FBW A320NX radio and MCDU not working after patch 5

Anyone after updating Patch 5, found that the FBW mod does not now allow the MCDU and the radio stack to switch on…?


Patches are always break mods depending how complex the improvements are. Is this apply to the developer master build as well?

Either way, we need to wait for the FBW team to make the mod compatible with the latest patch.

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Same here. Also, IRS not working along with many other buttons for me. MCDU completely black.

Have you tried removing the mods from the community folder and reinstalling the master branch?

yes gave that a shot like every other patch update, so i guess we will have to wait for the fantastic FBW team to update,…feel for those guys having to reset everything once a patch comes out…

That’s just another Tuesday in the life of mod making. Haha.

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Landing challenge with FBW A32NX after update 5 :frowning:


That’s why they call it a “challenge”…


@NEO…does your v/s and altitude knob turn like usual?

When I keep clicking it it moves up ans down on its own!! slippery

FlyByWire working on update:

Issues with the current update:

  • MCDU not working [Fixed, but not merged]
  • PFD not working [Fixed, but not merged]
  • upper ECAM [Fixed, but not merged]
  • switches animation missing (same with the default A320)
  • Radio Panel [Fixed, but not merged]
  • ADIRS [Fixed, but not merged]
  • APU [Fixed, but not merged]
  • Cannot engage selected heading (AP issues)
  • MSFS crashes to desktop at 85% (not mod related)

I have the same issue, now waiting for FBW to fix it after another “update”…

I dunno… it’s still morning where I live and I’m still working. So I haven’t fired up the sim to have it update. But I’ll give it a go later tonight after work. Hopefully the FBW team would have the NX mod compatible by then. Then I’ll give you an answer.

it is fixed allready!

???what fixed? my buttomns?

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yes, just check the github and you will see it has been updated 15 minutes ago.

I am using master version…it wiorks!

but two issues:

  1. tuning altitude and v/s knob still hard since it turns by itself.

  2. The cruise speed on manage is now 206…wtf? I recall 250kts being the speed and the MCDU shows it as 250.

New VAPP from mod is now 131 knots! too slow

Have you reported these two issues to them?

Yeah, I thought this was the case when I flew using the mod yesterday. So I override it by putting my VAPP to the airspeed I’m used to, which was 140 kts. Then my plane started to approach with a nose down attitude, so I knew something was weird… So I reverted it back to the default value before which was 127 (VLS at 122 + 5 kts). Then the approach nose pitch went back to normal 0-3 degree positive pitch, and did a smooth landing with that VAPP… :man_shrugging:t3: