FBW A32NX problem with MSFS flightplans

Just installed the latest version of FBW A32NX developer versioon and I^m surprised that no MSFS created flightplans are loaded into FMC anymore- Flightplan page is always empty without any entries. I know that FBW uses its own database and fmc system but in the released guide on their homepage, there is mentioned that the flightplans created in FS2020 can still be loaded/imported. Any hint how get my flightplans back? Simbrief is not really an option for me, even the flightplans are more realistic. I find it very comfortable creating my flightplans within msfs and use them imediately. would be grateful to hearing from you and getting some support on this issues.


Check your EFB settings and see if this is it. Sounds like you want it on “Load”. This is from their website.

Sync MSFS Flight Plan:

User can set if and how the flight plan synchronization between the simulator and the aircraft should work.
The options are:

None: No synchronization.
Load Only: Only once when loading the flight.
Save: Synchronization with every change in the aircraft

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Thanks BigC, been wondering that myself.

If you activate this feature, MSFS flightplans will be loaded, but buggy!! Check the flightplan in the MCDU carefully after loading it.
(that’s why we deactivated it by default).

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Hopefully MSFS flight plans don’t give you any problems :crossed_fingers:

I uninstalled FBW A32NX due to the fact, that msfs flightplans are not supported anymore. as already mentioned, simbrief is not an option for me. Also i like to fly with ATC communication which is also not working to my understanding due to the circumstance, that msfs doesn’t know the flightplan. That’s why the mod has no future anymore which is really sad. I don’t need real flightplans, i wanna have ATC and a plane close to the real ones. I also don’t want loose 15-20 minutes on ground for the whole preparation work, i’m not 20. anymore and my time is limited for my hobbies. I guess pmdg 737 works the same as fbw, so my only option is returning to asobos planes and having fun with them.

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Agreed, personally I prefer to input my flight plan manually

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Simbreif is free to use for flight planning. Why do you want to fly the FBW which they put all that work into to make it realistic with MSFS flight plans that only mess it up. Just use the default A320 then?

The FBW has a very bright future, you press 2 buttons using the simbreif method and your plan is in place? What’s the issue?

You can sync it to MSFS and you will have ATC.

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i just find it comfortable, planning my flight in msfs and entering the a320, loading up the plan and flying down the planned flight. never had an issue with msfs and never approached on the wrong runway. I like the fbw 320 very much and it is my prefered plane due to its realism. but im flying in vr too that’s why i dont like taking of my headset within the flight. I also dont wanna loose hours on the ground even it is the realistic way of live. i just wanna have fun and getting ready for takeoff from cold and dark within 10 min. as written my time for my hobbies is limited, thats why it is sad that fbw consider the hardcore simmers only. maybe Im the only one which has this feel.


No, you are not. I have the same approach. I try to keep as much as possible realistic when I flight but to take some shortcuts on the ground…also cause in reality there are anyway two people onboard…

I was thinking the same thing

When i only put in the departure, programm the fmc in the Airbus and request ifr clearance, MSFS ATC works 9 out of 10 times.
With the save option in the flypad. Sometimes i get a different approach but then i can request a different or change the fmc accordingly.
I use the exp version.

Is this feature coming back in future releases to be able to use flightplans that I have in PLN format from Little Navmap or the Worldmap ?

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I hope so as if fly a lot in VR and its a pain to load everything up in the FMC in VR

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well at least you know how to do it !

I have no clue, lol.

Not inclined to learn a new way of flightplanning for just one single aircraft that I use occasionally. I would simply forget the method again until the next use a month later.

I like the aircraft, though. I’ll try downgrading to 0.75 from github.

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I feel the same way. i play in vr, look at the world map, spontaneously click on two airports and fly off. I would like to fly and not plan cumbersomely. it would be a great pity if that were no longer possible.