Fa/18 hdg not run?

hello, the hdg mode of the f18 does not work for me or I do not know if I am doing something wrong, I connect the autopilot (assigned to my throttle) and press hdg it changes to HSEL and I move the HDG switch to change the course, but it does not work , starts to turn but is not able to stop on the assigned course!!

I got it to work somehow, but when I first activated it, my plane rolled upside down and nose down, nearly into the ocean if I hadn’t recovered. Somehow I think that was not very realistic.

how do you activate it? I think that I also activate it well, it starts to turn towards the marked course but when it reaches the course it continues to turn

I’ve no idea :laughing: after pressing all the buttons several times, the plane finally started following the correct heading :upside_down_face:

I think when it started working, my screen said HSEL instead of HDG

Search is your friend…

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I dialed in the heading I wanted, pressed HDG until it read HSEL, and it works fine this time. The plane even follows a new heading when I change it.

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You want to read Raynen’s guides:

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