FBW A320 - Autopilot to joystick button

I have a Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick. I want to assign a button at the top of the handle to select Autopilot.

The action needs to be the same as if I press the AP1 button on the FCU when flying the FBW A32NX. Ideally, if I press the joystick button again then it should toggle the autopilot off, but that’s not so important as enabling it.

I cannot find a mapping that can make this work. Help please!

Did you try:

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Thanks @BigCow74. Yes, I found that worked. In fact, I located the event the ‘Z’ key was mapped to and it was, sure enough, TOGGLE AUTOPILOT MASTER.

@AGuther Many thanks for this list of events. I think it will be useful as I have a number of spare buttons on my joystick that need assigning to something.

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