FBW A320 Setting ILS in FMC

Sure this must be me!

Watched this video today to learn more about doing an ILS approach and landing.

In the video it talks about the RAD NAV and checking the ILS / FREQ is entered and if not how to set. by selecting arrival.

When I follow this using any version of the FBW, nothing is ever entered into ILS / FREQ (or Course)

What am I missing! any step help would be gratefully received



Uninstalled FBW mod and the stock A320Neo RAD NAV gets the Rwy ILS, Freq and Course entered no problem.
Reinstalled stable FBW mod, and in RAD Nav the ILS, Freq and Course are not populated correctly (Freq is, but nothing else)

okay, been told and quick test seems to confirm, stock and FBW operate differently in this area. FBW, freq only is entered, but when you pickup that freq rwy & course are then entered.

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Ohh man… watching that video hurts… He seems overly confident to create a tutorial without actually knowing what the actual state of the aircraft is. He’s not using A32NX FBW mod (which I believe it’s not even being developed at the time of the recording), but he didn’t realise that the LOC isn’t armed nor active in the FMA. His approach AOA is also wrong. I wish he would’ve spend more time learning the aircraft in the sim at that state before creating a tutorial on how to do them.

It hurts me even more because he seems to know enough knowledge about the aircraft but they way he did his approach is not what I expected from a tutorial.

I would suggest you to follow the 320 Sim Pilot channel. He knows exactly what he’s talking about and his tutorials are way better than him.

Or you can follow my channel

Many thanks for the link to your channel, sure it will help me greatly, also found 320 Sim Pilot, cheers.