[F4F-4/Draco/Gliders] Got Friends | Development Roadmap

There should be some 2021-2022 love in there for every type of pilot!

Got Friends Official Development Roadmap

  • Gee Bee R3 (Xbox Release)(Oct 2021)
  • Mike Patey’s Draco (2022)
  • Silent 2 Electro Glider (2022)
  • Grumman F4F (2022)

We will be utilizing this forum thread to update you with development pictures as they come! After this post I will immediately follow with Mike Patey’s Draco development photos.


Thanks to BlueMesh, they have given us a wonderful opportunity to take over their hard work on Mike Patey’s Draco. Without their generous work donation, this project would never have been possible.

There is no team more prepared to bring you the Draco than Got Friends and we are honored to bring you updates as they come! With Got Gravel focusing on the Flight Model, you know this homage is going to be pushed to the limits of the original dragon.


All of it’s exciting, but I’m super-psyched by the Wildcat/Martlet!


Even though that one was listed last, that is the farthest along based on 3D Modeling. That logo actually is a png render of the model we are using.


I wish it was the actual Wilga plane rather than that wacky abomination :frowning:
I wish you guys good luck.

Excited for all of those, especially that Wildcat!


take my money

Can’t wait for the wildcat, there are never enough warbirds


Wow, that’s all great news! Three very different planes, but all of them very interesting in their own way.

Of all of them (and I will most likely buy them all), Draco is the one I am most looking forward to. :sunglasses:

Oh, an how about a real Gee Bee to compliment the R3?

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A deeper look and some more Previews into the modeling of the Grumman F4F-4.


Very excited to see development for the F4F. Looks of interesting tech to model including vacuum operated flaps and manual crank landing gear. The repaint potential will be enourmous as well!


As the article states, Mike Patey’s Draco is in game and Got Gravel is currently starting Flight Model work while we finish the 3D model and textures. Here is an exclusive look also posted on Got Gravel’s Discord Server (The best place to follow progress):


Very much looking forward to the Wildcat - That’s my kind of aeroplane!


Will all of these releases end up on the Xbox? Very much looking forward to the Wildcat if that’s true!

The Grumman F4F WildcatFish would be nice to have, something more uncommon :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


We will be posting sneak peek updates soon for the F4F-4 Wildcat in the near future. LOADS of exciting features, previews and information to share with all of you, from unique Flap controls to a Got Friends special announcement.

Make sure you’re following this thread to see it first.


Thank you all for your patience on upcoming previews/updates! Been busy getting the Gee Bee R3 sorted out with Asobo for the Marketplace release (SOON) and rebuilding my PC. Without further more…


Oh man, where to start? The F4F-4 has been a dream of ours for a long time. We originally talked to Carlocestra285 about incorporating his base model into the game earlier this year. After the success of the Gee Bee and hungry to bring the public a true historic simulation, we embarked on the Grumman F4F-4! Carlocestra285’s model was a perfect base model but it lacked realism and accuracy. So the first thing we needed to do was a complete 3D Overhaul. Our goal was to bring the most accurate 3D model we could. Achieving a higher quality F4F-4 than any developer in any Simulator currently in release. For this we started scouting for serious talent to join the “Got Friends” development group, and today we are happy to officially announce our 4th crew member.

Introducing Mykrode as our official 4th member and dedicated 3D Modeler!

His work is phenomenal and you may have recognized some of his MSFS Freeware available at Flightsim.to (Listed Below). He is also a dedicated 3D Modeler for Virtual Anarchy, a gaming studio developing a fully futuristic VTOL Simulator on Steam.

MyKrode’s work on the F4F-4 has been handcrafted, beyond expectation, and truly exceptional when it comes to historical accuracy. Between him and 270Inc, they were tasked to bring Carlocestra285’s base model to an accurate standard. Here is some development insights and final in-game renders:

Now let’s talk about Got Gravel! He has been working overtime to bring certain features to the F4F-4. Some of these features are first-time implementations into MSFS! First, he custom modeled a fully functional Flap system that accurately simulates the hydraulic flaps with aerodynamic push back. Next, he has done ground work for the overall flight model. Using historical data, he has been able to get the plane flying in a very stable state, more to come on that in further updates. He is also developing a custom HTML script that allows tablet control of catapult takeoffs and tail hook arrestor landings without the need for a 3rd party application. This is going to be a game changer at release and because of this we will be able to incorporate Xbox compatibility for carrier operations. After SU6, he also was able to further fine tune the Flight Model, Engine and Propeller properties thanks to Asobo unlocking deeper control.

Well, that’s all we have for you today! Hopefully this update answers some questions and places the Grumman F4F-4 on your mind for more updates! Be sure to follow this thread for more in the future. As always, Got Friends would like to thank you all for your patience and support during our growth. May we bring you more aircraft, more fun, and a better simulation experience in the future!

  • Jonx (Got Friends Development Group)

Very excited for the F4F, especially integrated cat/arrestor functionality!

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I would have never guessed MSFS was going to get some many amazing releases when it first came released, I feel spoiled for choice! The F4F has been on my personal wishlist for a long time and I am looking forward to checking this out. I also like the screenshots taken at Fantasy of Flight. I have watched Kermit’s video’s on his FM-2 many times!