliament House, opened 1988

The National Museum of Australia

A look inside

Rond Terrace and Anzac Parade with various memorials all along

The Australian War Memorial at the end of Anzac Parade

It looks like there was a ceremony going on when the PG data was taken

Inside the war memorial

Before moving on, a flyby by the Telstra Tower

Billapaloola Nature Preserve

Tamut Airport

Blowering Power Station at Wereboldera

Downside farming community near Wagga Wagga, interesting patterns in the fields

Currawarna located in the central east part of the Riverina

Glenelg, New South Wales 2810

Leeton Airport

Furlong, leaving civilization behind

Lake Mungo

Where Mungo Man was discovered in 1969, estimated to be over 40,000 years old

The Salt Lakes, Pooncarie, not as wet as they appear in the game

Nitchie Lake and Lake Milkengay

Snake Island in the Menindee Lakes

Menindee Lakes

Near Little Topar

Koralta Station

Packsaddle, New South Wales 2880

Wonnominta Stat Airport

Silver City Highway crossing Twelve Mile Creek

Orientos Airport at Sturt National Park

Sturt National Park

Cardillo Downs, South Australia 5731

Near Birdsville

Simpson NT 0872

Andado Station

And final stop at Mount Ebenezer

Another ‘mountain’ that shows up as a ? on Google maps

What a difference between the coast and interior. No more rain. Tomorrow to Uluru, actually I already flew past it hours ago. Currently flying over the Gibson Desert, very dry with some hidden gems.