Extra 300 engine shut off

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Hello. When i load a flight with the Extra 300 and i am ready for take off on the runway, the engine is always shutting down. When I do an automatic start with CTRL + E, the engine starts but it goes off again after 2-3 seconds. It is only with the Extra 300, all other aircrafts there is no problem! All my controller settings are still the same and i have nothing changed … What is wrong here? Thanks!

In most cases like this users have mapped some key (eg of their joystick) to the fuel mixture function. When moving the mixture is then set to cut off. This is often not noticeable so you need to go to your key mappings and clear any bindings associated with mixture.

I think, the mixture lever in the aircraft was not in the full position, although it was at full 100% on my Logitech Throttle Quadrant. Bad synchronization between hardware and software after loading the flight…?

Other question: Is it normal that is impossible to fly a looping with the Extra 300? I tried it with full speed and nose down acceleration… I get always a stall. I have no assistance activated!


Have not flown it post SU5 but I would have said that it’s almost impossible to NOT loop the Extra 300! It has a lot of power and just wants to leap around the sky. Give me 15 minutes and I shall do a quick test flight to confirm


Test flight over. There is indeed something funky with the Extra.

  1. You have to be snappy with the throttle on flight load (if loading into a runway) Looks like it loads with throttle at Idle…and the engine cuts out.
  2. It doesn’t perform according to the placards in the aircraft itself.
    It should be capable of a loop at 100kts…it’s not.
    I had to get it up to 160kts to pull a loop. With optimum mix and throttle + prop pitch to the firewall.

Seems to bleed energy REALLY fast and elevator authority seems weak.

I’m not 100% sure but it also felt like it actually loses speed in an invert loop.
(Roll inverted from level flight, pull into loop…and lose power and speed to edge of stall? That don’t seem right.)

Yeah. Deeply funky.

Can’t confirm funky behavior.

Engine idles at ~600rpm without problems and loops at 100kts are possible as well (~ +3G)
Lots of elevator authority here as well for snap rolls etc.

Rolling inverted from level flight at 100kts the Extra reaches ~140kts on the lowest part…at idle!

Don’t pull back too hard on the stick!
If you start a loop at e.g. 150kts, check how little back pressure you need to achieve 3-4Gs.

See my post here. I explain what I discovered.
Since Sim Update 5, the engine of the Extra 330LT stalls if throttle is set to idle - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

As for the loop, no problem, but it’s easy to pull the elevator and stall the Extra.
Here is a short flight with the Extra I did yesterday, with settings Hard:

Yes, i pulled to hard on the stick… :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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Hopefully, the Extra will handle better, and no longer stall at idle (without revs being kept too high, as in a previous bad fix)

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