Eye adaption has been removed

In early versions of the beta, the EA effect had the same intensity as in SU9 but reacted to a smaller circle around the center of the screen. This solved the problem of the washed out visuals in VR. However, some users complained that the changes in brightness were too noticeable and immersion breaking. Asobo then brought this version which all but eliminated the effect (tuned way down and barely noticeable).

And here we’re. I think there needs to be a better way to measure what the public wants. Currently, it’s whoever shouts the loudest gets their way.


I, for one, absolutely LOVE the way the outside world looks now in SU 10 when flying in VR!
Finally I am able to see what is out there without being blinded by the overexposure that existed in previous versions of MSFS.
If for some the cockpit brightness is too low, may I suggest a slider to increase cockpit brightness ONLY.


Well, the release notes said that they changed the eye adaptation in VR, and I don’t doubt that it has its merits there, but it was disabled in normal PC mode as well, which just sucks.

eyeadaption is not disabled :wink:

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Well, the effect is reduced so much that all its benefits are gone. It might as well be completely disabled in its current state.


for me it is still noticable. In special in high contrast situations I direct see the effect and so it still present. Of course it is not same as before, but I think it is a compromise of “pro and contr” users :slight_smile:

More users must just vote for the wishlist topic where we asking for a switch and a slider. Then users can set what they like.


Cockpit too dark? Could it perhaps be the gamma value? Many have installed newer Nvidia drivers. When I had an NVidia GPU, the gamma value was always too dark after driver installation. I always had to reset the gamma value under Start > Run > dccw. Maybe this is the problem.

It is not. I didn’t change my driver for SU10. It’s the update 100 percent.

Ok, all I can say is that it’s not too dark on my end
(Windows 11 22H2, AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, calibrated monitor).


One of the best things about this sim was sitting inside the airplane on a sunny day seeing and “feeling” the bright sunlight outside. Now it feels like the other sims, dull and flat. An option should exist to fully adjust the eye adaptation strength to everyone’s liking. Both these images were taken on a clear day around noon, the second is SU10.


Great comparison.

What makes me even more mad than the removal (yes, it has been removed, even though technically speaking it might still be active) is the fact that people don’t even notice the difference or, worse, prefer the new look.

That makes it all the harder to get this great feature back. Again I have to repeat myself, just like with the snow covers and METAR: make it optional! Don’t force bad features or the removal of good features on everyone!


It’s a dreadful regression, the images above illustrate it perfectly.


The problem is that your first screen shot is completely unrealistic. Human eyes do not work that way - sitting in a dark aircraft on a bright sunny day does not result in the outside lighting looking like a nuclear weapon has just been detonated nearby. The former eye adaption algorithm modeled how the auto exposure function of a camera responds - not how the iris of a human eye responds. The second screen shot looks more like what a living human being would see.

I’m fully in favor of Asobo adding a slider to control the effect to individual’s users preference, but I would never want them to “undo” the change to the eye adaptation and revert it to the way it used to be. I am frankly surprised at the number of people who think the old eye adaptation was a good thing.


The real human eye also moves around very frequently, and without adding a hardware eye tracker there’s no way to replicate real iris adjustments and retina adaptation. :slight_smile:


Displaying the image like a camera would is necessary to give the whole dynamic range of what our eyes can see, because a regular monitor doesn’t have anywhere near the dynamic range to properly display the whole range from the darkest areas to the brightest without exposure changes.

The result is what we see here in the second image. A dull, greyish, low contrast image, almost looking like unprocessed LOG footage from a camera. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a dark room, my pupils open up, brightening the room. And when I look at a bright window it indeed is blindingly bright until the pupils close down and adapt my eyes to the brighter scene. Or did you ever go inside a dark room from a really bright day? Guess what … for a moment you can’t see anything well, because your pupils are closed down to protect the retina from the bright sunlight and your eyes slowly adapt by opening the pupils to let in more light. After a moment or two you can see much better. Eye adaptation. Yeah … that’s how eyes work.

If you think the second image is more realistic with that grey, washed out look that makes a sunny day look like an overcast one, I recommend seeing an eye doctor. You may have cataracts. :wink:


I play in VR and from my own personal perspective, something happened quite a few releases ago that made daytime flying like flying in a white-out. Constant over exposed skies and excessive bloom everywhere.

I now find I am back to normal skies during the day and even night time looks better in VR to me. I hope they don’t force that eye-adaptation on me again. If it comes back, please allow me to turn it off so I don’t have to be constantly blinded during the day.

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VR is a whole different animal from using a monitor.

Still … why not make it optional? So both parties can have a great flying experience, instead of ruining it for one party. I really don’t understand the decision making process at Asobo. It should be an absolute no-brainer to make it optional/adjustable instead of removing it altogether.


As a software engineer, I hate options. It blows out our code base and test cases.

As a user, I love options and I want more of them. In this case, I am the user so I go with more options please :smiley:


The usercfg option has never worked for me in VR, regardless currently it’s ok (much better than the horrid SU10 beta early on which was massively over the top) but still needs work and the on/off switch in the cfg to actually do something.

As I’ve said before for VR it is better for our eyes to naturally adjust, not have the game telling our eyes what to do which it does currently.

And as a user and customer I don’t appreciate the removal of features that I paid for. That means making the removal of existing features an optional choice is mandatory in my book.