External Camera views missing

G’Day All
I have noticed that the External Camera Views are missing from the camera menu.
Any news about this from anybody.
Not a whinge, an observation.
Thanks in advance

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The fixed external views are in the showcase tab

Under camera there are three tabs, cockpit, external and showcase.
There are no options under the last tab down.
Hopefully this explains clearer

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This is what I get; under the middle External tab there is nothing in the external views dropdown tab so no idea on that. Bug? Missing feature maybe? There’s no replay/control tower/flyby views in the sim yet so maybe it’s an empty placeholder for them. The only external view (apart from the drone) I’m aware of is the external ‘circle around the aircraft’ one which you get from clicking the external tab anyway or key binding it. The showcase tab gives the fixed external camera views from the fixed camera dropdown list.


The tab in your second screen shot had options prior to the recent update, so maybe a bug.
Thanks for responding, appreciate it

i can also confirm missing external views.
also noticed a weird drift when in external view, which ends up also affecting reset view.
neither issues happened prior to patch.

Hallo, ich habe gleiche Problem, keine drop down menues für alle sichten. Gibt es schon eine Lösung ?

Not yet my friend. Hopefuly they might fix it in the next release

I have had this issue for a few weeks also.

Das Fenster etwas groesser ziehen, dann kann man das Drop-Down Menü für die Sichten wieder sehen.
Das ist sicher ein kleiner Bug.

Hello everybody,
I still don’t have a list of external cameras in the cameras menu. I never had it. My Flight Simulator was downloaded in December from the Microsoft Store. Since then I have made all updates - currently version 1.7.8 - but no update has fixed this problem. I read the “External camera views missing” topic on this forum:

Now this topic is closed because the last message (written in German) offers a solution: enlarge the window to show the list of cameras. But this solution does not work. In my screenshot you can see that even on a large window the external cameras do not appear.

What should I do to have the same cameras as everyone else?
Thank you in advance for your help.

i’m still missing the external view cameras presets, so not sure why the thread was closed.
still have the ones for the other cameras, so that supposed “fix” is BS.

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Thanks Mario for your answer. I think the thread was closed because it was no new reply during more than a month. That is the rule in this forum.
I’m sorry but in your answer I don’t understand what is “BS” ?

ok, i thought it was closed due to a fix.
bs means bull ****, just a saying meaning that the statement is false.

OK Thanks!

I have the same problem. Has anybody found a solution for this or is this is a bug?

Of course this is a bug. If I knew which folder this problem is in, I could try re-downloading the whole Flight Simulator to another drive just to change that folder.

Camera settings are stored per airplane. You can have a look in your installation folder. For instance for the A320, if you installed it from the Microsoft Store you can find it in:


(Please replace MY_NAME with your own username)

You will find a file called camera.cfg there. On my computer the “last modified date” of this files is with the last update (24th of dec). If I open my file with a text editor I can find find a file with 1478 lines and 35 camera definitions. That seems okay at first sight but I can’t compare with a new installation of course. To mee it seems that the definitions in the camera.cfg file are correct. I’m just not seeing them in the sim.

There are also 2 generic files I can found in, although those do not have a newer “last modified date” then the day I installed FS2020


as well as


Thank you FlyingFoxTim for this technical and very precise message.
So, the problem is not with the camera.cfg of every aircraft, because it is very unlikely, and even impossible, that all camera.cfg of all aircraft have the same bug. And if you have 35 cameras described in this file, then they are all there, and the externals too.
I think the problem is with a tool (maybe a .dll file or a program line) which should load the cameras described in the camera.cfg of the active aircraft into the menu, but which does not .
Difficult to know what is this file and in which folder it is!

Thank you Nyx, you did the best that could be done on your own topic.
Now, I hope that a next update will finally fix this problem. For the moment, I continue to fly with only one external view.