EXTREMELY slow download speeds in content manager

Oh that’s disappointing - I had thought that perhaps we were seeing an improvement perhaps I was simply lucky as had no issues with the speed of the content updates. Let’s hope this is addressed soon it’s been painful.

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2.5mbps then jumps to 200mbps to prove nothing wrong with my connection then back down to 3.5mbps. Frustrating given my 500mbps fibre to premises connection and never had problems until about 3 weeks ago.

Nearly 10 minutes to download 1.32gb when it should have taken about 3 minutes - what a waste of energy - so much for Microsoft promising green updates!



Interesting observation:

TLDR: the download speed ‘issue’ appears to be package dependent.

See here: Downloading update at 2.5mbps - UK based - Sim Update 13 Beta / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The problem is also that the downloads in marketplace are divided into that fspackage.001, 002 and so on files… sometimes you download luckily 1 GB with Top Speed of the 001 file and then sometimes it resets itself while going back to 2 MBit turtle speed… and the downloader tries to download the file again… omg what a mess… really


my 002 file of orbx ESSB (Bromma, Sweden) is stuck in some kind of loop. Starting over… And general DL speed is a…well, a joke.