External camera - changing the distance of external camera from aircraft

i suggested this when the sim first came out a long time ago. currently there is no way to move the external camera closer or further away from the plane. none at all. its a simple change that would have massive positive effect for users in the sim.

for example in Xplane you simply use the arrow keys to move the camera back or in to get a better perspective. good luck getting anyone to listen to you about this. the entire camera controls for MSFS2020 are borked

I don’t understand either why it is still not fixed this problem. It seems as if devs made this type of mistakes on pourpose to demonstrate that easy things are not fixed and so they can make a lot of improvements if they want to (a basic phisicologycal stuff for children).

There are other “little” problems that they want not to fix for some reason, like a toggle button to get rid of hud stuff in the fly without entering the menu. Hundreds of unusefull key bindings, and a essential one is missing… people ask for it… and no fix.

I really thing that the more people ask for this type of fixes, the less care devs pay (just what I see, even if this sounds stupid). Like a dog p|ss|ng on a tree.

I agree about this horrible zooming…


I just this subject on PMDG forum today. I’m also with you in this matter but with only 59 votes, I don’t think we are close to see a change from Asobo.

André Vaillancourt

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This is by far the biggest reason I haven’t fully switched over yet to FS2020- longer aircraft look absolute ridiculous and unrealistic in external view (Aerosoft CRJ1000 and default B748 especially). It’s a bit frustrating that Asobo hasn’t addressed this, especially since it’s been an issue since day one. The drone camera is an unsatisfactory solution- you have to switch back and forth between controlling the camera and drone, and the camera doesn’t follow you during turns, making this only useful if a) you’re flying perfectly straight and level and b) are willing to constantly fiddle with the drone camera to make it just right…until you move the plane.I don’t think its unreasonable to ask for this feature, and it is a bit annoying to see older sims have the right functionality while the newest one simply cannot compete with the options available on earlier titles (drone camera nonwithstanding). Someone should bring this up in the next live Q&A. I also am a bit surprised at the small number of votes- there are a lot of threads on this issue. Hopefully a fix comes soon.



I agree,

A lot of us really don’t like the wide angle camera effect that gives a completely distorted perspective and that is keeping us from even wanting to play the game, as pillars in the cockpit take too much space when looking around, or tails and wings take too much screen when panning around in the external view.

The world of MSFS is beautiful but the airplane’s proportions look off and it is not pleasing to the eye in the slightest, we would like to have “legacy (FSX)” cameras as a default.

Some clarification:

-This is not a matter of triple monitors or ultra wide screens, it is noticeable on single monitors on all aspect ratios, even 4:3.

-It does not get fixed with playing with zoom settings, as camera distance is fixed.

-Drone mode is not the solution.

This wide-angle effect together with the dancing effect of the camera is an unnecessary and extremely annoying distortion aimed at showing more on the same screen space, may look cool, but it should be optional, as it has drawbacks.

We should not have to play around with camera, zoom, drone, cfg files, etc… settings to obtain an undistorted image.


Agreed, I wish people would understand exactly what we are looking for answers for and stay on topic.
The drone camera function doesn’t have anything to do with the SU9 external camera zoom implementation and isn’t a solution to what folks are particularly asking for here.
There is a particular command that needs to be added to the camera.cfg file of each aircraft that SU9 has enabled the sim to recognize for such changes.

We are trying to figure out exactly what the command line needs to be, let’s stay on topic until we get our solution please folks!

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This is amazing; has anyone figured it out yet?

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Did someone try this out?

I am suprised this thread is not “closed” yet, as soon as it demands a feature that devs want not to include in this game.

Why this feature is not inclueded?.. you can guess (I have a couple of theories that I prefer not to share).

“Ask and it will be given to you…” (Saint Matthew 7,7-12)

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I can’t believe something so simple and obvious is not in this game. My only complaint with this game so far. I fly in external view 99% of the time and wish I could set a specific zoom and height as the default camera view that’s loaded every time I fly.


Any updates on this?

The camera options in the sim are just horrendous, based on the features we used to have in previous simulators.

Devs, please create a camera API so we can have third party devs create much better camera programs for us please!

Please add a way to MOVE the external view camera in and out. Right now, there’s only a zoom function, but the camera distance from the plane is always constant.

Yes I know that the drone camera can move around freely, but that’s not relevant, this function should exist on the regular external view like it used to in FSX etc.

Thank you.


It’s been requested since about day one. Unfortuately completely ignored.

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Thanks Artemiy7774875. Well, it’s sad so few peoples are interested to have a closer look at their planes when flying.

André Vaillancourt

+1 for this basic feature request years later. how have you we gotten the ability to simply move (translate) the external camera closer or farther away from the plane? in XPlane you simply press the arrow keys forward or back and the camera slides closer or away from the plane, super simple.

hoping the devs take notice of this one of these days :smiley:

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Mind-boggling, a simple standard (moving external camera) which we probably had since the earliest simulators, is still not implemented.

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