F35 - Missile Projectile is here

Hey All

So we figured out how to create this missile effect on our F35 aircraft. We make our mods to be fun but I wanted your thoughts on if we should release it or not as MSFS is for pure flying and simulation.
Keen on hearing from you

Video of our awesome F35 VTol with missile capability https://youtu.be/I38Uhsax7Mo

KingDMac & @EggMan283494



If it doesnt affect other players in the game then why not, and while your working on it, how about some flower bombs so we can practice bombing runs as well. Of course that might drive up the price of flower. :laughing:


Always amazes me what mod creators can accomplish! Seriously.

It’s an effect and doesn’t cause any damage… seems like it would be “allowed”.


Flour or flower?


Hehehe it was early and Im old … flour ;p

Absolutely want that! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Though now that I think about it, you could always arm cluster bombs with flower instead of flour…yeah ;p

Also confused… Why would you use just flour when you can use baking soda and vinegar? :wink:

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Because in the early days of mil aviation, for practice runs on the bombing range they used flour, when dropped from an aircraft, the strike leaves a nice white cloud of dust, and leaves an impact mark for the trainers to grade you on.


Huh, thanks for the that. Learn something new every day…

…Although baking soda and vinegar would still be more fun… Science. :slight_smile:

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I get the sense that anything goes as long as it’s outside of the ‘Marketplace’ but I could be wrong I guess - it’s happened once

Thanks everyone for the feedback
Learnt a little on the way

Yeah it won’t affect anyone in the game except you yelling hoorah over the mic

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No problems with it here. Would it be visible only to other owners of the F35?

I’m going to test it out with Eggman to see if we can multiplay and see the missiles but yes you would need the same mod installed on you pc to see it in the air
Stay tuned

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I know about the model issue, but I was referring specifically to the missives, and their particle trail.

My guess would be anyone not owning it will see neither.

IIRC you need to do tricks to see smoke emitters from others by using an external tool like flight events.

I’d be interested in your findings.

Confirmed that multiplayer smoke Visibility only works when the effect is attached to multiplayer activated SimVars, like flaps, landing gear, surface controls, etc. Stuff you see in multiplayer when flying around.

We did extensive testing of the effects system during Gee Bee R3 development.

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Hey everyone
We just made the updated F35 available for everyone. Few additional updates including missiles

Download here:https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft

Devlog here:https://flightsim-squadron.itch.io/flightsim-aircraft/devlog/317749/f35-armed-and-awesome

Hope you have fun and post comments on what you think needs work (basically everything haha)

Thanks Jon
Good to know
I recon if you don’t mind firing missiles with gears opening at the same time it could work