Faster RAMs?

I’m concidering to install 4400 CL17 DDR4 RAM. I have an aircooled I9-9900K, Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero and 32 GB 3200 CL16 now. The CPU runs fine up to 5.1GHz (5.0 in summer, 5.1 in winter). 5.2 is possible, but temperatures go too far up.

Anyone did this? Any experience?

When I went from 2300 CL16 to 3200 CL16 I gained 13% framecount for CPU limited scenarios (DC-6).

Typically RAM speed (as most things) will see diminishing returns with higher clocks. Previously you added 39% RAM bandwidth (and reduced latency by as much) and gained 13% FPS. Going to 4400 would increase bandwidth by a further 37.5% but I would be surprised if you gained even 5% FPS.

I’d suggest waiting for the July 27th update before doing any hardware changes, as the performance improvements to the CPU bottleneck could be pretty large.


From what sources do you know that going to 4400 will only gain 5%? Or did you do it yourself?

No source, it was an estimate from experience.

Far Cry 5 is a pretty CPU-bound game. Going from 3200 to 4000 MHz improved the framerate from 165.3 fps to to 167.4 fps.
In Ashes of the Singularity’s CPU benchmark they gained 10%, which is probably about a best-case.

IIRC from most tests like these, the sweetspot is about 3200-3600 MHz.

German “PC GAMES Hardware” tested 4400 CL 17 against 3200 CL16 with Cyberpunk 2077 and went from 88 to 113.

But you have a good point. Waiting for July 27 probably is something I should do anyway.


We won’t see the full impact on July 27 since DX12 got pushed back on PCs until later, but with the teased performance improvements on the 27th and DX12 improvements later, the whole lore now on CPU core usage, memory speeds, etc, could all change at least somewhat.

What @Aeluwas said though. You would see an improvement but probably not the same improvement you saw enabling XMP or however you set your RAM speed to 3200. As FS is now, increasing RAM speed can help with CPU performance but might not be quite as important after we get these program changes.

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If I slacken timings my CL14 can fetch over 4000 but I don’t think the sim can handle it. In the short time I’ve been on these forums I’ve not heard of anyone running above 3600 without problems

Edit: Just to prove a point I’ve set mine up at CL18 @ 4000MHz and yes it’s 2 or 3 fps better in my London test and it behaves nicer in the sharp turns … I shall test further even though I honestly expect to be kicked out.

Edit, edit: I spoke too soon fps is almost identical … still testing

and what these “magazines” not told you is how often the PC crash’d :wink:

4400 DDR4 is currently waste of money, in special for a flight sim.

That’s interesting. What CPU and Mainboard do you have?

Ryzen 3800X on a MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI
Ram is 2x G.Skill F4-3200C14-8GTZR

Ah, ok. I’m not so familiar with AMD setups.

CAS vs Bandwidth is a very measurable number. Jays2cents did a part on it. Keeping CAS low and Bandwidth as high as possible is the key, loosening CAS to gain bandwidth has little effects. Also, all memory as you all probs know isnt built equal. Samsung B-Die is the best OC’ers. This comes from G-Skill G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3866 (PC4 30900) Intel Z270 / Z370 Desktop Memory Model F4-3866C18D-16GTZR - This is the best kit on the planet, it comes in 16x2 kits as well, i do believe
. If your Mobo can handle it that is. Jay was able to push this to 4000mhz at a CAS 14. I run CL 14 G-Skill B-dies myself. 64 GB of it

EDIT: I run super high LODS, currently LOD 7.00 terrain and Objects. I’ve run the full 9.00 and 9.00 but only early in the mornings can I get away with that due to server loads

Microsoft Flight Simulator Full Ultra, Ultrawide 4k. Toronto, Terrain LOD 7, Object LOD 4, RTX 3090 - YouTube proof


Don’t fully understand what CPU-Z is stating. I have 2 32GB strips that are 3200MHZ but my Dell Motherboard, which can’t be overclocked, and the Intel I7-10700 supposedly can only communicate at up to 2933MHZ speed.

Do you know what Uncore Frequency and DRAM Frequency values mean and why they don’t agree with what Task Manager is stating?

In the CPU-Z test, on mine the Uncore Frequency is 4287MHZ and the DRAM Frequency 1462.4MHZ. The Task Manager shows that my RAM speed is 2933. These numbers are way off


as you loosen CAS to gain bandwidth, you are gaining very little. A good OC keeps that CAS tight while gaining bandwidth

I was thinking about those RAMs:

Dual Rank and B-Dies.

And, I was wrong in my first poet. It’s not 13%, I gained 24%. And this was with graphics on Ultra, but still mainthread limited in the DC-6 at KLAX Rwy 7L.

PC GAMES Hardware gained 28% (88 to 113 fps).

Any kit with Samsung B-dies will OC very well. Just be sure to check the vendor list that your Mainboard is supported. You can really juice up the voltage on these kits as well

ddr means double data rate due to the way modern ram communicates compared to old and although the frequency is in reality exactly half it doesn’t market so well.

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Sorry, it’s this RAM:

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As long as you have an Asus z590 chipset, or no go

EDIT: It will work with other chipsets, but you’ll find you will not get the advertised CAS Latency or speed

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