Famous Flyer III: Beechcraft Bonanza V35

There is no aircraft that is more beautyful and cozy than the Beechcraft Bonanza V35.
If there is one plane that really deserves the Black Square treatment - it´s this one.

The announcement of Blacksquare doing the V35 next will be the greatest day in flight simming history!
I could not think of a mansion living room more comfortable and luxurious and epic than this plane´s interior :smiley:

Have you ever seen a plane more cozy and beautyful than this?
It not only deserves the Black Square treatment it would be an atrocity to ignore this most beautyful masterpiece of a virtual cockpit ever programmed.

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Any modern private jet? lol

I really enjoy the V35 though. Personally, I doubt I’d pay for the BlackSquare treatment. It doesn’t need it. At least not nearly as much as many other planes.

These are all soulless and all look the same. :smiley:
Only the V35 looks like a baroque mansion living room.


I’d take a modern private jet interior over an old bonanza any day. Each to their own.

Just wait until I nail a deer trophy on the copilot instrument board, and an XBox is put in the glove box connected to the EFB.
You will change your mind quickly. :wink:

No thanks you can keep it.


What a fake bookshelf!

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If I had to sit in one to fly for a few hours, I’d take it in a heartbeat lol

However in a sim… I don’t care about flying them :slight_smile:

OK wow now I´m convinced: Other aircraft can look ultra-styled too.

Just look at these natural born chillers chilling at that fireplace hahaha epic :smiley: The guy on on the right side was gothic 30 years before gothic was even invented, and 10 years before the word waver was invented.
Does the cockpit has the same steam gauge style as this baroque clock on the fireplace? I would really like to see the cockpit please!

And the one with these neon-pink seats or whatever this colour is, isn´t this the private jet of Elvis Presley? I think I saw a video of some guy buying the old original jet of Elvis a few years ago on YouTube.

That is some of the guys from Led Zeppelin and the aircraft is the “Starship”, a Boeing 720 four engine jet similar to the 707.

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When a half-naked picture of your father-in-law appears on a flight sim forum :eye: :grin:


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