F-16 by SC Design

assuming that tacan channel works is an example of tcn and ilst. always use the HSI as a reference. if you activate tcn in the HSI you won’t have to adjust the crs manually when using nav (it adjusts itself). when you are within range of the GS the Tcn function will be deactivated, that is when you can press ILST. As long as you have the function activated, the info will appear on the HUD. in the case of ILS you will see the GS, when you position yourself correctly in altitude, you know, when the GSI is aligned, you proceed with approach.

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@CodenameJack447 I just found this forum and I really appreciate you and Dean’s updates. I’ve learned a ton about the update from your posts the past couple weeks and the more we can get this to be like the real thing I’m all for! I have a couple questions regarding hotkeys and if it’s possible in MSFS. I have a keyboard hooked up to my xbox and I like starting cold and running down the sequence.

I can’t seem to get the Main power switch hooked up (i.e animating) when I have the toggle master battery and master alternator hotkey tied to it. On the actual switch it says Main Power and GPU so I feel like there is another element I need to add to the toggle. Otherwise it might be custom made from you guys and not possible to hotkey. When I try to hotkey it it just turns on then off again.

The JFS starter switch can be bound by the APU toggle hotkey right? From your cold start video it looked it that was the case.

Another thing I noticed is when I hotkey the “Arm autothrottle” it doesn’t work the first time, but ONLY the first time. When I engage autopilot, I will then hit that hotkey the ded will say “autothrottle on” however the speed doesn’t change. I need to go in cockpit and manually flip the IAS switch. It will then immediately go to my set speed. After that initial manual flip switch, I can THEN hit the hotkey and the switch will flip back and forth in the cockpit and turn the autothrottle on and off in the ded as expected. I don’t know if this is intentional or a odd quirk.

Lastly, since jets are such a different beast, is there a way to hotkey the ILSN, AWLS or any of the other MFD buttons at this point in time?

I know this was a lot, I’m having a great time putting the F16 through it’s paces, I’m just seeing if I can streamline my experience. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the channel! I’m glad you’re liking the updates! I will try to help you or at least clarify the doubts.

MainPower switch has 3 positions:

0: toggles off battery, avionics and external power.
1: toggles on battery, avionics and toggles off external power.
2: toggles on battery, avionics and external power.

What happens is that it is a switch that implements a local variable that constantly checks the status of these 3 Simvars and therefore, no matter how much you want to turn on the battery for example, it will turn off according to the position of the switch. I am studying another way to do it, which is that the Simvars update the state of the switch and not the other way around. I think that this way could allow users to map the key events in the future.

the JFS starter if you could map it but there are three events too:


that is, to finally be able to use the normal starter you must activate the APU, and bleed both the apu and the main engine.


This has an explanation. the autothrottle arm event only arms the autothrottle but doesn’t enable airspeed hold (or mach hold), that’s the second event you miss here and what the IAS switch or the DED buttons do.

But in DED case:

  • ATHR ON, arms autothrotle and hold current speed.
  • THR value, arms autothrotle and set the desired speed.
  • AWLS simply sets the calculated landing speed, but it is still a local variable and therefore cannot be mapped. It doesn’t actually activate Athr on its own. It only calculates the speed and fixes it when athr is activated

this part is the same, MFD functions trigger local variables or HTML events, not system events, so they are not mappable.


I just want to thank you for such an in depth, informative answer so quickly. Totally makes sense about the MFD functions. I wish it were easier pressing those tiny buttons on xbox!

In theory, for the main power, could I use three different buttons with the functions tied to each state of the switch in the cockpit? And good to know about the jfs switch, I’ll map those functions tomorrow.

Regarding the auto throttle, I guess there is no way to hotkey the IAS separate from arming the auto throttle in MSFS right?

Again, thanks for a quick reponse and have a great weekend!

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No thanks needed! Happy to help :).

Yes, but it won’t do you any good for now until I implement it that way. Probably in the future you will be able to if I release the local variable to automatically change the states of Avionics, battery and gpu.

You can, just map airspeed hold in addition to autothrottle. You can also add spd + and spd - to control desired airspeed

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I tried the ilsn and it was spot on target, unfortunately since SU 8 EGOV ILS has been off to the right as the pic should show. How ever i let it land completely hands off and as i have all damage options at realistic it set me down like a feather on the infield grass

Im hoping Asobo will sort this out with the unfortunately abbreviated SUX.
Il try with ilst later tonight.

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did you try that? EGOV RAF Valley custom built » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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I would love that add on but im on xbox so limited to marketplace only content.
Im really really hoping someone will produce one for marketplace, in an ideal world id love to get EGUL & EGUN

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I’m not sure if this is a SU10 beta issue or not but have the reflections on the inside the bubble canopy been greatly reduced? I’ve been flying the plane a lot in the last few days both on the screen and in VR and its gone back to looking like there’s no canopy there at all now. I remember they were increased in the first update after launch.

Might just be an issue for me though.

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Original reflections were way over the top, now they’re mostly controlled by your own graphics settings in-sim, as per the other jets.


Yup. That worked perfectly!

Last one and I’ll get out of your hair… I’m having an issue where “gps drives nav1” is on a hotkey, but when when I do this in the F16 the DED switches from GPS to VOR then kicks it back to GPS. Wondering if there’s another state or function I need to map?

It’s not a big deal since I fly lnav using GPS, then when I switch to approach mode it kicks over to VOR automatically, but I’m sure you have an answer for this too. Thanks!

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The key is whether there is a flight plan or not. If there is a flight plan but you are not going to follow it for whatever reason, tune to the VOR frequency or TACAN channel and activate TCN or NAV in the HSI so that GPS is deactivated. If you are going to do ILSN or ILST it is the same, you activate the function in the HSI to deactivate the gps. If there is no flight plan then yes you can change to VOR from the DED

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Thanks for the help again Jack


Hi, the external model of the F-16 looks great but just wondered if there are any plans to improve the modelling of the F-16’s cockpit ?

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Gradually, yes, once the Sim Updates stop rolling in so quickly and we can put more focus on improving products rather than just having to update them to match new changes.



I think the reflections generally look fine. The only reason I personally prefer more reflections rather than less is in VR because you get this real sense you’re enclosed in something and it really adds to the way the eye perceives a sense of depth, in all jets.

Watching a clip like this one F-16 Over the Shoulder Cockpit View - Airshow over South Beach Miami - Cockpit Audio - YouTube the bubble canopy is reasonably reflective once up in the air. Does depend a lot on the way light hits it of course.

I wonder what difference ray tracing will make to this sort of thing once they implement it?

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i need help? for some reason my afterburner just recently stopped kicking in on the sc designs F16 , i have no idea why? Can someone help me please, thanx.