"Feather Switch" Dont work! No Solution to completely feather the props with hardware controllers

Cant find any mapping solution to use the detent on the prop levelers on the Honeycomb Bravo to put the condition levelers into feather. I have to use my mouse to put it into feather. This should be implented correct.

Which plane are you testing with?

All turboprop aircrafts.

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I tried binding each of “Toggle Feather Switches”, “Toggle Feather Switch 1”, “Decrease Propeller 1 Pitch” or to “Joystick Button 26” (the “button” that is pressed as long as the third bravo lever is within the feather detent)
None of the binds managed to move the C208B’s condition lever into Feather.
I also tried reamapping condition and Toggle Feather Switches to the fifth lever and “Joystick Button 28” (fifth lever’s detent) because I remembered people having issues with a specific honeycomb axis as well as keyboard 9 key. Still no dice.

I suspect that the condition axis is still reporting 0% and the sim expects -10% or something silly?

I didn’t spot the subforum. I am experiencing this in SU7 Steam.

Yeah. The devs have to fix this. Cant imagine it could be that difficult to do.

Hello Eddrik84, could you please let us know which version you are using? im using

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Could you please fix this ASAP? We have been asking for this since launch and we are how many sim updates in and you guys still cant seem to find a way how we can feather the props with the honeycomb bravo!!!

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I was unable to feather props on any of the aircraft. Baron, DA62, Caravan — you name it. This is inspite feathering enabled in the cfg files. This is definitely a bug and should be fixed.

From what I can tell, the DA62 propeller is computer controlled so you can’t feather it. It will feather automatically when you shut down the engine. Search online for the pilot manual for further details.

Yes, I know that. And there is no way you can make it feather according to the manual. I believe Rob Young at Avsim also complained about that.

Yes, but it doesn’t feather when you do that.

The C208 doesn’t feather when told.
The TBM only feathers on shutdown, not in the IDLE-positions.

Actually feathering at all isn’t working in the sim. There should be a lot more votes to this topic…!

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Looks like nobody really cares or knows what feathering is. Has anyone reported it on Zendesk?

`Engines will not shutdown and feather on the Baron G58 and the Kingair 350. I am using the honeycomb Bravo Quadrant.

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

I’ve noticed this as well. Hopefully someone has an answer. If not I guess I’ll open a zendesk ticket and wait.

Need some clarification. Engine shut down and feathering are two very different processes. Feathering does not shut down the engines. Shutting down the engines on a Baron is very different than shutting down the engines on a King Air.

I guess what I am asking is, what exactly are you trying to accomplish and what steps are taking to achieve that?

FYI, feathering is not currently modelled in MSFS as you would expect.

Has anyone successfully FEATHERED (i.e. RPM = 0) the engines on the Baron or King Air in FS2020? I’ve been flying the C55 in real life and trying to use FS2020 as a procedural training aid (checkride this Thursday :grimacing: ) but have never been able to get the prop to actually stop in flight.

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Feathering is not an option yet.

Propeller feathering doesn’t work on any MSFS aircraft no matter the hardware you use.

My Bravo Throttle prop lever detents are assigned to “toggle prop 1 feather switch” and
toggle prop 2 feather switch"; but the animated prop levers will not go into the feather detent despite the Bravo prop levers going into the detent region. I have to use the mouse to move the PA-44’s prop levers past zero RPM and into the detent to feather the props.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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